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  1. Cap raising is mainly going to insto. Hence, shorters may get burnt here as retail holders are only taking out smaller portion. Will get interesting from here but looks like the long base has been built to launch from the mid 30's.
  2. How can this only do 140K volume all day on Friday? What is happening. Very unusual with 1.1 billion on issue. Looks like a stalemate has occurred with shorters and accumulators.
  3. Looking good for a breakout. We need some big news to give it a push. No news for 2 months now. Should reach 40 cents with major reserves upgrades. Someone seems to be soaking them up and stalking it. Maybe a T/O?
  4. How come HZN is still trading?????
  5. If that's the case Mosaic, what do you see the price being after the reserves upgrade?
  6. Mosaic, If all this is many moons away, why have 8 brokers have HZN as outperform with 45-60 cent targets? Is the catalyst going to be reserves upgrade on a massive scale for Keta/Elevata??
  7. Cheers Arty, volume is building but the market may be entering a correction. We will see!
  8. Arty, Where are you? Can you throw up a quick chart, thought you would have been back in this?
  9. Now we are cooking with gas literally!
  10. Looking like it may fall here? Not sure why it collapsed?
  11. milroy man


    Yes Merc, lot's of games being played now. In a few days time, we will know one way or another. I am expecting the permit to be approved based upon Congo endorsing it which they never have before.
  12. milroy man


    merc, you misunderstood the whole ann. We are still waiting on the big one being Cameroon Govt to issue the permit. Congo's announcement is meaningless.
  13. milroy man


    Arty, This is looking good for 55 cents. Are you in?
  14. milroy man


    Arty, This still looks good to me. It keeps rejecting the downside every day.
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