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  1. fisher1


    Hi All, AGX down another 30% today. I guess it cant go much lower unless it winds up all together. Are there any lights at the end of the tunnel here or are we on our last rights. F1
  2. fisher1


    Big overhang for share purchase scheme. SP up today despite this. I wonder what will happen when the broker dumps the untaken portion of the entitlement. Cheers F1
  3. fisher1


    Dio SP has just contined to fall on a daily basis since share consolidation. $2.38 was the basis on a after consolidation basis and now stands at $1.60. What a disaster of a move by the board as long standing shareholders are getting screwed once again. Any thoughts out there ???????????? Cheers F1
  4. fisher1


    Hi All, Whats happening with AGX. Up 25% today ????????????? Cheers F1
  5. In reply to: butterfly on Saturday 14/07/07 06:15pm Butterfly, I have had this stock for a number of years and was a real dog of a stock. Was very pleased recently to see the stock come to life a sold my stock @ 18c but was able to reenter @ 10.5 through the SPP. Looking really good in the near future that this reentry price could be doubled. Things are really looking good now with good prospects for the future. Cheers F1
  6. fisher1


    In reply to: fisher1 on Thursday 21/06/07 10:59am I guess the key thing here is how much the investment company is willing to pay per share for OCO. Thinking out aloud i think there might be a run on the shares as people take a punt on what the offer may be???? Cheers F1
  7. fisher1


    Trading halt lifted off OCO. Not too sure if i like the announcemnet with some form of investment company taking a 75% interest in the company under a scheme of arrangement. Vote for or against at a meeting of shareholders in August. Will need to really digest this one and have no idea whether the SP will go up or down. I guess down. Any ideas out there?????????? Cheers F1
  8. fisher1


    In reply to: InHindSight on Wednesday 20/06/07 07:44am Inhindsight, Something pushing the SP today. Up 10% already. Need to see it break 30c and hold for a possible breakout. Cheers F1
  9. QUOTE (WannaGetRish @ Sunday 17/06/07 12:12pm) Wannagetrish, Dream on. 20c at this stage is a better goal. Hopefully will get my full 5k entitlement to the SPP @10.5c as i sold my existing holding on friday for 15c. Cheers F1
  10. fisher1


    In reply to: fisher1 on Friday 01/06/07 09:44am I've been wrong so far after the first hour of trade. I hope the push continues. Cheers F1
  11. fisher1


    Wouldn't be surprised on recent days trading that SP will end alot closer to 90c or lower at the end of days trade rather than $1.00 or over. I hope i am wrong and the reversal pattern is disminished. Cheers F1
  12. fisher1


    As you would expect with RRS is that the bubble is slowly but surely starting to burst. How far it will burst until another announcement is made is in the lap of gods. Cheers F1
  13. fisher1


    Hi All, One issue i have with the stock consolidation is that i have yet to see a stock go up in net terms after a consolidation. It tends to drift back more after the consolidation that it does prior to the consolidation. I guess we just have to wait and see if there are more sellers than buyers. Any thoughts out there on this topic???????? Cheers F1
  14. fisher1


    Hi All, Of all the stocks i have ever held RRS would be the most talked about, the most manipulated, the most dispappointing in the SP especially after announcements are made, and the list just go's on. I am starting to question what actually will allow the SP to rise and stay up there!!!!!!!! Concerns are valid for dilution of the SP with the AIM listing and now just hope and pray that the stock is left to it's own devices and that the control of the few are somehow eliminted from the equation. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif Yes iam still holding but the oppies are well and truely off the radar screen. Cheers F1
  15. Hi All, All you IAG holders and there are probably plenty of you there with small holdings from the original free issue of shares all those years ago it is your chance now to increase your holdings and make an immediate profit. Share purchase plan with record date of 6/12/06. You can purchase up to 909 shares @ $5.50ps =$5000.00 SPP opens 2/1/07 SPP closes 19/1/07 Shares bought will participate in the half yearly dividend. With the current share price of $6.40 your holding has already gone up 90c or over $800. Money for nothing i think even if you sell you shares straight away at a profit less CGT. So if you have a spare 5K and you were a holder as at 6/12/06 it would appear a great buying opportunity in taking up the SPP offer. I know i have already done so and you can even pay for the shares through BPay. Cheers F1
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