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  1. Happy as to todays actions demonstrate nothing happens, instos don't push the price up $0.07 when they can by the shares via options. Cheers Tejay
  2. Oil prices naturaly have pressure put on them at this time of year, however dont forget that the majority of price prssure put on oil is just a supply/demand factor, by the time winter in the US comes interest rates will be high, thus reducing the demand and the olympics will be gone and thus less pressure put on prices from terrorism. I would not be looking for prices higher then $38ish by then. Cheers Tejay
  3. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    No worries mate, by October things will be well up and away, but yea its all sweet. Cheers Tejay
  4. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    Ya fair enough I buy that and yea time shall tell, it will fall to 9500 ish this time, wether that is the bottom or it falls to 9000 from there or rebounds then goes to 9000 I am not that certain to call that move, a fall to 9500 will have a sluggish rally from then on, a fall to 9000 will be a sharp sell off and steep rise, but hey I have put it all on paper, so we can see in the future! Cheers Tejay
  5. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    Lol Yesterday was not meant to be the top, today was meant to be, I trade currencies so I got by NY markets, sorry about the confussion. Ok as for it been the top, it is for the next month or so, as for stocks to fall, I will pick some out of the top 100. To fall we have: CSL ($20), NCP ($11.50ish), FXJ, CTX, WSF, RIO, SUN etc etc etc for rises (risky ones first) BLD, BEN, CLH, AMC, FOA (pretty certain ones for a rise) WPL, BOQ, SRP, WOW. Cheers Tejay
  6. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    He He BSA, well if you have listened to me not Tradersnetwork you would have been right! There I have proven to you that the top is predictable! Cheers Tejay
  7. Crassus as I was saying, gold is had it for now....... Cheers Tejay
  8. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    Yes you are correct texas4qld, it will be a great buying opertunity however wait to see what happens, this leg may take it to only 9500 and the next to 9000 its a gamble as to wether 9500 or 9000 will be the bottom, 9500 is easy, 9000 is going to be tough for it to sell off that much. Cheers Tejay
  9. ha ha sorry mate, didn't mean to wake you up to reality. Yea but with 2008 don't be worried OXR will be shit loads high by then, but if you want to see the mother of all rallies in gold stocks try and stay alive till 2008 yea. Cheers Tejay
  10. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    People look to the DOW thinking that the top 30 represent the core actions of what the economy is doing. But when you say big fall, what do you mean? I am talking about 10'300 to 9500 if you look back over history of the bull markets in the US this is small for a bull market correction (I have data back to 1896 if you want it). There is every reason for the dow to be in a strong bull market as for the medium/short term there is no reason for it to rise, olympics coming up - terroism, Sudi - terroism, high oil price, good employment figures - rate rise and a small fall in the consumer confidence firgures all combine to produce negative market action. In the short to medium term these are "-" in the longer term 3 off these will fade over time and 2 will end up been a "+". Cheers Tejay
  11. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    No mate we are not saying any major crash is going to happen now, just a general market pullback, however I am saying in 2008ish there will be a market crash IF things go as planned as of now. Cheers Tejay
  12. Yes crassus, what you say is 100% correct, but its not going to happen today, tommorw, 2 years from now etc, be in OXR is 2008 Cheers Tejay
  13. Tejay

    Dow Jones

    rrr, can't be bothered reading all of that, but whats the point your are making? Cheers Tejay
  14. crassus your target will happen, but not in that time frame. The US has money to print to pay of foreign debts, there have been several reports out about the amount of cash been printed in recent weeks to confirm this. This printing creates inflation and economic growth, thus bull markets the money that the US gov has to pay off is so huge the only market to house this type of cash is stocks. Gold is defensive, we are now "attacking" and gold goes to the side line. US gov prints cash, economy goes high, markets go up etc and gold WILL STAY STABLE, normaly gold will fall, but in this case since so much money must be housed some where gold will gain some support from this. Cheers Tejay
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