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    In reply to: youngneil on Friday 16/02/07 09:53pm Feedstock for alternative energy, namely corn for ethanol production in the US is moving prices up, and causing food shortages and social unrest in countries such as Mexico where corn is staple diet. nothing beats ethical investing right? Sleep well youngneil.
  2. Capital


    Up .09c in just over 4 weeks. Way oversold on announcement. Looks like support at .35c. May test this level again, but expect the upmove to continue. imho. Holding a small parcel.
  3. Capital


    In reply to: mercury on Wednesday 09/11/05 05:04pm Well they are certainly in the money at the moment. Todays ann gave the sp a nudge. Interesting the move before the ann was made, someone knew something!
  4. Capital


    In reply to: rsboyd on Friday 17/06/05 11:45am 19/05/2005 Investor Briefing "Brandrill relocation from semi-rural area to Perth will allow increase in in-house maintenance. This will progressively reduce maintenance costs over the next 12-18 months."
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    Greenville, South Carolina (May 31, 2005) – KEMET Corporation (NYSE: KEM) today announced the launch of its new High Temperature T498 Tantalum Chip series. This series is designed for use in applications with operating temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius. The T498 is targeted for harsh environmental applications, including automotive electronics, base stations, and oil exploration equipment. “KEMET is pleased to announce the latest additions to our ever-expanding product portfolio,†said Per-Olof Loof, KEMET’s Chief Executive Officer. “The T498 launch is indicative of KEMET’s resolve to fulfill customer requirements with the latest technology.†The T498 series is available in five EIA standard case sizes and offers a capacitance range of .47 microfarads to 220 microfarads in voltage ratings of six volts to 50 volts. The T498 features three termination finish options that include Pb-Free/RoHS-compliant terminations as the standard. T498 Series Information T498 Datasheet - May 31, 2005 (32K) T498 Series Frequently Asked Questions - May 2005 T498 Technical Paper - May 2005 T498 Manufacturer's Cross Reference - May 2005
  6. Capital


    India leads $13 bln of jet deals Tue Jun 14, 2005 02:19 PM ET By Jason Neely and Christian Plumb LE BOURGET, France (Reuters) - Indian airlines starred at the Paris Air Show Tuesday, accounting for over half of the $13 billion of jet deals carved up between U.S. group Boeing Co. and European arch-rival Airbus. The orders highlighted growing demand for air travel in India, China and the Middle East, which aerospace executives hope will power a rebound in global aircraft manufacturing that began last year, following its deepest recession. full story at http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?t...storyID=8788974
  7. Capital


    Gday cso1, GREAT post. One of the reasons I like GIP is for the nuclear applications of tantalum. Have read an article that mentions it's used as a lining for nuclear reactors/vessels. I'll try and round it up and post it here. With the worlds energy situation the way it is, I figure that the demand for this use should increase. I've taken a punt on this a few weeks ago, and is one of the few stocks that I'm still holding, and have been very pleased with the way it is holding up. There are very few Co's that ended the week at the weeks high. The last few years announcements just show a slow and steady (determined) progression on this project, and maybe by this time next year there will be some rewards for the patient. Heres hoping anyway. All the best. Cap
  8. The question now is at what level will the market find support? Looking forward to some bargins in a couple of months time!
  9. In reply to: Bingo on Wednesday 06/04/05 08:49pm Bingo thank you for posting the charts, It's the monthly chart that really shows how extended the market is I think, a bit of a rounded top, 1st red candle after 10 months, I've cashed out of most holdings, think the market is going to correct in a pretty major way. Cheers Bingo thanks again. _
  10. In reply to: thekiwi on Monday 11/10/04 07:13am Could someone with the necessary skills please post a 5 year, monthy candle chart of the All Ords, also showing the MACD, Stochastic, and RSI. Thanks in advance havn't been able to figure out how as yet. Doesn't look that good to me.
  11. Capital


    In reply to: oldpos on Thursday 24/02/05 02:27pm oldpos I regard your last sentence as underperforming. Pure unadulterated drivel. Out with it. WHO & WHY?
  12. In reply to: balance on Wednesday 16/02/05 10:58am Thanks balance, just as I thought.. The reason for the Q was that it seemed a rather curious statement for the reporter to make, "nothing more than a sharp spike", when seen in the context of the rise from 30c to $1.30 over the last 5 months. Disparaging was the word that came to mind..
  13. In reply to: balance on Tuesday 15/02/05 11:40am balance was that post ALL from the news wires, or were some of your own conclusions posted?
  14. Congrats Rouge & all holders, hope it keeps flying for you!
  15. In reply to: Aussie One on Monday 07/02/05 06:04pm Not a convincing candle. Don't expect this price to hold. Short term would expect price to test support at around 70c
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