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  1. An update would be nice. Not to much to ask is it hellooooooooooo.
  2. Would be nice if they made a come back while bio's are running hot at this point in time. But please no BS this time.
  3. I cant wait for an update with the quarterly. Love a good fairy tale.
  4. Melua Ive been slowly accumalating over a period of time so what are you suggesting i hold off and wait for a cap raising to top up as ive been averaging down which i know is not good. Cheers.
  5. Or the bpo settlement. They just don't get it
  6. I was thinking the same thing fellow mushroom.
  7. SLA deadline huh they wouldn't know the meaning of the word. Maybe the fax machine is broken.
  8. Whats with the sudden interest? Volume is getting up there.
  9. 20% geez you"ve got high hopes. I bet after this licence crap which they should already have. Im sure they will come up with some other BS.
  10. With this supposibly HUGE launch. One would think there would be a bit more action. Bought some more yesterday come december i hope i don't have to give myself a HUGE upper cut.
  11. I hope these SPONGERS are reading most of this stuff. Then again i don't think they really give a rats arse what we the shareholders think. GET ON WITH IT. I hope this doesn't end up like another vcr but it's looking that way.
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