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  1. With QFT-G this could not take place. TB victims selling spit for profit From: Agence France-Presse From correspondents in Johannesburg September 29, 2005 SOUTH African health authorities may have uncovered a "spit scam" in which tuberculosis sufferers sell spit samples to healthy South Africans trying to qualify for disability grants. Samples of TB spit were selling for anything between 10 rand and 30 rand ($7) in villages in the Eastern Cape, said provincial health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo. "There were people from different villages who were selling their spit to people that are not suffering from TB because they wanted to apply for the disability grant," Mr Kupelo said. Health officials were alerted to the "spit scam" while visiting villages around the Qumbu area, some 800km southeast of Johannesburg. "I would assume they use toilet paper or plastic to just wrap the spit or small cans," said cKupelo. "If it is true it was done out of ignorance, you can't just go to a doctor with spit, you have to cough," said Mr Kupela, explaining that a sick person had to get a medical certificate from a doctor to prove he was suffering from TB. Advertisement: The government gives disability grants to those who do not recover from the illness despite taking medicine, in most cases because they are suffering from AIDS. Apart from it being nonsensical, it also posed a health risk, Mr Kupelo said. "This thing (TB) spreads fast through the air, if you walk around carrying the spit then it's a danger." http://www.news.com.au/story/0,10117,16758737-13762,00.html
  2. In reply to: Bloodwynch on Thursday 21/07/05 03:58pm Bloodwynch, I believe you mean my $9.50 is very pessimistic, and I agree, it is rather conservative but that's where I like to operate and then welcome any surprise. If that's the case it's still a buy and I can safely top up. I have already received via PM the information I was after, thanks! So, let's watch it climb up to heavens then.
  3. A friend of mine was told that a broker report about a month and a half ago indicated a run to above $10 but could not give me any specific details. Close to $9.50 or just above has been my estimation but with annual results next month and the present pace it has gathered it could be possible, yet I would prefer to site something more than hearsay. Can anyone verify this or have a link for that report?
  4. In reply to: Techno on Wednesday 06/07/05 11:58am Nice presentation Techno, I believe the buy back is not yet completed, but not sure. I bought during the first red day as I expected, at $7.85 Today may be the start of the second red. I hope it will go down to $7.80s again within the next few days but there seems to be some resistance for now. If it does go to $7.80s again all the better but I don't want to risk any chance by waiting and missing so I will buy part when (if) it reaches low $7.90s and then again at $7.80s
  5. In reply to: battler on Thursday 16/06/05 07:54pm Good to see BSL having some good red days too! I use them as opportunities to buy. There may be one or two more reds coming up before another good green, but that will be after the present green runs its course. That's what my leaf reading tells me, until I master some charting.
  6. Solaya


    HTW edges up when VCR does. Any possibility for favourable result for both? What is next anticipated high $1.75 -$1.80?
  7. Solaya


    Hello Oavde, Flattery? No, none at all. I spend a lot of time, days and often weeks, away from the screen and trading and don't get to read and appreciate all posts and their contributions but the few of yours I have read I consider enough to qualify my words as true. Maybe you express with and about your skills more openly and confidently than others do and I am never shy in praising any good qualities I see in people. I was also impressed recently by one of BSA's posts that go a bit further than charting indications. Again, quiet wisdom, experience and confidence - I love it! Throw in a bit of heart, a good generous sense of humour and wit -and there's plenty of that to appreciate on this thread- and you have some of the qualities I very strongly admire and appreciate here frequently, despite the fact that I very rarely participate actively or in length such as today. Forrest Gump is also one I admire his posts and is fairly noted and attracts a lot of respect and admiration from those who read the CST thread. There are also plenty of other people who contribute greatly each with their own unique way and style and make this place reach and a pleasure to visit. BSA, your comment about Trading -Naked, I thought was very funny and made me laugh loud, but must admit that depending on where I am when trading and what time of year it is, I have tried this method too, frequently, ...only I did not know that Neutron was spying on me! (LOL) Seriously now, I am indebted to you all for your replies, suggestions, advice, books and links provided. I have a long winter holiday coming on pretty pretty soon and I will be able to devote the time to the charting studies with the help of all recommended material. Thanks for all the help and keep up the good contributions from all.
  8. Solaya


    Hello Oavde, I have been interested in your theory about buying on the way up when an uptrend has been established. As a proficient chartist, combining years of invaluable experience and undoubtedly a highly developed sense, you have many tools at your disposal to help determine when an uptrend is established and possibly it's duration. I have tried in the past buying on the way up, different 'trendy' biotechs and have fallen repeatedly in the trap of buying too soon, holding too long and other variations and got badly burned, resulting in giving up all biotechs except for VCR, so far. Is there any general overall kind of way, if one is not a chartist, to determine -even looking at a chart or not- within some relatively safe proximity: a) when or how an uptrend can be established, in time rather than too early to avoid retracing or too late missing all action, b) approximate duration Interested in your comments and our other chartists, as well as any comments from other non chartists who may have some successful method. My very best tool is insight, about 80% successful when I use it, and proud of it but when it is not present or strong I need something else to support it or work with. I understand that all eyes are glued on the screen watching VCR's and other stocks' progress and no much time for chatting while there's action but I shall read all replies within the next few days with great interest Thanking you all in advance.
  9. QUOTE (gizmo @ Thursday 26/05/05 12:17pm) I noticed too earlier, as soon as it started to move there were 3 people selling 300 to 500 units repeatedly. Something funny I would say. Presently it is 3 selling 513 units (again?)
  10. Solaya


    The SP has held well between 12.00' - 12.30' If it does as well between 2.00' - 3.00' we may see a strong close and a better opening tomorrow. I hope our chartists agree because I am optimistic about a $1.35 pretty soon. Inertia makes my mind spin in strange unorthodox ways beyond the square box, much like a trapped animal trying to escape, and I start to imagine or have almost crazy ideas in my head, for example ...that all sellers, and they are not that many in number, suddenly decide to cancel all their orders from $1.20 right up to $1.30, so that $1.30 is the lowest offer, and what a stir would that cause and perhaps a stampede to buy? Now you may understand why I avoid spending much time watching the screen if some of my stocks are almost static, very much like today so it's time to go.
  11. CST, the Gentle Giant is asleep But when it wakes up Its footsteps will be heard all over the forest!
  12. In reply to: swandc on Wednesday 20/04/05 02:04pm When you said, swandc, it wouldn't go under $8.50 it didn't look very likely at the time, but I have watched this stock for a while and seem to have developed a good degree of prescience about it (LOL!)
  13. Good accumulating levels. I wonder or rather believe that the $7.90s will be retested.
  14. BSL has arrived to my expected optimal levels of re-entry ($8.30-8.35) and keep accumulating if it drops further which looks like it may.
  15. QUOTE To quote "Marcus Today"....."Cellestis opened at $2.90this morningbefore being belted down to $2.80 by one clumsily operated ComSec trade which then cascaded into other selling taking the stock down to $2.65 within 6 minutes then got back to $2.94. It pays to have in place some 'crazy' order sitting there if one's broker accepts it and one has confidence in the stock. Situations as the above, can deliver a nice bargain surprise, and I have been lucky quite frequently in this way.
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