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  1. I really want to take a position in TTI....but I don't think they are going to hit the analysts expectations based on the 1st quarter cash flow released today. Agree/Disagree?
  2. Also something to note - in the announcements being released to the market they say stuff like 'excluding pakistan and thailand' (qtr 2) and 'excluding any non mobile top up and payments related businesses.' (qtr3). What do these mean? Could losses being generated in other parts of the business be material? Does 'non mobile top up and payments related businesses' include mobiepay? What can it include? These clarifications could bring back what looks like an 8m profit back to the 7m guidance? 7m profit fully diluted puts EPY on a P/e of 13.3...
  3. I bought some more this morning on the retrace at 41c/share. Sooner or later I guess I'm going to find out if I've got this one right or not. Someone is dumping this stuff in bucketloads, but someone is buying it all back up on the other side!! What you think Costa? I can see some inherent risk here, and the fact that the 15% dilution is going to occur....but it still seems just way too cheap. Am I missing something? Full year EPS will come in at almost 4cps, placing the company on a P/E of approx 10.5 pre-dilution and about 12 post-dilution. Couple this cheap factor with the upside growth potential of this company and I just don't see why it is so cheap.. My cost base on these is currently 41.9c, I must admit I thought the share price would be at about 50c by now - which only worries me from the point of 'have i missed something?'
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    I'm buying some this morning. Lost a major client (which is most definiately a concern) but replaced this with another major client (thought to be St George Bank). This will offset most of the loss, no idication has been provided but conservatively my current assumption is 66%. - Company focuses on purchasing 'stressed debt' from lending instituions and then recovers these funds. - Low cost business model that uses Indian staff. Some issues have been raised in the past with this, however the model can prove to be successful and does allow for cost leadership. - Share price has slumped to $0.35/share, EPS last year was $0.052/share. Obviously this will drop, but based on guidance provided I find it difficult to believe earnings drop will place the company on a PE > 10. - trading beneath book value of $0.39 - with interest rates rising 'stressed debt' should continue to increase, placing RPC in a good position to grow earnings during a tough economic climate. - has increased profit over the last 4 years substantially, but lately has shown an inability to increase revenue dramatically (gains forged through cost savings). - JV with Cargill Investments (major o'seas player). If Cargill bailed from the JV it could be tougher for RPC, however the JV seems to be profitable and if Cargill want a foothole in the country, the JV seems the logical way to do so. - return on retained earnings over the past 3 years has been poor, however the nasty drop in share price takes this more than adequately into account i believe. Again - is this a model company? definately not. But this company spent much of the last year trading in the 50-60c band, and I don't believe this deal loss is worth shaving 40% off the company's value.
  5. Nice - now we have some more surity of results. E-pay delivers again - upgrades yearly profit guidance to 7mil, which could still be viewed as conservative.
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    Up 11.5% yesterday, up another 3.5% today - RHD going gangbusters, edging back up towards fair value however! Still holding David?
  7. stockpanther


    I will be quite surprised if BOPO ever does anything - the banks are bringing out the same thing which I'd imagine will rip BOPO to shreds?
  8. E-Charge launched its prepaid mobile business in early 2005 and is on track to become profitable for the calendar year 2007. For the 12 months period ended 31 March 2006, E-Charge achieved revenues of A$10 million with losses of A$2.26 million attributable to start up costs. E-charge has established agreements with all of India’s 8 licensed mobile operators and a retail distribution network of 1,000 terminals. It also has an exclusive partnership with BPCL, India’s largest petrol retailer with 5,000 outlets nationwide. E-Charge has 60 employees and operates in five cities across India Based on current share price seems we are paying approx $6million for 40% of the company, hence valuing e-charge at $15million. India became the world’s fastest growing mobile market last month when it reported net additions of 5.2 million new mobile subscribers for the month of July, giving a total of 110 million mobile subscribers, of which 90% are prepaid. According to industry experts, India’s mobile subscriber base will surpass 250 million within three years, becoming the world’s second largest mobile market. A key growth driver for EPY and E-Charge will be the under 34 year old age group which is particularly receptive to mobile technology. This demographic represents more than 60% of India’s population of 1.1 billion. Can't argue that this isn't a market we'd like to be a part of. Will post more over the next couple of days when i get a chance to review things properly.
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    I upped my holding a bit. Revenue was a bit dissappointing - but this company still represents good value in a grossly overvalued market.
  10. stockpanther


    do any bxp holders own epy shares? I own epy, and am now studying bxp a bit closer given the recent falls in price. Definiately some overlap in terms of their businesses but in different markets (EPY in asia).
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    I'm waiting for the annual report to be released. There is certainly ALOT of potential here, and yes something like a three-bagger could be realised., but there are also a few unkowns that'd I'd like some more information on. Yes things look promising, but for a company of it's size and the amount of 'runs on the board' I wouldn't exactly call it a 'bleeding bargain'.
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    not a bad result today! 6.1EPS! after allowing for the 0.4EPS from the adjusted tax return EPS is still 5.7c. balance sheet also stronger. I will top up again on Monday at these prices now that I have proof that the company is heading in the right direction.
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    Thanks for your reply David. If RHD replicate their poor first half...they are still only on a P/E of 11. They have strong cash flow and a good track record prior to the previous year. They have a book value just below that of their SP...and in my opinion, a big factor IMO is that this is most certainly not the 'glamour sector' to have your funds in. I agree that the runs aren't; on the board yet, but the potential downside is small when compared to the upside. I will hold for now and reassess when the second half results are reported.
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    In reply to: stockpanther on Wednesday 16/08/06 10:01am can't believe that nobody is even slightly interested in this one? it's cheap as, it's making a decent profit and it's trading at only 10% above book value - a book value that contains minimal inventory, plant property and eqipment and intangibles.
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    Interesting to take a look back - ASC managed to screw up again. Let's look at the company now: - Absolutely terrible record, management are terrible, there is nothing good to say about this company's past history. - somehow a 192,000 first half profit for last year, turned into a 500k loss. - Share price is now 3.1c/share - market cap of 9 million. - Book value per share is approx double the current share price. Current assets = 19mil all liabilities of the company are 4.5mil. Leaving a gap of 6.5mil between left over current assets and market cap. - Recent acquisition of a company that receives income from mobile communities that it has established with 3 mobile and Virgin mobile. This company is currently in an expansionary phase. Expected to make a loss this financial year of $500k, then profit of $1mil, then profit of $2mil the year after that. Total consideration paid for the sale is dependent on profit levels reached (levels not fully disclosed, but maximum consideration appears to be 100million ASC shares plus an injection of 1.5mil working capital into the company). Summary: Adultshop is terrible, but trading WAY below the market value of it's current assets less all liabilities. Anyone willing to bottom feed and speculate on this one these days?
  16. stockpanther


    I suggest you guys take a look at RHD. It's very cheap at current prices...div yield grossed up for current year will be 12.8% at current prices, and EPS and DPS are envisaged to grow following this year.... very cheap and the managing director is still loading up on shares. This is not a recommendation, please do your own research.
  17. GOOD NEWS! news just in this morning: e-pay Asia Limited (“e-payâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ) announces distribution alliance with Malaysian national postal network e-pay is a leading provider of electronic payments and prepaid mobile Top Up services Sydney: 11 August 2006 - e-pay Asia Limited (ASX/AIM stock code: EPY), is pleased to announce that following a six month pilot project, the Company has entered into an agreement with Pos Malaysia Berhad, Malaysia’s national postal company, to extend epay’s electronic top up network throughout its nationwide network of more than 900 post offices. This agreement, via e-pay’s Malaysian subsidiary (“e-pay Malaysiaâ€ÂÂÂÂÂ), provides a significant opportunity for e-pay to extend its prepaid Top Up services across the Malaysian prepaid mobile community enabling consumers an easy way to top up their prepaid airtime while transacting postal business. This agreement strengthens e-pay Malaysia’s distribution network in Malaysia and with the national roll out of additional terminals scheduled to be completed within six months, it will have 10,000 points of sale. Simon Loh, Managing Director of e-pay Asia said “Today’s announcement reflects both the strength of our business model as well as the quality of our services. We look forward to working closely with Malaysia’s national postal company and to delivering our prepaid mobile phone Top Up services to 17 million prepaid mobile users across Malaysia.â€ÂÂÂÂÂ
  18. In reply to: stockpanther on Thursday 10/08/06 09:42am to answer the first question it seems 5 more years of tax free status.
  19. QUOTE (Costa @ Wednesday 09/08/06 06:28pm) Costa, I agree with all of your points. I have two questions for you (or anyone following EPY) for that matter: 1. Tax exempt status in Malaysia - When is this expected to run out? When it does run I think it will have an adverse impact on the SP - but I think this will be a good buying opportunity if E-pay shows strength in its new markets (Pak, China, Singapore etc.) 2. Relationship with Euronet Global - Relationship with software used? At present E-pay asia pays no costs to Euronet for use of their software, and in return just have to adopt a certain dividend policy. What are the implications of a change here? is the possibility of a change here? Does the recent software company purchase buy e-pay asia negate this risk? Can e-pay asia easily migrate from one type of software to another? Profit margins could be severely hurt by a high usage charge by Euronet for software usage.. What are your thoughts here Costa (or anyone else)?
  20. up 10.84% today. very nice gain
  21. I think a notable point about hte performance of EPY as a company is that their sales levels are BELOW what they forecasted for teh '06 calendar year. Interestingly however, their profit margin is ABOVE what they forecasted. The market may not like this company short term as much due to failure to hit sales targets, however does anyone agree that this is a much better sign for the longer term being able to increase this profit margin? A concern deifnately is why did sales drop in the second quarter this year?
  22. Used to be round these parts a couple of years ago....but have sat out of the market with other interests for a while... I'm back in anyway...looking at taking a position in E-pay ASAP. Just after a decent entry price.
  23. Well I'm back after a long time away guys. I did the unthinkable today -> sold my WOW Holding. Why would i do this you ask after having such faith and praise for the company? Well ION @ $1.95 to me was just definately a much better opportunity, so while WOW is good...i just had to shift the funds to where I feel I can make more money. If there is weakness in WOW again i'll look for a re-entry...i got out at $11.65.. Good luck with WOW...I hope it cruises past $12 for ya's. http://www.asxboard.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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    Great revenue growth with big projects coming on line in the next couple of years. I topped up at $1.95 --- LT BARGAIN.
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