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  1. Thank you early birds, couldn't find thank you button.
  2. Early Birds only subscribers to afr which I am not can read this article. If you can please copy and paste on Share Cafe coz I would love to read it. To be able to protect myself somewhat from the dark side Thank You.
  3. Since we are all after some sort of income DVI or whatever, surely AMP would be a better choice. Bigger special dividend and half the price of Telstra. I do understand that AMP is a bigger dog than Telstra and always one step away from disaster. Keeping AMP for 48 days to get the franking benefit is a bit dodgy, thank you for any opinions. Smithy
  4. To get maximum benefits from dividend franking I understand that you have to keep the shares for 47 days. I am unable to find from which date this period is calculated: ex- dividend date, record date or unlikely payment date. I would appreciate if someone would advise me as to what the correct date is. Thank you, smithy.
  5. I tend to think you may be right about another offer coming from WPL, otherwise first offer would have been wasted exercise. And please give your old horse a rest looks a bit tired.
  6. Yes please post this informative article. Thank you Smithy
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