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  1. With regards to Fisher's latest topical research (below), here is the study from the journal Cell for all you budding scientists out there: https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(21)00757-1
  2. Topical competition still far away IMO, but Fisher is still working on it: https://www.healio.com/news/dermatology/202...nt-skin-cancers 3...2...1... before a certain someone across the street posts it as their own find. You know, that guy who posts nonstop and needs to get out of the house for once.
  3. If you're so smart, you would have not been outfoxed by this management team. They played the likes of your ilk like a fiddle with the newsletters and such. You're two steps behind. Is the share price $80 like your hero poster said it would be? Smart money can read the tea leaves. The rest whine on forums. How empty your world must be.
  4. Be careful who you follow regarding those who make CUV share price predictions. It's always good to get a variety of inputs from different people with different views. Blindly following bros predictions on the Internet doesn't usually work out well. Terrible track record for the resident s/t guy who passes as an expert on financials. Go back and read his past predictions from years past. I get a kick out of the 2021 share price predictions. It's about time for another cuv 8-page newsletter. I'm beginning to think that's what the CEO is paid millions to do. But the minions just eat it up.
  5. People are cheering all the communiques, webinars, strategic updates, etc? Seriously? To me, it's cover to appease the shareholders. Don't pay any attention to all the Q1 deadlines they already missed - trials they listed at the last AGM timelines that didn't start on time, the new indication that Wolgen said last November he would tell us about in December that still has not been mentioned. And pay no attention to the fact that bringing the manufacturing in house will almost assuredly push back the OTC product timelines. If you think they will release the first OTC product this year as they said repeatedly, you're gullible. Madman & Johnny Tech are two of the few that see what's really going on and call out the BS. 2021 - same old crapola. Missed deadlines, and numerous delays. But hey, the communiques are getting longer, and another exciting script-reading webinar may come soon.
  6. When someone on another forum said he was going to sell CUV, the resident smarta$$ said, "May I suggest you buy some Gamestop?" - which garnered plenty of laughs. Maybe the smarta$$ should have taken his own flippant advice. It's been a 7-bagger again off its lows since that post. Not to compare the two stocks or companies or suggesting others sell CUV...but, just goes to show. Meanwhile, how many boxes has Clinuvel ticked for all the things they were going to do in Q1 this year? What about that other indication the Frenchman said was going to be mentioned in December? Hard to have good marketing and build credibility with investors when this kind of stuff continues. Buy hey - about time for another 6-page newsletter. It's my go-to source for reading about the world economy.
  7. Breaking news (soon to be re-posted on other boards, no doubt) Reddit mob (see Gamestock, AMC, and others) are now potentially moving on to some low-cap biotech companies. Hello CLVLY....anyone on Reddit heard of it? Calling the pump mob, calling the pump mob... https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/penny-sto...ring-pre-market UPDATE: Look at 'em go!!!! ATOS, AVXL taking off today. Reddit mob does it again. Would be nice if it was this little bugger moving up....
  8. The OTC product scheduled for launch in 2021 will have a very difficult time breaking through on the market IMO. That one does not produce a tan. I'm not sure if they are just trying to get their feet wet in OTC distribution or not with that product. It's the later OTC products that would tan. My optimism for the company is very long term - but I'm not excited about the first OTC launch. They can market it as a DNA protectant, but again, how are you going to break through all the sunscreen product claims that are on the market with that first product? A lot of folks I know don't even wear sunscreen. An OTC product that tans the skin, producing BOTH a skin protectant AND a tan would be a blockbuster. When that arrives, who knows. The speculation I read that the first OTC product tans is just BS. Later versions, but not in 2021.
  9. I really like the much improved tone of the Chairman in today's Chair Letter. Much, much better tone. I hope the Company is as aggressive in 2021 as the Chair indicates. 17 years is a long wait. And for what it's worth, the pitcher / catcher American baseball analogy in the letter was quite a surprise. If it was an American company, it wouldn't have been. Let's get cracking, CUV
  10. For those who are keeping score, it's the lowest close for CUV since April 3rd. Carry on, dancing girls!
  11. Tanabe starts Phase III trial: http://www.publicnow.com/view/BC1BCAF84195...8F87C3AA5EE6884 The good news is that in at least one other area of medicine that I'm aware of, FDA is allowing trials to start. I am hoping CUV can start vitiligo US trials and / or DNA trials soon.
  12. I didn't get a chance to read or critique this article yet. But good or bad, at least articles like this help spread the word in the investment communities: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4349120-cl...nificant-upside
  13. A real hopeful story here - life in China is returning to normal. This severe disruption will come to end in the coming months....and CUV will find its bottom soon if it hasn't already. https://www.forbes.com/sites/jamesasquith/2...e/#25fd9cdd1f24
  14. There are still many unknowns about MT-7117 and how much of a threat it is. We still have no clue about its pricing, even if it were to make it through approval. Let's see some efficacy results, for one thing. And of course, safety issues.
  15. And MT-7117 tans the skin. I previously doubted it. Wolgen needs to get out of slug mode.
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