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  1. everybody wants a piece of the action ////
  2. In reply to: frenzal1 on Thursday 28/08/08 02:00pm the company has 3 days to put notice out since the 24 million went through (wed )positions are now taken .keep eye on m.r.c. regards spec player
  3. spec-player


    In reply to: BSA on Wednesday 06/08/08 10:00am under twenty . yes i've got plenty. i'm buying a few more. before they close the door .regards spec player not a lot of shares . and not many bears .when they get in the right direction . if your in . you will think you have an erection //////
  4. In reply to: barnymauler on Thursday 14/08/08 04:56pm the time is right .the price is also right .my cup is nealy full .i am happy with my position .regards spec player
  5. it's not . look at me . over 400 and still talking to brokers /////////regards spec player
  6. spec-player


    is it a bargain now .what have they got on thats new ????
  7. In reply to: Sav on Tuesday 29/07/08 12:16pm i feel better already thanks regards spec player
  8. In reply to: scully on Monday 30/06/08 06:18pm the quick profit takers in market now .as new shares at 0.03 become trader able.one in hand .maybe not a bad idea .????? regards spec player
  9. In reply to: frenzal1 on Saturday 19/07/08 01:08pm trouble at mill???no info coming out ??placement at lower price ??brokers fell out with the singers??? should be o.k. gold still over u.s. $500. regards spec player .its a buy at ?????
  10. In reply to: frenzal1 on Thursday 17/07/08 01:13pm there seem's to be something wrong . with this company .no news and price this low .even if the gold price was u/s $ 500.it should be more than 45c .regards spec player
  11. In reply to: neuchatel on Wednesday 16/07/08 07:49pm do you reckon its a buy 45c ??
  12. In reply to: frenzal1 on Thursday 03/07/08 04:28pm its there pal get a few more NOW //////////
  13. In reply to: barnymauler on Wednesday 09/07/08 06:17pm a good post . put very well .i'm in this company for the long term .and i know some of the right people have the same view .happy to stay .regards spec player
  14. the singer has another 3.4 mill opts to convert at 45c they aint going anywhere yet //
  15. however if they do ???????????????????????????? the honey will be sweeter than the wine .PS i mean MONEY /////regards spec player
  16. In reply to: Brantley on Monday 23/06/08 02:02pm oil price climbing . will make this company .
  17. spec-player


    any one in this ????? options the way to go . ???
  18. opportunity = favourable occasion. good chance .. (of doing .to do..) for action.. find .. make ..GET ..seize ..give ..? ..afford ..an opportunity .. take the first opportunity..KNOCKS ..an opportunity occurs ...thats it folks you know what it means now .regards spec player .p.s. there could be one tomorrow.
  19. thurs buy day sit on options .regards spec player.
  20. spec-player


    In reply to: tcisboss on Saturday 24/05/08 08:18pm getting ready again ??
  21. In reply to: Shrewd Crude on Sunday 15/06/08 08:10pm wecome to the club ( ctp ) your on the right ROCKET .because once this takes off .YOU WILL THINK YOUR ON ONE.regards spec player
  22. still a lot of interest there good volume to cont' on watch list .a collectors item ???
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