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    The day the shares trade ex‐rights, they trade without rights, so you would need to buy prior to the ex date.
  2. BSA


    Hi mate, Oh yes let be politically correct...love bumps. Only a small base, but looks like moving off from there..if it can sustain it?
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    A pimply bum? Cellulite perhaps?
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    My wife told me about these at 30c and sent me an email today to let me know the current price...I must admitt I had forgotten all about them Know doubt she will remind me again and enquire why I did not buy any For the pattern to hold true it would need to stay above the cup lip(about 50c) which should now serve as support.
  5. BSA


    Yes a cup and handle has formed Disco...it has broken the cup lip around 50c and has been retesting this zone(as most do). Looks the goods
  6. BSA


    Poor Frank such an upright fellow I have wondered why TS would want to jump into bed with FT....the old boys school is very much alive in the business world.
  7. BSA


    Yes after chart looking so encouraging back in Dec(stage one base break) it has been down ever since and looking like a dogs breakfast...10c ish the line in the sand for now.
  8. BSA


    Hi Batikit, They are considered a bearish consolidation pattern, however according to Bulkowski's reference work they have a 45% failure rate(can break upwards). If one waits till the pattern is confirmed(breaks down through support) then the pattern then has a 4% failure rate. KZL has broken support (not on big vol) and since climbed straight back above, so perhaps a bear trap and KZL(chart wise) lives to fight again. I see what you are saying re Macd and as all the troughs are near enough at the same level and Macd is climbing, one could take this as bullish divergence and expect it to head further North...will it? If one looks at the over all trading action for the past 12 months it is locked in a sideways dribble(with tradable rallies). The weekly basing system I use giving no signals for now...not to say it wont have a rally, but still some work ahead of it yet to get any serious lift. Cheers
  9. BSA


    Aust Small Cap Investigater at it again
  10. Well that pattern turned to poo and price dribbled back to previous support until todays announcement stirred some action. Those silly enough to chase the price up 100% and bought the high are sitting on a 30% loss straight away...roll up roll up, to the penny arcade.
  11. ...and the uncertainty of whether Solagrans bullish stance on sales is a reality or just more talk.
  12. Maybe start of next leg up BB? Same pattern as in May, spike up followed by several months of sideways...looks like the several months of sideways has finished again.
  13. Not sure about KB, but many missing in action(or gone very quiet) since the GFC and market upheavals hit...it changed things for many.
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    Bloody day traders!!
  15. BSA


    Hi Di, What was the cost for a Bluegen and do you know roughly how much to install in an average home? Cheers
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