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  1. The Age Sunday Life Magazine. "The Larapinta Trail ranks as one of Australia's most challenging multi-days walks." Stay there twice as long as you thought you might?
  2. How many Fox News and Sport flunkies does it take to write a sentence - Carrying the hopes of a nation on his shoulders, Matsuyama calmly grinded out clutch pars and struck for crucial birdies in a pressure-packed march at Augusta National, hanging on over the final holes for a historic one-stroke victory.
  3. Interesting detail dr_dazmo. Makes one wonder about the operational cycles airlines must make their aircraft perform each day - and then how old are these aircraft? By my calculations 3 flights or cycles per day with an inspection at 30,000 cycles make the aircraft 27 years old or 10,000 days. I’d be damned sure I would want it inspected. 4 flights per day make the aircraft 20 years old and 5 flights per day make it 16 years old. Do the airlines retire these things? I think I would want to see the check sheet myself before I boarded some of these aircraft - It’s a wonder we aren’t boarding DC3’s or Super Constellations. It must be that the number of cycles per day must be very high – they must never stop working.
  4. OK to get some balance - ABC talking approving Invasion Day as a reference to Australia Day - just a load of crap - where did they get that garbage from? Whoever thought that was appropriate? But then Pendragon advises - Biden is going to be much worse and much more dangerous. (than Trump). Hmm I think that might need expanding. At least gives us something to work on. Hopefully guided by logic pragmatism and fact and eschewing ideology here. But I suppose that's what we all think we do. Except the Murdoch press of course which definitely have an agenda.
  5. Ahh. The Murdoch press. Lauded praised salivated sycophanted encouraged that deranged person who called himself the president of the United States. What judgement they showed. Haven’t got a leg to stand on now – lost all credibility whether in the US and here in Australia. Wonder in what form their mea culpa will appear. It won’t of course.
  6. A huge swathe of Australia’s east coast is bracing for days of wild weather and cyclone-like conditions, with torrential downpours, towering swells and abnormally high tides. Coastal towns were swamped in Queensland and NSW at the weekend as extreme conditions coincided with king tides to produce some of the highest tides of the year. Byron Bay’s famous Main Beach had barely a grain of sand visible late Sunday as massive swells pummelled the coast and sparked warnings of severe erosion. In southeast Queensland, conditions have been likened to a category 1 cyclone as thundering waves – which averaged 5 metres but were as high as 10 metres – slammed shorelines from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and look set to continue. The New Daily
  7. Not sure what the ABC has to do with this but Stan Grant trying to sound wise in a panel discussion is an instant reach for the remote. Not sure a modern steel structure is in the same league as a rock cave or an old tree in terms of recognizing things from the past past but does this naming sanctification mean we can never pull the old Parkes telescope down or perhaps update it with some modern technology? Quite - woke bull shit.
  8. Hi deadone, I'll concede you Photo Stations at those places are closed at those companies you mention - no doubt causing some unfortunate loss of employment but Photo Development as per your list just seems a bit anachronistic in these digital times. cheers
  9. Nice list deadone. But photo developing? Whole industry would be past its use by date by now, but I guess a few in the genre have put their hand up for some Jobseeker allowance - not sure how advanced they are in Nar Nar Goon but I suspect even down there they know about digital photography. But what are you trying to say with this list? Should be more businesses shut down or less? Are you advocating for the Swedish model where they kept them all open and they hit the jackpot of 575 deaths per million or where here in Oz we have managed just a meager 19 per million- a rate some thirty times less or about 14000 deaths fewer. I think the shops being shut is preferable. More people left alive after this over to go into them and buy stuff. For me I am happy to live another day with optimism that we will get through this difficult period because of our restrictions, and then I shall go out and shoot a few pics. See https://ourworldindata.org/grapher/total-co...ths-per-million
  10. What is the process that employs functional illiterates? Government cuts to funding
  11. A jury heard all the evidence and the cross examinations of the witness by a very eminent and prominent legal practitioner. After all that they concluded that Pell was guilty. The high court decided on a technical aspect of the law - not the validity of the evidence. They didn't sit in on the cross examination which the jury did. Simply means that those with an issue will now go straight for compensation rather than go through the courts for findings of guilt. So are the conclusions of 12 fair men not now relevant?
  12. Best volume I have seen for a long time too. And as the saying goes - volume precedes price movement. And looking of course for price movement in the right direction cheers
  13. Hi Dr Dazmo, That $150k per day cost to the airline I understand to be of two components - One is certainly the cost of the maintenance presumably in manhours and what ever is required to effect a maintenamce procedure, and the balance of the $150k per day to be in lost revenue due to the fact the craft is grounded. I also understand that to perform an inspection on the wingbox ie the part where the wing joins on to the fuselage is at least a three day exercise thus total cost of this procedure is of the order of $450k. This work involves almost stripping the internals of the craft and then removing the floor to just gain entrance into the wingbox. I can imagine the airlines just hanging out for some SHM in this part of the aircraft where with SMN's CVM devices all they would need do is read some gauges in a convenient location to ascertain the health of the structure within the wingbox. Huge savings involved. If there are some 70 CVM sensors attached to the aft pressure bulkhead just imagine how many of these might be in the wingbox cheers
  14. eb, Photo taken at Gapstead Wines just out of Myrtleford, Vic back towards Wangaratta. It is indeed a very good place to hide one's self with some local vino and perhaps watch the wildlife. cheers
  15. Surely this could have been Onophonia redgum
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