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  1. Prenolica Prenol => Ropren is a mixture of polyprenols homologues containing primarily 13 - 18 isoprene units. Suffix "ica" => a collection of things that relate to a specific thing.
  2. March is here and the original re-list schedule is getting on with no update from management. However, as there maybe life in this yet I'd give it up to late June before acting. Timing wise there is no point to do anything much before then, and if you then decide to crystallize a loss for ATO tax you may try this path. https://www.delisted.com.au/sell-your-worthless-shares
  3. Ok from their last offical 11th hour communication. "The ASX xxxdoesxhavexxx HAD discretion under guidance 33 to provide a 3-month extension to allow the Company's shares to resume trading. The Company sought this extension and was confident that if granted this extension would provide the Company with sufficient time to have its shares resume trading by March 2016 and avoid removal from ASX. However, ASX denied the Company's applications for an extension. applications so there were several. "At the end of calendar year 2015, the Company is in the process of concluding a huge volume of different works and will inform our shareholders about all achievements when finalized early in the new year." Err how? Well Snail mail or maybe updates at the yet to be updated www.solagran.com.au ? But the sliver of a tenious thread of hope dangles. "The Company will call a general meeting of shareholders within the next 1-2 months and expects to be in a position to seek re-admission to ASX in March 2016." Who knows how long after application ASX would take to decide in the affirmative and folk can trade again. 436612_SLA.pdf
  4. Hmmm! Could be a blessing - Since the nature of this asset has materially changed, this might be a opportune window to get the accountant check it to realise any losses against some other gain.
  5. $0.03 is 23% discount on last trade @ $0.039. Considering it hasn't traded in nigh on 4 years, there must be some underlying value.
  6. Aaa..hem! Should that not be: watching grass grow is more exciting than watching cricket [& golf/baseball - individual stick & ball stuff]? I'm with B on this, why would "Vagif would throw a million$$$'s at converting his options at 50c when he could have bought at 25c on market unless he is confident of where the s/p is heading in the future"
  7. $1.7M turnover with -3.5% SP drop not too shabby.
  8. But stitch he DID make a list and checked it twice. I gather a lot depended on if you were naughty or nice - good or bad. Sure you didn't get woken by the Rooty toot toots and rummy tum tums?
  9. Ouch. Not good - but far from smackdown, and a learning op for management on other products. Shouldn't happen again once sorted - You'd hope.
  10. CC sorry never got the chance to do Neo-English none-the-less still can't see a question in G's statements. Anyways why question the obvious with the spurious? R & A put a colour fixer in it and it'll be a fake tan and sunscreen.
  11. Not today - by Aust Post anyway. Will ANZ spit for courrier delivery? Why not BSB, it is 2010 [well almost], or will they be looking to recoupe a slice from quick clearence fees!!! ANZ - All Noughts & Zeros
  12. Hi L as soon as I saw the 8-12 market ready product's and packaging in the presentation( plus it look as there will be application to applying to some of those awful fruit concauction "sweets" as a light glaze preservitive [sorry I hase sampled a few asian sweets and well each to their own]) - I could see that was a lot of work goning down in a short time. "This revenue line is completely unappreciated IMO, and the Salim Group can make things happen quite quickly in Indonesia." Well yes I can appreciate it, however this is the bit I've fixated on since - what are the nuts and bolts - the how- SLA shareholders will realisie that revenue [or portion of] on the books. Any thoughts?
  13. Yep the market ready product packaging show the maturity of that direction.
  14. Honeyeater Thank you for your attention! Anyways now the traders have been flushed. Have folk notice the bit about extra sales arm to "Sales of the drug bypassing commercial sector of the market". I'd like a de-brief of that item.
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