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    Hi All How one chooses to trade is his or her prerogitive. I wish I had the time to sit in front of the screens all day and trade in and out of shares, but to be honest my job wont let me do that. So for me it is buy and hold .. and IGR, OXR, MAR, and others have been very good to me in that respect. I miss CDCHIs posts as it was his posting that originally alerted me to this stock many years ago (at 10.5c !!). Good luck all. At the end of the day it is the people like us that I would like to see make money whether trading or investing it doesnt matter. The profits are far better off in our pockets than in overseas or institutional investors. Please keep up the informative postings. Cheers, Adam.
  2. there must be something going on here .. a breakaway gap on decent volume like today ... i think someone is in the know this cant be all related to pm prices .. it would not surprise me to see these babies hit $2.50 rather soon. if they go up tomorrow like they did today i will be buying more at market to trade.
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    In reply to: zxspectrum on Friday 17/06/05 10:01pm currently the sp seems to be running into the resistance area b/w 1.17 and 1.30 there seems to be a buyer pretty much every day buying in lots of 25,000 and absorbing the selling. my initial projections seem to be a little optimistic in terms of timing but nonetheless the chart looks great. this is headed up toward 1.30 - then 1.50
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    haha funny to read my old post there. i got out of these at $2. lost about 30% altogether but glad i pulled the plug when i did. i similarly keep half an eye on them because i think there is still potential there to surprise.
  5. In reply to: Golden Eye on Tuesday 09/08/05 07:21pm Here are mine 1.03 1.15 1.20
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    In reply to: zxspectrum on Saturday 28/05/05 12:03pm fortunately my bid at 1.04 was taken out http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif looks to me like an inverted H+S reversal, has broken out of its downtrend on reasonably good volume. i would say it is heading up to the 1.35 area over the next few weeks, chart below :
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    In reply to: zxspectrum on Saturday 28/05/05 12:00pm daily
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    big crossed trade at $1.06 on friday, ive got a bid sitting in there at $1.04 which i just missed out on. hopefully it will come down a bit next week. chart looks great : weekly
  9. In reply to: falko on Thursday 03/02/05 07:28pm i'd like to see the sp on the other side of the ma before jumping in. it looks awfully close though. a break below 90 will just give a better entry point imo.
  10. In reply to: JustinS007 on Saturday 06/11/04 10:41am hey justin, i think we'll hit $1.15 by eoy no problems http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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    i'm starting to lose patience with this one.. no doubt as soon as i sell it will rally, but there are too many other opportunities out there... and when you compare management to the likes of OXR it doesnt stack up well. would be nice if it spiked again to about 17c so i can get out at a profit. was interesting that it closed at 14.5 today, i thought the descending triangle might break support.
  12. Hi all, This is my latest, I think it is headed for $1.13-$1.14 in this advance (2.618 x wave 1 advance). It bounced off old resistance today and it wouldnt surprise me to see it head back to about 96-97c before wave 5.
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    Hi Sabre Ive had my eye on this one too. Waiting for confirmation of the H+S bottom and breakout of medium term down channel @ $0.71
  14. its a beautiful chart. my price target for wave 5 is $1.15, and then a pullback to test the $1 region. i bought some for my mum when it pulled back to 85c after breaking out of the downtrend http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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    this is a good article from gold-eagle dealing with the recent correction : http://www.gold-eagle.com/gold_digest_04/hamilton041604.html
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