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  1. lazy science and an immediacy of (rush-to) conclusions sets back the work of scientists who work on the challenge oh, yeah .....and this: https://grist.org/energy/trump-energy-depar...ewable-studies/
  2. $spx simple ABC is my main focus, the overnight cash-implied front month cfd has already achieved the target and holding the level, that suggests we're going to go a lot higher here's the cash hours view https://www.tradingview.com/x/iCLbT3cH/
  3. remember the BB's rule of thumbs "losers average losers" PTJ if your short-sell-the-dip idea doesnt keep dipping then dont add to the non-dipping-bid “It's not whether you're right or wrong, but how much money you make when you're right and how much you lose when you're wrong.†George Soros
  4. #bullish Business News April 15, 2020 / 1:28 PM / Updated 5 hours ago Australia consumer sentiment collapses to 30-year low on recession risks Swati Pandey https://www.reuters.com/article/us-australi..._source=twitter
  5. #stats Ryan Detrick, CMT†@RyanDetrick 3 Although this question seemed ridiculous 3 wks ago, could the S&P 500 actually close higher in 2020? At a YTD loss of >30%, it would be the first year to ever be down that much and close green. The current largest reversal is 2009 at down 25.1%, yet closed higher for the yr.
  6. Ryan Detrick, CMT†@RyanDetrick stocks had their best week since '74. $nya $djind $spx
  7. joules mm1


    Chris Rutherglen†@CRutherglen Jan 14 In 1980, the gold price traded at a 70% premium to the model price. During the 2011 top, the price peaked exactly at the model price. This suggest: 1) 2011 was not a bubble, 2) the blow-off-top is still ahead. By 2022, model price should be ~$3000. A 70% premium would be ~$5000. log scale: David Rosenberg†@EconguyRosie 1 Money supply growth is running at 12.2% on a year-on-year basis, the fastest in two decades and ongoing. The world’s above-ground gold stock grows on average by 1%-to-2% per year. Guess what the investment recommendation is from this discrepancy?
  8. retract that call, no sellers arrived ......xjo in bull mode still
  9. $xjo 5320 looks HOD .....we'll prob head to LOD into the close to protect over passover/easter weekend
  10. #longtail bulls win again $xjo
  11. The_Real_Fly†@The_Real_Fly 12h12 hours ago Portnoy is now ALL IN short $BA from this morning, getting SQUEEZED -- down $500k the above is how with decent timing on buying stock, forced short covering can aid an investor, it adds liquidity to the auction, forces trade by the shorter benefiting the buyer (when bought at the right time!) #timing
  12. and they found the value zone, late arvo bulls ...here they come again $xjo
  13. yes, almost got fried myself
  14. bids just vanished ....not a top signal next few days for bulls $xjo
  15. psss ...only this time, we'll bid after lunch $xjo
  16. interestingly, speaking of which, from the US #REIT Tracy Alloway†@tracyalloway https://twitter.com/tracyalloway/status/1246949203357532160 The recent sell-off in REITS was worse than even October/November 2008. Via Morgan Stanley:
  17. if you've been saving a deposit you maybe in luck as some prices fall your way https://www.domain.com.au/news/nsw-governme...s-fines-946902/ NSW government cracks down on holidaymakers, threatens fines Sue Williams Apr 6, 2020
  18. Jesskier†@JessCluess The headline's good, but the rest is even better
  19. until you zoom in on the price dunt look like much
  20. no bling all ring $xjo ....if you wanted an almost text book version of trending, this is it! intraday, higher highs higher lows, post-lunch sell-off missing ......
  21. Stock Market Commentary 4/3/2020 By Lawrence G. McMillan The oversold rally that was underway last week ran out of steam as soon as it ran into the declining 20-day moving average of $SPX. There is now resistance at 2650. The 2175-2190 level still qualifies as support, and it has not been tested at all. The equity-only put-call ratios remain on buy signals, despite the fact that they have curled up ovhe past few days. These buy signals would be canceled if the ratios rise to new highs. Market breadth continues to swing wildly back and forth For the record, both breadth oscillators are still on sell signals after a terrible day on Wednesday, which was a very decisive "90% down day." Meanwhile, $VIX has declined enough to close below its 20- day moving average for the last four days, and to close at its lowest price since March 11th. That sounds bullish, until one realizes that $VIX is still near 50. So, with $VIX at 50, it's hard to justify that as being bullish for stocks. It's not only breadth and volatility that are displaying characteristics that haven't been seen since 2011 or 2008. This does mark the end of the "buy the dips" and "TINA" era that had dominated market thinking, really since 2009 and certainly since 2011. This is a true bear market, plain and simple. Hence, a "core" bearish position is warranted -- certainly as long as $SPX remains below 2730. Hence, while buy signals can be traded, we are continuing to be cautious.
  22. #contrarianish (hint: it's a word, better than bullish or bearish, try it on, see how it fits......) Helene Meisler†@hmeisler 1 Consensus Bulls 22%
  23. Callum Thomas†@Callum_Thomas https://twitter.com/Callum_Thomas/status/1246543405007724544 Here's another analog to ponder... h/t @TimmerFidelity $SPX $SPY
  24. $nya $djind $spx#insiderbuying SentimenTraderâ€ÂÂÂVerified account @sentimentrader https://twitter.com/sentimentrader/status/1...171955436363776 Corporate insiders are buying their own stock. And "smart money" hedgers are net long more than $10 billion of equity index futures for one of the few times in the past decade. Should stocks keep falling, it'll be yet another sign we're not in Kansas anymore.
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