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    As far as I am concerned, the buck stops with A Joyce and the board.


    Since he has been at the helm, Qantas has only gone backwards, if it


    were the case of any Ceo running a company, any Co, and had he steered


    that Co into the position Qantas are in, that Ceo would be down the road


    with his head between his legs.


    I tend to think sometimes, if he joyce has alterior motives, because for the


    life of me, he does not act like a person, whom should be running the best


    and safest Airline in the world. I SAY SACK HIM NOW,


    I really think the government should, consider one of two options to save the




    1/ Let Qantas bring a partner in, in other words another Airline, but limit it so


    at least 25% remains Australian, that way we would end up with more destinations


    and make more money, and this would keep the Flying Kangaroo viable, and the


    workforce employed, I really feel for the employees, I myself have flown Qantas


    every time I fly, and as some people have eluded to, they find the Qantas people


    not friendly, what a lot of bullshit, my wife has flown Tiger and she hated it, talk


    about being not friendly.




    The Federal Government Pump some money in, so they can get the airline going the


    way it should be, and if successful repay that money at a time worked out by the




    The Federal Government has a duty to make sure that Qantas survives as far as I


    am concerned, this government has its head up it own arse, because they have not


    looked at the bigger picture into the future.


    All the Engineers Aviation tradesmen will be lost forever if this were to happen, so


    what I am getting at is, once these trades die they will be gone , and that is another


    thing that shits me about A Joyce, we have the best in the world which is recognised


    and he has been destroying it at a solid rate, Quality Engineers, and Aviation staff gone



















    Hi all.


    Donaco is worth a research.


    I have put together if you are interested a run down on

    the companies business, and if you are a investor it

    is worth a read, and I must stress this is not investment



    Donaco has the Lao Cai international hotel Casino which

    abuts the Chinese border of Yunnan Province with Nth -

    Vietnam, and the Yunnan Province has a population of 46

    Million People, the existing Casino has 34 Rooms and has

    8 Gaming tables and Poker machines.


    Donaco presently are having a 5 STAR Casino Resort

    constructed with 428 Rooms and have the nod from the

    Vietnamese Gov, that they will be allowed 50 Gaming

    Tables, they have capacity for 300 Poker machines, of

    which 150 are slot, the others electronic, and I forgot to

    mention the current Casino has a licence for only 8

    Gaming tables.


    The new Casino will have a soft opening in May 2014

    with 200 rooms AND 26 Tables operating, the Casino will

    be fully operable by July 2014.


    Gamblers are sourced through Junket Operators, Gamblers

    are booked into the resort at the junket Operators

    expense, in exchange for a commission of the casinos

    winnings, these gamblers must have a minimum US$100,000

    to be booked in, I mean on them, they currently use a

    roster system for the junket operators.


    Size of betting allowed.


    Min bets on Baccarat & Sic Bo, are A$34 and the max bet is



    Also the company had a current MOU with the goverment

    to take 20% of the goverments holding bringing the total

    Donaco holding to 95%, for a cost of $4 Million, which has

    been executed.

    The goverment does not allow its citizens to gamble inside

    Vietnam, but currently the gov is exploring Gaming as a

    Catalyst to drive tourism, and also considering allowing

    its own citizens to gamble inside its borders.


    The nearest Casino is 450 Km away in Ha Long Bay, and it

    has to compete against Macau which is 2 Hrs flying time

    away and they those gamblers have to have a Visa.

    The gamblers from Yunnan Province only need a Border Pass

    to enter.



    Net profit after tax was $7,026,197 up 41% on the pcp and

    earnings of 2.6 cents p/s.

    For the September Qtr just past the profit was $1,667,071

    up a staggering 515% on the 2012 qtr, also the gaming

    Licence is being extendeD from 2032 to 2044.


    Donaco also operate a leading mobile payment business in

    Malaysia & Singapors, it also focuses on the Mobile

    enterprise segment, clients including CIMB,CITIBANK &

    MAYBANK, mobile banking.


    Look they have other Irons in the fire so if you go to

    their website and research you will see where I am

    coming from.


    Tomorrow Donaco Release their half year results.









  3. Hi. pad23mur & OZGAZ.


    I am not to disappointed in the c.r. actually when you see a Major company invest another


    million dollars, I see it as a endorsement for QHL, and also it gave me another bite at the cherry


    so to speak, I picked up another 225,000 between 19.5 & 21.5 cents for my SMSF, getting back to


    the major investor, Washington. H. Soul Pattison & Company Limited increased their holding from


    63,172,570 = 19.57% TO 68,172,570 = 17.71%, there percentage was diluted, as you can see,


    the C.R was only done for one reason they anticipate some new orders, most likely from the auto industry


    and if this is the case, you will see the s/p move very quickly.


    Below is a link that gives QHL a very good report compared to most of its competitors in the carbon fibre field.










  4. Hi madman.


    You state the Sharescene layout where individual threads cannot be followed and added to later, as such quality


    comments are ""lost"" before they can be fully explored.


    I dissagree with you completely, all you have to do is punch in the share code at top right, and you can follow any


    thread topic on that share code that you want.


    If you mean that the thread topic cannot be grouped if you click on that topic then you are correct.


    The bonus we have on this site is we can send personel IMs to each other, which I reckon is brilliant.


    The other bonus on this site is that if you are on the H.C Site. If you want to give other people a web site to visit or read


    a news item on that site, all you have to do here is copy and paste it and then people only have to click on that email address


    and your there, over the road you type it in, and then people have to write it down, and then put that address in their browser


    Time is very important in this game, so overall this site is a lot much better, and we have not the continual rampers, and down


    rampers, which dominate this site,


    The majority of people on this site are very articulate and helpful.


    What pains me most of all over there is some of the love hearts, they are full of shit and are the main rampers on that site.


    Just a bit of info for you, myself and a lot of others moved over here about 3 years or so ago, because of them and their band


    of followers , we even proved to the moderators over there that we were correct in what we posted, but it made no difference.


    I am sorry I have drivelled on, but I must honestly say, this is the best site, and I hope this site gets a lot more members.







    Hi Arty.



    Even if the share has doubled in the last month, the fully franked divvy on


    the current s/p is a tad over a 9.0% Yield not bad at all, one of the best going around


    if you take the 2.5% discount being offered by the company on top of that, being the


    Five day vwap after the record date, what a bonus, you only have to look at some


    of the other companies paying comparable divvies, and you can see what I mean.


    I just hope some s/hs keep selling because I love a bargain.


    On top of that the forward looking statement is great, you only have to read the


    last half a dozen ann to the ASX.


    I rang the company tuesday and spoke with the company secretary Mr mark Seatree


    and asked him if they were going to do any brokerage presentations, his reply was they


    have spoken to brokerage houses and will be doing presentations to a couple of them in a


    few weeks, and do not be surprised if the company wins more contracts very soon.


    I say they are a buy, and undervalued, but please do your own research.









    When you mentioned TFS over on the EAL thread, I had, a few days before hand sold


    60,000 TFS to buy more EAL, a complete swap at 46 cents per share, nwts, as I have


    made a few $ on other shares I have repurchased TFS , the reason being they harvest


    later this year, and the money will be rolling in, and a rerate as you said will have to be


    done by the market.


    TFS was just featured on Landline on the ABC, all is looking very good.






    Hi alonso.


    I do not believe it is running ahead of itself, it is all there for


    everyone to see, as I have stated before, the order book was


    already full for the next two years, and with the six contract


    wins already and the $2 million S.Aust & Fed Gov grant, which


    will cover all the costs for the construction, and all the equipment


    as in welding fabricating everything needed to construct the wind


    turbines & towers, they are in the box seat, and not to mention


    the $10 Million contract with bhp, santos and the building of the


    destroyers, which is a continual contracts.


    If you read the quarterly, and on that statement alone, you can see


    why the s/p is still rising, as they state they will beat the previous


    corresponding period significantly, just on the corresponding period


    it works out at 18.5 Cents p/s npat, but they did pay $10 Million of


    debt off, so I can see a f/f divvy of roughly 4cents, and in the next few


    months I can see the s/p going to about 80 cents, and after that heading


    towards $1 before the f/f divvy in the second half, if you noticed today L


    the market is finally waking up, 11% up.


    Regarding GUF if you have read the ann regarding the shares for


    chairmen ! this is a positive, and I will be voting for it, they will or


    should I say start mining very shortly, I purchased more yesterday.


    I am glad you got on board EAL will reward you very well indeed.






    Hi alonso.


    I wish you, and all the sharescene family the best for 2013.


    Our investment in EAL will go very well for us in the next few years regardless what happens


    in the US of A.


    If you have time, do some research on Guf while the markets are closed it looks very good.








    Hi Alonso.


    I mentioned EAL on another thread about 9 months ago, and got quickly told

    they will not be able to continue the fully franked divvy going forward or

    the profits.


    I researched and found that they could, I accumulated 500,000 of them

    and recieved the $10,000 , nwts the company has already announced that

    profits will be up and the divvy increased, if as I think it will be 3 CENTS

    for this period, and should be the same next half making 6 Cents for the

    year at the least making the share on its current price of 45 c paying a

    13% ff divvy for the year, now I could be wrong the divvy could be more

    considering they paid $10 Million of debt down last half and have re-

    negotiated there bank lending down substantially, with all these contracts

    being won of late, on top of there order book which is full for the next 2

    years, that means only one thing expansion and more profits.


    I have accumulated more in the last 2 days, and I am very happy, I missed

    the sharp rise last thursday and friday, as I was away and did not look at

    the market, and was delighted to see the shares rise 10 Cents, all looks

    good for the next few years, the good thing about management is they

    decided to go australia wide and this is going to make a big difference

    going forward.


    Well done to you Alonso, also to a few others that I know started buying

    back around the 17Cent mark.






    Hi nifty49.



    Today they have hit a high of 62.5, back @61C @ the moment.


    This stock is going to be awesome, the company ann the other day that they have instigated the mining of the


    east pit at Gobi.


    The shares are in the draw so to speak, with four brokerage houses having buys on them at present, also inside trader


    has them as a stock to buy.


    By this time next year or around xmas time, I expect the shares, going on current ann to be around $1.50 to $1.70 p/s.








  5. Hi all.



    There has been a substantial holder notice lodged to the ASX.


    United Overseas Service Management, purchased 840,000 shares on the 3/9/2012,


    they now hold 2,816,959 shares which = 5.28%.


    The S/P should only go up from now, with all those loose shares gone.





  6. Hi All.



    Some of people may not know but TLG have put themselves into a Trading Halt.


    The reason for this request is to have C/R of $ 4 Million @32.5 @ a discount of 25.8%


    to the previous 10 day VWAP, if demand is strong they will extend the C/R to raise up to $6 Million.


    Ord Minnet are the brokers in charge.


    Myself I believe the company should have waited until they released drilling results.


    I myself, have accumulated over 400,000 shares.


    And I am dissapointed that the discount is so big, but that is life, I suppose i should look


    at it in a different perspective, aist I mean it may give me the chance to pick more shares up


    at a lower price, that is if some people sell down.


    I have rang TLG, and I am waiting for a call from Mark Thompson, they promised my call will be returned.






    Hi EntrO.



    IMHO the reason the s/p is down (being held down ) is the $20 Million worth of shares, to be issued to the Chaiman


    on a 30 day VWAP, covering the period of 15 days before the ann & 15 days after, so he the chaiman can get as


    many shares as possible.


    IHB the company will ann the start of mining shortly after the 30 vwap has expired, and then you will see some


    possitive movement in the s/p, if you go to there last presentation ann you will see they had 10 International parties


    bidding for offtake agreements. I hold the shares and have paid a lot higher price than the current s/p.


    I dont think you will get them much cheaper, than the current price.


    Please do your own research.






    Hi Frodo.


    I sent a email to Mick Avery on monday, he is the M.D Questioning why they have not made any


    announcement regarding the offtake agreements, and or the start of mining.


    His reply was that the Mongolian Elections, held a few things up and that they would make a


    announcement very shortly.


    If you are into gold producers or near term producers, have a read of Beadell Resources ann from yesterday


    with the Iron Ore Credits they will be one of the lowest gold producers @ roughly $420 per ounce, they should


    start commissioning of the plant next month, with 1.2 Million ounce reserves & a resource of 4.3 Million


    The intend to produce 175 ox per annum. imho they are under the radar,i mean not under the radar.


    Please do your own research.





  7. Looks like the Day Traders are getting out, and I am loving this, come back

    down, so I can add to my holdings. Only 56 Million shares on issue, if I keep

    accumulating at the rate and price that I want, I might make the Top 20.







  8. Hi Nipper.



    TLG is looking very good, the first drill hole proves that the jorg resource is going to expand


    ist the the rest of the drilling in this campain, will give us Indicated & Reserves, which will put


    us ahead of the rest, and Grade is King. :king:


    And we will beat Melua,s Mob to production, and your statement that SYR will be $5 before we reach 50Cents


    is a laugh, anyway good luck in your investing.






    The way things look, some idiot is having a extended lunch, and does


    not realise he/or/she has left the bot working overtime selling 100 shares


    at a time,about every five seconds, it has been working since the start of trade.



    Some person is going to get their bums kicked. lol.









    FIRB give the all clear for hanlong for the T/O @57c per share.








    Hi Frodo.



    I am still in, and have increased my holding by over another 100,000 in the last couple of weeks, it looks


    like some of the big boys are buying up as well, there has been quite a few x trades this week in the millions


    so somebody is accumulating.


    I should amagine that there will be a announcement before the end of the month, regarding offtake agreements


    and the start of mining in Mongolia, if we can trust their previous ann.


    Looking good.





  9. Nipper, I listened to the broadcast on Wednesday on Sharescene, they S/S recieved it a

    day before it was released to the ASX, All is looking good.



    I will tell you about a couple of other shares you should look at.


    WAM. Active, ASX Code WAA. they paid a 4.5 Cent f/f interim dividend, they


    offering shareholders a option for every share held, exercisable @ $1.08 in dec next year,


    the share price is 1.08 at present. pdyor.




    E&A Limited, ASX Code eal, they have announced a fully franked divvy of 2Cents


    The s/p is 24c @ the moment, Please read the ASX Announcements on both these


    shares, and make your own informed decision.





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