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  1. I have bought @ $70.04. Still one of the best in health care along with CSL (Long CSL too at the moment). BUT I think both are not cheap fundamentally , however short term I can see some upside in price. Long term.... ROE has to be maintained and increased to justify current price
  2. Thanks nipper. But seems to me its actually feb10 broker research report. I'll have to dig in on my own then i guess
  3. Hi all Been going around the net to find an analyst coverage on this stock and found Analyst Research by Thomson Reuters, cost 20bucks. http://www.reuters.com/finance/stocks/anal...h?symbol=DCG.AX Question #1: Does anyone had experience using this Thomson Reuters? are they any good. Question #2: Any one has broker research report on this stock?
  4. Hi EB I would be more cautious with this one if I were to hold it for a "while" (1 year / 3 years/ 5 years?) There are better quality companies out there. Just looking through the historical balance sheet, Return on Equity has been average, net profit margin is low, recent substantial capital raising, and cash flow from operating activities has been declining. Given the failure in Waratah project, I think this will adversely impact their ability to compete for new contracts. BUT, you may still benefit from short term price volatility. Im not good at charting and predicting prices, therefore Im staying away from this one. Just my opinion. good luck
  5. anglingdarma


    Hi all, been pretty quiet this particular forum, has everyone been too busy buying?? I have been accumulating this one myself
  6. Hi J Thanks for the suggestion. I am planning to do 10 year analysis of ROE trend with Du-Pont analysis. I guess I have to do some manual stuff then.
  7. Hi Arty Did not even think about the impact of these kinda option expiry day would have quite an impact on the price. Something new to learn for me. When you say "Unfortunately, I can no longer get y'day's Open Interest distribution, but from the exercises reported this morning, I gather there might be a connection: Only some 90-odd thousand shares were "called" - right up to $32.00 But writers were forced to take over 1.7M shares at higher prices." Are you referring to Put or Call option? How do I find information of these kind of option expiry dates
  8. Arty, this one surprised me as well. I think Mr Market is discounting the stock on the basis of this announcement http://news.smh.com.au/breaking-news-busin...0622-1ge6e.html which was two days ago??? I have been waiting to buy this one, I think the company are top class business. I also bought some COH shares yesterday which have fallen quite steadily in the last few months.
  9. Hi J, thanks for the suggestion, what firm did you have intern with? I use the attached data from CMC markets and tried to work backwards. I worked out EBIT / share by: (%operating margin x Sales) - Depreciation - Amortisation Then I worked out EBT/ share = (Net profit Before abnormals / share) / (1- tax rate) CMC does not provide Asset /share in order for me to calculate the asset turnover (Asset/sales) Leverage ratios, I need to find this from somewhere else i guess Obviously this is a crude calc, as you said, we still need to take into account operating leases, possibly also some other off balance sheet liability, contingent liabilities, true economic pension liability , inventory adjustment, different depreciation methods etc etc. But i dont think i have the resource to take into account all of that.... thanks for the help P.S. CMC defines the following: Operating Margin Earnings before depreciation, amortisation, interest and tax, divided by operating revenues. Operating margin is a key statistic for industrial and service companies. It shows the underlying profitability of the business before the effects of financing and from new investments. The trend of operating margin is particularly important and can give a good indication of the long-term viability of a given business. Sales per Share Calculated by dividing operating revenue by the diluted weighted average number of ordinary shares outstanding. Non-operating revenue, such as interest, is not included. Income Tax Rate Income tax expense, divided by net profit, after abnormal items before income tax. The income tax rate can provide an important indicator of the quality of a companys earnings. After-tax earnings which are based on a low tax rate are usually not sustainable, because they indicate the company is benefiting from tax loss carry-forwards from prior periods, or other tax reduction benefits which are generally not long-term. CPU.pdf
  10. thanks mate... I have got accounts with Comsec, NAB, Westpac, Etrade, CMC none of them have the ratios im after. CMC and etrade are pretty good i think . I guess i have to do this manually then...
  11. Hi all, I'm currently doing a DuPont analysis and I am struggling to find the Earnings before Interest & Tax/share - EBIT/share and Earnings before tax/share (EBT/share) and leverage ratios (Asset/equity) for ASX companies. Anyone know where I can get this? I prefer a free one thanks in advance
  12. I have been waiting for this particular stock to go down..... but seems very resilient.
  13. I personally think that it will fall even further in the next few sessions. I have observed so far in the last few years that's what usually happen with companies after announcing bad news. Ian Huntley have QBE's valued at around $23-24 and I personally think valuing insurance companies are really difficult unless you really specialise in valuing this type of companies and have some actuarial knowledge I have parcels purchased at around $20 and purchased more recently at $17.50, I thought I was buying it cheap. Im thinking of selling today , probably towards the end of the session so I can use the loss to offset my capital gain before EOFY. I m happy to purchase again in the near future. I do expect once interest rates goes up the stock should go up and lets hope there arent any more catastrophe happening in the near future
  14. I think they must had favorable foreign exchange gains, the focus will be on the insurance profit margin.
  15. I dont know how to justify today's sell off... (where MYR, DJS fell by 1.5%, HVN fell not much) Surely it's not related to the off-market buy back?? What everyone's thinking?
  16. Well well... Retail bookbuild completed and "retail premium" is only 20 cents per share. Made the right decision not to participate.
  17. Hi fellow sharesceners In light of recent news of David Sokol of Berkshire Hathaway shock resignation and disclosure that he made significant investments in Lubrizol, I am interested of what everyone thinks. What has surprised me more, is Warren Buffett has defended him! I personally think, this is a case of front running and insider trading. Thanks all, much appreciated
  18. Buy back announced today. I did not expect this at all to be honest.
  19. Hi all! Anyone here see an opportunity to exit given the recent run? I want to exit and re-enter at (hopefully) at lower price According to investor signal, $1.625 is an entry price to short the stock. I have had bad experiences where I exited way to early (- fwd, dtl, mce, asl, ang, just to name a few). So im a bit anxious now
  20. I think it goes ex div tomorrow because record date is 17 feb which means that you have to be registered as shareholder by COB 16. take 3 biz days off from that you'll have 11 feb
  21. anglingdarma


    I got back in @ around 3.70ish . I thought the capital raising of 3.80 will provide some sort of floor on the price. Good gain so far but I am quite cautious on the outlook given its now become harder for int'l students to get a permanent residency in Australia. I cant really accurately estimate how much of this has been priced in to the SP
  22. Is this a good time to go long again on this one?
  23. Ozgaz Yes I am. At what price? I am not exactly sure . Im not an expert in charts. But from my observation so far this stock trade in tight range between 50c-55c. And since they are paying very high distributions I cant see a significant capital gain unless if there are something new like upgrade of credit rating. What do you think the best re-entry price?
  24. Already took some profit @ 0.54 yesterday, not the highest price but still happy . very2 healthy yield , SKI is another one on my watchlist I think Utilities companies like ENV and SKI will do well over the medium-long term
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