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  1. You got out too early.There is more to come tomorrow.$3.00 is just new support .
  2. kerry


    Closed @ .008 and ready to go.
  3. EQX has gone from $1.61--$2.33 in 7 days. That is a 45% increase.Today will be another new high.London investors and Australian buyers are beginning to take notice of this growth story.
  4. EQX Managing Director John Welborn has just been interviewed on business radio.Latest word on their world class project can now be heard on Sharescene radio.Click and listen.
  5. Yes EQX has still got more to go.Probably 2-3 days of gains to come. Historically $2.00-$2.20 is a very well tested and proven support level. Have held EQX off and on for 12 years and been through the fortunes and misfortunes of this company.Now things are looking up with the announcement of an indicated iron-ore resource of 2.3-3.9 Billion Tonnes. This is world class and only covers their permit in southern ROC.The northern permit named Badondo is yet to be aerial surveyed,but no doubt will prove up more tonnage.World class deposits have already been found by Sundance, CMEC,and Core Mining/Severstal in this emerging iron-ore region. Just looking at Fortescue as a comparison.They report a total resource estimate for all their project sites of 4.8 Billion Tonnes of inferred,indicated and measured resources.EQX do not yet have a JORC,but the soon to commence drilling programme will establish this.So in terms of iron-ore tonnage EQX could have what FMG has.FMG have 3.112 billion shares and an MC of $20B. EQX have 75 million shares on issue and a MC of around $160 million.With approx' $9 million in cash.In the short term EQX share price has the capacity to go to between $3.50-$5.00.Long term is much more.EQX is a future world class iron-ore producer in its early developmental stages.Buy now and hold..
  6. Still astounds me why there is still zilch interest in EQX I posted last Friday at a closing price of $1.875. Today we get a company making announcement and now heading up to $2.20.
  7. EQX is an up and coming iron-ore stock. This year it has gone from .20 all the way up to 1.80,that is 900% increase.And yet on this site with all these enthusiastic posters and stock gurus,not a whimper or sign of any interest.What does that say??
  8. kerry


    T20 holding on. What sense in selling at these low levels is more the reason.
  9. The loong wait with EQX looks to be over. Expect to see a move to the up-side
  10. Technically EQX has moved from a bearish to bullish outlook. Has broken outside the wedge formation and is in the channel to move upward.New management has talked about new projects and looking to the future after a horrendous last 12 months. Chart and technical indicators strongly suggest a move to the upside. Have followed this stock for years(from the days it was known as Probe Resources) Should move up to 0.04 cents tomorrow but bigger moves expected next week. And possible announcements relating to these new projects are not far away which will help drive the SP.
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