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  1. Everyone is over here now https://www.sharetease.com
  2. Ropren was approved in 2006 as a complimentary medicine by the TGA which is a very low bar process to get over as you don't need to demonstrate efficacy, just safety - pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines require a wealth of efficacy and safety data to be approved. https://www.labonline.com.au/content/life-s...roval-257125118
  3. For all things Clinuvel discussion and the most comprehensive resource on the Internet where you'll find just about all the past high-quality posters from this site, head over to www.sharetease.com which is now open for public guest viewing so no need to register if you just want basic view access
  4. Looks like your voice has been heard and that site has been cleaned up
  5. Open short position data is 4 trading days old so hasn't reflected the SP drop from last Thursday or even today yet so would be expecting an uptick soon - doesn't bother me much as the fundamentals will override the shorts in the end.
  6. The shorts really aren't ready to give up playing the game - SP down almost 5% today on a measily 51k shares - all algo sold in tiny parcels. I'm paniced - please buy my shares Mr Shorty McShortShort
  7. New hire in the Melbourne office, but note the requirement for Mandarin https://www.seek.com.au/job/50137165?type=s...80-99d94554f28d Scientific Affairs Assistant Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd Interesting and diverse role in a growing international organisation Important support to Scientific Affairs Team Requires well developed organisational skills Melbourne based bio-pharmaceutical company developing a first-in-class pharmaceutical drug is seeking an enthusiastic individual with proven experience in administration to provide key administrative support to the Scientific Affairs Team. The role requires a flexible, intelligent and personable individual who is able to work on a number of activities at one time, both independently and with key staff. You will assist the team with research, literature searches, document management, diary management, liaison with relevant external parties, assist the Chief Scientific Officer with adhoc duties and much more. Candidates must demonstrate the following personal qualities and experience: Previous history working in a similar roleAdaptable in constantly changing environmentAbility to prioritise work, to problem solve and to display initiative where neededAbility to learn an organizational structure and manage internal and external relationshipsProven experience with MS Office suitsStrong attention to detailCandidate must have excellent written and verbal communication skills in English and Mandarin A bright, enthusiastic, motivated, professional mannersRelevant background knowledge in chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences or related fields will be a plus This is a full time role with some overtime required for specific projects or busy periods. All candidates must have the right to work in Australia.
  8. Palo Alto was removed when the two new centres of South Carolina and Georgia were added so the count went from 6 to 7. Will see if it comes back.....
  9. And shorts updated for Wednesday of last week when the SP went up $2. Down from 8.72% to 8.52%. Rough corrleation from Tuesday and Wednesday trading is a 0.1 percentage point drop in shorts equals a $1 SP rise. I very much doubt the shorters will get much significant sell volume to buy back in until the SP starts with a 4
  10. Because all their shorting prior was SO effective at causing a panic sell off - we know their game and won't be happy until the pigs are squealing while they're led off to the butchers. The only thing that has worked at putting real-world downwards pressure on the SP has been the coronavirus...hang on a minute Had a 1,000 share buy order just miss out today near the lows. Trying to do my bit.
  11. Hasn't hit Shortman yet, but on ASIC, shorts as of Tuesday last week which was the first of the two big SP rise days in a row went from 8.83% to 8.72%
  12. So I noted the dicussion prior about being unsure where we are at with France as have gone to 'audition' (translated as 'hearing') but the agenda for their next distance meeting on Wednesday screenshoted below taken from here shows that an audition is hardly an uncommon thing.
  13. https://porphyriafoundation.org/news-blog/a...t-testimonials/ Treatment Testimonials Friday, June 19, 2020 The American Porphyria Foundation (APF) is gathering testimonials from members about their experience with FDA-approved treatments (Panhematin, Scenesse, GIVLAARI.) If you are interested in sharing your experience with the APF, please include your response using the link below.
  14. FYI: run the video in full screen mode using the option in the bottom right of the video box to play the full video without being hit by the registration screen. CUV discussed about 12.5 minutes in. The second in studio analyst has NFI.
  15. If I was short, I'd be racing to close out before the squeeze really hits, and then buy 'again' as a long to profit from the rise to try and cover the short losses. Genuis move ?
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