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  1. I urge anyone sitting on the fence about which way to vote, to take 5 minutes to watch Radford's slimey pitch to shareholders released yesterday on BRR. Would you buy a car from this man?
  2. Hi, Can someone tell me where the March 10 date came from?
  3. If the directors of Solagran can get established in a market which does not require the financially crippling clinical trials process, then all power to them. The Russian market should be ample for the next couple of years what with the massive alchoholism going on in that country. Once revenues are rolling in, then they can worry about the FDA process if they want to have Ropren registered in the west. The commercialisation path open to Solagran is not one open to many other fledgling biotecs, because Russia is seldom the initial target market.
  4. For those who missed it, this is the text of the presenters note embedded in page 20 of 21 (the graph showing the market size) in todays presentation.
  5. Thanks scorpian. It was just disappointing that in this company presentation to brokers it was not even mentioned. There must be something positive to say, even if it is off season.
  6. Hi all A couple of points about the recent presentation. One positive and one not. Positive - Interesting to note on page 11 - "– Potential opportunities have and will continue to arise" I wonder what potential opportunities HAVE arisen and whether we could expect an announcement anytime soon?? Negative - Absolutely nothing on Leishmaniasis.
  7. sca69001


    The Australian Article here is the full link to the rebecca Urban piece. I am not a holder at the moment but have been several times in the past and have attended an AGM or two before as well. Like many of you I totally cannot believe how stupid (or something much worse) the directors are to be recommending acceptance of the offer. The company has plenty of money and would ride out the credit crunch no problem and still get their lead products through and likely into phase 3. There is something very dodgy going on or something very incompetent, either way I really hope Bryce and the other have success rolling the offer and preferably the board too. In my recent dealings with other stocks I have learned that there is no end to what motivated shareholders can achieve when they get together and act in a coordinated way, providing they can control 10% or more. best of luck to all. i will watch with interest.
  8. For those who were able to attend the meeting, What were your impressions of the progress reported for the Leishmaniasis product? One of the slides mentions a new antigen formulation, implying that the original one was not effective enough. Was there any more discussion of this point? Also, were there any questions about new products such as QF for Lyme disease? Although QFT-TB Gold and IT have additional patents, I note that the BASE Quantiferon technology platform patent starts to expire next year (Canada) and I wonder if this may be a reason why there has been little R&D development in recent years except on the TB front. They do have the money to fund it, they just haven't. I wonder why?
  9. In reply to: kelpie on Saturday 27/09/08 07:23am I would hazard as guess that it is a new variation of QFT Gold in Tube, specifically for the automated high speed testing device being developed.
  10. Don't know if this has been posted before. Interview with Vagif dated yesterday. Seems to be only in Russian. Maybe one of the Russian speakers can translate. Interview
  11. Wouldn't Solagran be within their rights to cancel the 10,132,865 SLACFs ANZ supposedly now "own" on the grounds that ANZ did not pay the recent 5c call on them?
  12. In reply to: robo on Friday 29/02/08 04:10pm robo, If you are trying to sow the seeds of doubt in this thread you are about 6 years too late I'm afraid!!
  13. sca69001


    In reply to: diana on Friday 29/02/08 12:05pm If thats $6000 in US dollars, it might not be all that much more in AUD or Euro terms in the future, going by Faber's comments. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif
  14. sca69001


    In reply to: diana on Friday 29/02/08 10:22am Tend to agree with everything you said Di except that GDR has tended to follow the old adage that it's better to underpromise and overdeliver when they are talking about gold and grades etc. Why would they announce reporting committments unless they were certain of achieving them. On the subject of gold, There was a very good interview on lateline business last night with Marc Faber, especially the last few minutes or so. http://www.abc.net.au/lateline/business/ Click the watch program button if watching today because they haven't archived it yet. Skip forward to the last half and try to ignore the presenters flapping near the end.
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