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  1. Hi All, From 27/7/2021 June 21 Quarterly update: ”To date, SMS and Delta have outfitted twenty (20) B737-NG individual aircraft with CVM kits and are now collecting data to support the current AMOC-approval process within Boeing. Further, Delta Tech Ops - Delta’s key technical and R&D arm - have now formally requested a quotation from SMS to outfit an additional seven (7) aircraft with APB CVM kits that will be included in Delta’s 2022 provisional budget.” With support from both Boeing & Delta, and armed with actual flight data from a large number of aircraft, I’m personally hopeful of FAA approval sooner rather than later.😁 Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  2. Hi All, Pleased to see Rich Poutier on the (very long & extensive) list of attendees at the International Society of Transport Aircraft Trading meeting in San Diego on 6-8 March. With FAA approval in his pocket, I assume it was a fantastic networking opportunity!😁 https://connect.istat.org/Americas/Attendees Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  3. Hi All, Not specifically the CVM STC, but Intelsat (GoGo) installations seem to have recovered nicely, so I assume that additional STCs could be obtained. Hopefully with a more streamlined approval process 😁 https://runwaygirlnetwork.com/2022/03/28/intelsat-makes-aircraft-linefit-gains-secures-inflight-connectivity-wins/ Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 crisis in commercial aviation, Intelsat in the last 18 months secured new inflight connectivity orders with airlines covering 720 aircraft, while seeing its 2Ku IFC solution fitted at the factory to new Airbus A220 and A320 family aircraft. Delivery of new 2Ku-fitted Boeing 737 MAXs from the airframer are expected to resume next year. Dr_Dazmo
  4. Hi All, Came across this one as David Piotrowski is a session coordinator (Establishing CBM as a mainstream maintenance practice): 1st International Conference for CBM in Aerospace https://cbmacademy.eu/program/ Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  5. Hi All, Was think recently that it’s interesting that SMN have advised that currently the plan is to focus if the WiFi & APB applications, but relatively recently (May 2020) expressed interest in having CVM approved for Bear Strap inspections: https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/05/01/2020-09114/airworthiness-directives-the-boeing-company-airplanes Request To Allow Alternate Inspection Procedure Structural Monitoring Systems PLC (SMS) requested that the FAA allow the use of SMS comparative vacuum monitoring (CVM) structural monitoring sensors (and a CVM nondestructive testing procedure (NDT)) as an alternative to the HFEC inspections of the bear strap. Regardless of the reasoning, it again highlights the long list of potential applications waiting in the wings (pardon the pun 🤣) Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  6. Hi Nipper, I’m not 100% sure, but I think the B757 are International configuration. There would be others, I’m sure 😁 Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  7. Hi All, Unfortunately, I don’t know the specific numbers, but thought this was if interest: “Aside from the A330neo, all of Delta’s internationally configured aircraft still sport Gogo-branded Intelsat Ku-powered onboard Internet.” https://runwaygirlnetwork.com/2022/03/12/delta-is-consistent-but-some-products-showing-their-age/ Again, I don’t have specific numbers, but assume that ALL internationally configured Delta aircraft would be a significant number. Any one have an idea of the number? Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  8. Hi All, This presentation is from 2018, so relatively old, but I like it in that it provides some insight into the number of applications (Delta specific). http://www.smsystems.com.au/wp-content/uploads/smn2018_v2.pdf As the company have said, they are focusing on a couple of specific applications initially, but ultimately there is no shortage of potential for CVM. Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  9. https://jdasolutions.aero/blog/new-detection-tool-should-add-to-aviation-safety-proactive-actions/ Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  10. Another potential (Boeing) CVM application? https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2022/02/25/2022-03968/airworthiness-directives-the-boeing-company-airplanes Background Fatigue damage can occur locally, in small areas or structural design details, or globally, in widespread areas. Multiple-site damage is widespread damage that occurs in a large structural element such as a single rivet line of a lap splice joining two large skin panels. Widespread damage can also occur in multiple elements such as adjacent frames or stringers. Multiple-site damage and multiple-element damage cracks are typically too small initially to be reliably detected with normal inspection methods. Without intervention, these cracks will grow, and eventually compromise the structural integrity of the airplane. This condition is known as WFD. It is associated with general degradation of large areas of structure with similar structural details and stress levels. As an airplane ages, WFD will likely occur, and will certainly occur if the airplane is operated long enough without any intervention. Costs of Compliance The FAA estimates that this AD, if adopted as proposed, would affect 1,187 airplanes of U.S. registry. The FAA estimates the following costs to comply with this proposed AD: Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  11. Hi All, Had a quick look & as of 2021, Delta Airlines had a fleet of 77 Boeing 737-800 in their stable. Their website indicates that all are fitted with Intelsat (GoGo) 2ku wifi. Given the existing relationship between SMS & DAL, I assume these will be the first candidates for CVM installation? Cheers Dr_Dazmo https://www.delta.com/us/en/onboard/inflight-entertainment/onboard-wifi https://simpleflying.com/delta-fleet-2021/amp/
  12. Good to see some significant Director buying (100K) late yesterday. Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  13. Hi Nipper, Haven’t posted for a while, but good to see we’ve finally got the FAA approval. Looking forward to seeing the first of many sales agreements now that Rich has an (approved) product to sell! I was also very pleased to see in the announcement today that “The revenue model goal for SMS remains to provide point-of-sales and to provide licensing agreements for use of the test equipment (PM200).” (To me) this suggests that license payments will be generated each time the sensors are tested - more applications, more testing, more revenue! Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  14. Hi Nipper, Yep, a bit of a roller coaster recently. I’m still under water- it’s all about timing ? Having said that, I’m confident that things are starting to come together & believe that we’ve turned a corner. Lots of volume recently & possibly starting to appear on more radars out there. Cheers Dr_Dazmo
  15. Hi All, Found this Wifi related article: https://paxex.aero/viasat-el-al-wifi-removal/ Thought it might be of interest. Cheers Dr_Dazmo
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