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  1. Glynneth Poultrow or how ever you spell it. She is Beautiful Mate is making a nice run ....to keep us on the thread topic.
  2. A bit hard to guess but you can see I am a Callaway softcover which did not behave too well for me today. If I could blowup your Avatar I may have a chance. BTW just listened to Tim Wood [ cyclesman on FSN ] who thinks Gold may have topped in his 9 year cycle !!
  3. A middle aged sandgroper maybe..sex unknown.
  4. Flower, I am just happy I bought on monday ...will rename She's Beautiful Mate !! Still prefer you as the blonde...like the Fox News girls.
  5. She's a Beauty Mate ! Where to now ?
  6. cooma


    Good to see you are still getting physical...ONJ will be proud.
  7. I have been away and read it tonight. Havnt received anything from the company and am a bit disturbed with FER sp ??
  8. I must note that the current situation with PLT's stockprice has nearly always been followed by a bullish announcement and SP climb. Will previous history repeat itself ??
  9. cooma


    In 2008 Gold comprised 5% of the worlds financial assets. At the top of the last Gold bull market in 1988 , Gold comprised 22% !!! BTW, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co, the 3rd largest US life insurance co in sales turnover has accumulated USD 400 million in Gold bullion recently..the first Gold purchase in the companys 152 year history !!! Smart money has already bought.....then institutions buying { now }.... then followed by the retail [ dumb ] money. How long will it take from stage 2 to stage 3 ??
  10. cooma


    Flower, before midnight the word...".Beautifull " as said by Con the fruiterer. And they are sending Tiny Tim to China...what a joke !!!!
  11. cooma


    Flower you must have a huge and diversified wardrobe !!! I feel you are getting ready to join the blondes on Fox News ??
  12. cooma


    POG now back to its deserved place...above the S & P 500.
  13. Just listened to Janes Dines being interviewed on FSN [ May 8 3rd hour ] and he is becomming VERY bullish on Uranium.
  14. Great result and wasnt it worth delaying the fundraising.
  15. Thanks T, I would like to see the latest sales,etc from PLT to get a better idea of progress. The proposed fit looks good , re marketing savings etc going into associated markets and overhead savings. Noticed the major shareholder of FER has indicated acceptance so that is positive. Hope the SP can rise from here or be maintained in the comming next leg down after the bear market rally. Cooma
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