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    Announcement out. But still a long way to go in my opinion.
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    Any more info on these guys, especially on there holding's. e.g. deposit data? Look interesting, but very specy
  3. FYI, from BBC web site Spray-on cells treat severe burns John Barratt suffered huge burns Doctors are to assess the effectiveness of using a spray-on skin cell culture to treat burns victims. A team at Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, East Sussex, has used the technique to treat several patients - including a man with 90% burns. But they now hope to produce hard evidence of its worth to justify its high cost. The latest study will examine whether the cells go on to become a fully functioning part of the skin. The technique was first pioneered in Perth, Western Australia, but never fully tested. It can cover a much bigger areas and do it much more quickly Mr Phil Gilbert The East Grinstead team have embraced the technology, and used it to treat several patients with severe and extensive burns. The current method of treating burns victims is to take samples of skin from unaffected areas, and put them through a meshing machine. This expands the tissue, creating a string vest pattern of connected patches of skin surrounded by large holes. Slow method The technique can be used to cover big patches of tissue where the skin has been completely burned away. However, it is slow, and not always effective. The East Grinstead team believe the new technique has the potential to be much more useful. The treatment helped heal severe burns on an elderly patient's legs Mr Phil Gilbert, a consultant plastic surgeon who specialises in burns, told the BBC News website: "It can cover a much bigger areas and do it much more quickly. "In pilot studies we also get the impression that wounds heal noticeably quicker with less scarring." A healthy skin sample is taken from the patient, and split in the laboratory to separate out the surface cells, known as keratinocytes. These cells are then cultured for two to three weeks, and made up into a suspension. At the same time other skin cell tissue from the patient is put through a different type of meshing machine, known as a meek mesher. Instead of creating a string vest pattern of tissue, this machine cuts the skin sample into tiny little squares. Tissue combination The cultured cells are then sprayed on to the small pieces of tissue and combine to create new skin for the patient. Mr Gilbert said the technique had been used to treat a man known as John Barratt - not his real name - who suffered 90% after being doused with petrol and set alight. Initially, John's burns were shaved off, and he was covered in sterile skin which had been harvested from bodies and kept frozen in storage. Doctors were only able to take skin samples for culture from small areas of one leg unaffected by burns. "We would have struggled to keep him alive using the standard methods," he said. "These have been used to treat people with very extensive burns, but these have nearly always been children." Mr Barratt was released from hospital two years ago, and has since undertaken a parachute jump to raise funds for the hospital. His skin is far from normal - it is thin, and has no hair follicles, sweat or oil glands. But it has begun to settle down, and take on a more natural pale colour. Justifying the cost Mr Gilbert said the aim of the new study was to test whether the cultured cells continued to divide and form new skin, or whether new tissue only came from the tiny pieces of skin with which it is combined. Strict regulations on the storage of skin, introduced in the wake of concerns over CJD, mean that it is very expensive to culture cells in this way. "People want to know why they should spend x thousand pounds on a patient, so the stronger the evidence we can produce that is worthwhile the better," he said. The new study will focus on 24 adults with severe burns, and 50 children under the age of three with scalds.
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    FYI EnglishResearchers say distorting biometric images enhances security, privacy BOSTON -- A trick reminiscent of a fun-house mirror might improve the security and privacy of the access-control technology that examines fingerprints, facial features or other personal characteristics. In such systems, known as biometrics, a computer generally reduces an image to a template of "minutia points" -- notable features such as a loop in a fingerprint or the position of an eye. Those points are converted to a numeric string by a mathematical algorithm, then stored for later analysis.But those mathematical templates, if stolen, can be dangerous. So researchers have developed ways to alter images in a defined....... DetNews.com Date: 2005-08-27 Biometrics hold robust business for integrators High-profile biometrics contracts such as U.S. Visit, Registered Traveler and the Transportation Workers Identification Credential program grab all the headlines, but they're not where all the money is. Companies see bigger opportunities for biometrics-related work further down the pike. "There are plenty of opportunities both from a biometric perspective or an identity management perspective ... beyond U.S. Visit and TWIC," said Jim Ganthier, worldwide leader of defense, intelligence and public safety at Hewlett-Packard Co. Agencies will have to buy more servers and storage capabilities as the use of biometrics increases, he said. Washington Technology Date: 2005-08-28 U.K. to incorporate new biometric standards The United Kingdom plans to use newly published international standards on biometric technology for its identity cards. The BS ISO/IEC 19794 series of standards cover the science of using "biological properties" to identify individuals, such as fingerprints, iris scans and facial recognition. Some of these standards will be used for recording biometric data on U.K. passports--and on UK ID cards if the government's proposals are approved, the BSI standards organization said. The standards apply to access-control and identification systems--for example, information stored on smart cards--as well as the storage of biometric identification data in corporate databases. ZDNet Date: 2005-08-28 Bioscrypt V-Smart Biometric Physical Access Control Readers Selected for Canadian Air Transport Security Authority Restricted Area Access Control Project TORONTO, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ - Bioscrypt Inc. (TSX: BYT), a leading provider of identity verification technology, today announced that Bioscrypt's V-Smart biometric access control fingerprint readers will be deployed in 89 airports across Canada as part of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority's (CATSA) restricted area identification card (RAIC) project. The purpose for the RAIC is to match non-passengers, people who are employed at the airport, to a card with biometrics and, with real time verification, confirm that the security clearance is valid. PRNewsWire Date: 2005-08-30 CIS experts to discuss use of biometric technologies in migration MOSCOW, August 30 (RIA Novosti) - Minsk will host a seminar for members of the Commonwealth of Independent States on the use of biometric technologies to control migration on August 30-31. The CIS Executive Committee said experts would discuss issues related to standards of using biometric technologies, including travel cards and identification documents, as well as border control issues. RIA Novosti Date: 2005-08-30 Pain taken out of access control upgrades to biometrics ANY building, any where, can upgrade to a biometrics access control solution with minimum cost and low administration thanks to a patented technology from an Australian company. The biometrics solution from Microlatch is based on their patented wireless fingerprint platform. The new system enables immediate and relatively easy upgrading of any building or secure environment from a card based access control system to a biometrics solution. Ferret Date: 2005-08-30 Bangalore scools go high-tech with biometrics: By Kestur G.Vasuki, Bangalore: Bangalore city has taken e-governance a step forward by introducing biometrics in primary schools to keep a count on the attendance of their students and teachers. Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a physiological or behavioral characteristic such as face, fingerprints, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein, and voice. NewKerala.com Date: 2005-08-30 V Festival's biometric fight against crime Police used the latest in high-tech biometric security to tackle crime at this year's V Festival in Staffordshire. Automatic number-plate-recognition was deployed alongside facial recognition CCTV technology, linked to a police intelligence database to identify known offenders. The Staffordshire leg of V2005 took place on 20-21 August 2005, attracting more than 70,000 festival goers. Safe Homes Date: 2005-08-30 Federal Trade Commission Orders Fingerprint Biometric Systems From Cross Match Technologies, Inc. PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 31, 2005--The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has placed an order for Cross Match digital fingerprinting systems in order to conduct fingerprint-based background checks on employees and contractors. The FTC ordered multiple ID 500® "live scan" systems, and a central store and forward server, to capture, store, and forward electronic fingerprint records to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) from eight regional FTC offices. BusinessWire Date: 2005-08-31 Biometric Consortium Conference Explores Security, Identity Management, Border Crossing, Electronic Commerce, and more Hardly a science fiction vision of the future, biometric technologies are permeating society, from passports to perimeter security to check-out lines at the grocery store. A look at the many applications of biometric-based identification and verification solutions will take place at the annual Biometric Consortium Conference in Arlington, VA, September 19-21, 2005. The conference is co-chaired by Fernando L. Podio, Computer Security Division, Information Technology Laboratory, NIST; and Jeffrey S. Dunn, National Security Agency (NSA), Research Associate Directorate, Technical Director for Biometrics. ANSI Date: 2005-08-29 LogicaCMG Launches Global e-Identity Initiative LogicaCMG today launches a new e-Identity initiative that will provide a global centre of excellence for the development of solutions for electronic identification, travel documents, border crossing and public safety initiatives. This program brings together LogicaCMG's expertise in systems integration, security, identification and tracking technologies, such as biometrics, smart cards and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). WirelessIQ Date: 2005-09-01 FingerGear Announces USB Flash Drive with Onboard Fingerprint Authentication Featuring Atmel's FingerChip, AES Encryption, and LCD Display Featuring software-free operation and large-font LCD display, portable Bio USB Flash Drive is cross platform compatible among Windows, Macintosh, and Linux machines with USB port. FingerChipâ„¢ Sensor integrates ARM microcontroller, 128 Mbits SDRAM, and 32 Mbits DataFlash®. Onboard LCD display guides user through setup mode, during which device is trained to recognize fingerprint. Unit also includes FingerGear Encryptor for extra layer of data security. Managing Automation Date: 2005-09-01 let’s get physical WHEN EQUINIX INC. OPENED ITS FIRST DATA center in 1998, biometrics technology was a key aspect of the building’s physical security. Biometrics identifies people based on their physical characteristics, such as their face, voice and iris. But Equinix wanted to offer the security of biometrics without being too intrusive. So, the company developed its own software to support the machines that scan a 3-D imprint against a hand to identify a person. “No customer likes to put their head in a yoke and have a beam shot in their eye to open a door,†says Jay Adelson, CTO and founder of Equinix. “That’s not reasonable.†XChange Date: 2005-09-02 Unisys issue anti-fraud warning Experts from a security company are calling for governments and companies to work together to create a strong "anti-fraud ecosystem" to combat security breaches. Experts from IT services company Unisys say a security system is only as strong as its weakest link. Unisys managing partner financial services Australia and New Zealand Rob Dewar says the level Australian companies invest in online security is "clearly not enough", as technology is creating ‘super-enabled' criminals that are keeping one step ahead. SupplyChain Review Date: 2005-09-01 3 Anti-Bank Fraud Gadgets Out Soon NIRPH Digital (West Africa) Limited has concluded arrangements to introduce three major security products into the Nigerian Financial Market. The company, a subsidiary of Nirph Digital, a South African leading company in biometrics fingerprint and electronic locks, telephone loggers, SME Linux business solution (Business Server Oriented Solution) and interactive web and kiosk solutions. The products included the Customer Identification System (CIS) Contact ME and Fingerprint as well as IC/RF Electronic Card locks. ThisDay Online Date: 2005-08-31
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    Hey, don't blame the company. Look at the market. I haven't many green arrow's on my watch list. None of the fundementals have changed.
  6. The_Muns


    Gonnfishing, You aren't plagiarising as long as you quote the source. Skint on HC has a very informative view on the whole area that SBP are involved with and in theory we should invite Skint to post more on SS, but each person has their own preferences. Today announcement again shows the small and minute brains of most Australian investors, but I understand there are a lot of opportunities out there at the moment to pick up a quick profit and why not! Be patience and I still believe IMHO, in the science of the Devil’s weed. Good luck to all
  7. These guys are for the long term. They are a long way off any production, but I don’t think this is their forte and would need to bring in extra expertise/partner's to bring their excellent exploration to the fore. But looking at the world economy and the knife edge it’s on in the next 5 to 10 years. You can only see the price of gold gaining ground as people look for a safe investment where the value isn’t based on fiat currencies.
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    We definitely would like some kind of figures from these guy's. So many excellent announcement and obviously business is good. Unfortunately these guys are dealing with sensitive bodies and I’m sure with time their financial reports in the future will see the increase in revenue. I know for investors this is frustrating and can be look on as a negative. But IMHO to gain such an exposure to a growing industry will only bring positive gains in the future to all investors.
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    Moonshine, Try this thread and maybe you should post your question their. Tax questions (before paying an advisor) Easy Life
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    Please let me state, these are not confirmed fiqures in any way. But if 50 million pounds has been allocated to the project of security in their British contract. I wonder how big is their slice of pie????
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    FYI EnglishThinking Outside the Security Box The 2005 version of the nation's pre-eminent cybersecurity conference features hundreds of speakers and 275 exhibitors bombarding the estimated 13,000 attendees with PowerPoint presentations and free USB memory keys in an effort to sell their particular firewall, smart card or fingerprint reader. Wired News Date: 2005-02-18 Airport tests stepped up security It's something you've seen in movies, but now staff at the Charlottetown airport are having their eyes and fingerprints scanned for security. The Canadian Air Transport Security Authority is testing biometrics – the science of using people's unique physiological characteristics to verify their identity – with airport staff. CBC Prince Edward Island Date: 2005-02-18 National ID Trojan Horse Disguised as Immigration Reform The U.S. House of Representatives passed a national ID bill on February 10 that the bill's sponsors claim is an important victory for immigration reform and secure borders. However, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, one of eight House Republicans who voted against the measure, says the legislation is a Trojan Horse. The New American Date: 2005-02-18 Biometric products market to grow 40x by 2010 The higher security risks since September 11, 2001 have led to a massive increase in the demand for biometric products in the public and private sectors. Between 2002 and 2010, the worldwide market for biometric products is likely to grow by a factor of 40 to over 5 billion euros, according to research from Deutsche Bank. ITFacts.biz Date: 2005-02-18 California State University, Fullerton, Launches Major Research Project About Biometric Identity and Access Management Cal State Fullerton has installed realtime's biometric identity management solution to conduct research and educate the industry about the benefits of biometrics within SAP? solutions HNS Date: 2005-02-23 Datastrip Group Selects Shera Technology for Manufacturing of Biometric Smart Card Terminals Feb. 23, 2005--Shera Technology (Kunshan) Co. Ltd., an American run Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS) provider in China, today announced an agreement to provide manufacturing services to Datastrip Group Inc. for its DSVII® family of Biometric Smart Card Terminals. Business Wire Date: 2005-02-23 3M builds passport program for Belize The Canadian arm of 3M Co. has integrated scanning, fingerprint and face recognition technologies to help the government of Belize issue secure passports that can be verified by machine. Startribune Date: 2005-02-23 Diamond I Rolls the Dice If Wi-Fi hotspot provider Diamond I has its way, soon visitors to the country's hottest gaming spots will be able to take their money and runâ€â€ÂÂÂÂÂstraight to the pool, restaurant or hotel roomâ€â€ÂÂÂÂÂwithout missing a minute of the action. The Baton Rouge-based company (formerly AirRover WiFi Corp.) has developed a handheld device, which enables users to play almost any casino-based game that can be digitized. Wifi Planet Date: 2005-02-23 FSA calls on banks to fight cash card crime The Financial Services Agency urged financial institutions Tuesday to step up efforts to tackle cash card forgeries. The move comes as a new study shows that 90 percent of such crimes have been reported in the Kanto region. The FSA released a package of recommendations, including lowering the limit on deposit withdrawals at automated teller machines as well as introducing biometric identification systems and bank cards embedded with integrated circuits. The Japan Times Date: 2005-02-23 Biometric ID may snare travelers LONDON, England (CNN) -- Biometric passports, described by some as a global identification card, are just around the corner -- and it could mean easier travel for business travelers or a hassle for others. Viewed as an important tool for tracking potential terrorists and illegal immigrants, your personal data could soon be made available to authorities you are unaware of. CNN Date: 2005-02-23 Lockheed Martin to Manage Verified ID's Roll Out of Registered Traveler and Critical Infrastructure Programs Verified Identity Pass, Inc. (Verified ID), a company created to provide a nationally-recognized credential for people seeking expedited access through airport security checkpoints, announced that Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT) will become Verified ID's lead systems integrator for the operation of all Verified ID installations, including enrollment, biometrics capture, and access control systems. Verified ID also announced that Lockheed Martin has acquired a minority stake in Verified ID. PR Newswire Date: 2005-02-24
  12. FYI 24 February 2005 The Manager Company Announcements Australian Stock Exchange Limited Via Electronic Lodgement Dear Sir/Madam, Acquisition of Mimotopes Pty Limited PharmAust Chemistry Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of PharmAust Limited) ("PharmAust Chemistry") has agreed to acquire all the shares in Mimotopes Pty Limited (“Mimotopesâ€ÂÂÂÂÂÂ) for nominal cash consideration. Mimotopes provides products and services in discovery chemistry to the global pharmaceutical industry. The vendor had already commenced winding down the operation of Mimotopes with the intention of closing the facility. On completion of the acquisition, Mimotopes will make its remaining employees redundant, at the cost of the vendor. Completion is anticipated to take place shortly. Bryant McLarty Managing Director PharmAust Limited
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    Thanks to Chris. Good reading IMHO QUOTE Davidrob I quite honestly did not see this thread, and I started one up of my own on BQT. I was just about to ask for your input on it, but now I see no need to ask - we're on the same wavelength Due to my own laziness I will refrain from editing the below, which was to be the first post in the thread. BQT Solutions (BQT) First I will say this is a *highly speculative* investment opportunity – definitely not for widows or orphans. In the company’s own words BQT Solutions is “a Global Leader in Mifare Contactless Smart Card Applications, Biometric Access Control, Personal Identification and Data Encryption technology. BQT is Australia’s leading Biometrics Company providing Smarter Security Today, with the most intelligent and innovative high security solutions to suit the strict requirements put on security protocols across the world.†Yet for all those claims BQT made a $3m loss (before amortization) this past year on only $2m revenue. Usually I would think “just another hype machine that’s all talk and no money - next!†This does indeed appear to be the consensus of most traders and the shares have performed poorly this year and especially last month after a share placement. But BQT could be a rocket these next few months. Why do I like it? BQT appear to be finally commercializing their technology in a material way after years of marketing and R&D expenses. From the Annual Report: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Revenues Sales Revenues increased compared to the previous shorter comparative period and overall margins have returned to target levels across the product range. During the year our business has focused on supplying high security products to Government, Defence Departments and Major Airports which take a long time to conclude. The Company believes that the work undertaken over the past three years will generate significant sales in the near term. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And from September 17: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the past two years BQT Solutions has worked with clients globally, on airport security systems and currently are in the final stages of securing an additional five international airports from the Middle East, USA and Australia . BQT Solutions believes the work carried out by its offices in London, Los Angeles, Sydney, Shanghai and Chennai will result in many airports around the world using the BQT Solutions technology. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And finally from November 22 – just last Monday: â€ÂÂÂÂÂÂWorlds first 3D Facial added to Biometric range of products†------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Genner, Managing Director of BQT Solutions Limited (ASX Code: BQT), “To continue to be a world leader in Contactless Smart Card Readers, Biometrics and Encryption technology, BQT will be able to give its global clients additional Biometric security of 3D Facial. This is a major technology breakthrough.†The BQT range of Biometrics will now include: • Fingerprint Biometrics • Iris Biometrics • 3D Facial Biometrics When the BQT Encryption devices are added, security of the very highest standard is available. Clients can have one or more Biometrics on the smart card, giving them far greater flexibility and security. The global acceptance of biometrics is now being achieved. Up until recently there was not a stable biometric technology in place. Acceptance has only recently been achieved. Market Update BQT is currently working on (many in final stage of conclusion) over 100 projects – world wide. We are finally seeing the security upgrades being specified and implemented around the world. The first to implement security upgrades is Government & Defence. Lead time in this market is long. The USA is now taking off with the introduction of the new Common Access Card (CAC) or DESFire standard . BQT has worked on this technology for approximately 2 years. BQT’s team met with NASA in the USA this month to ensure the latest upgrades of NASA’s requirement were incorporated in the BQT technology. There have been many changes to the specifications to date. BQT introduced what is believed to be the first DESFire standard contactless smart card reader into the Gerald Ford Airport in the USA. Currently the USA Governement & Defence has major opportunities for BQT and will justify the 2 years R & D spent to be a leader in the standard. The China (Shanghai) office of BQT is now established & is introducing the BQT technology to our clients. The potential of this market is greater than BQT initially thought. Our clients in China are currently working with BQT to introduce the BQT product into Power Utility, Taxation, Government Communications and Social Security. The Middle East market is a major opportunity for us. BQT is close to finalising Defence contracts with the Middle East. Our senior executives from the BQT London office will be in the Middle East this week meeting with Government, Client and specifiers. BQT sees 2005 as being the culmination of all its R & D and global marketing efforts. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So, after a long period of investment it appears that BQT is finally beginning to commercialise its products and importantly has some reference sites (eg Bangkok) which should help create momentum for future sales. But what makes me pay special attention to the above announcements – and prevents me, as hard as much as I might want to, from chucking BQT in the trash can for wannabes - is the relentless and aggressive insider buying of this company – as late as November 19. There were 8 insider buys (and no sells) in the year to September. And a further 3 since then. This suggests that the company is progressing well indeed with its technology and contract negotiations. The Directors, who know the company and its prospects intimately better than I are putting their money where their mouth is. Also, the company has no net bank debt so should be able to continue operating (without the bankers getting nervous and pulling the plug) for sufficient time for it to start generating positive cashflows from major contracts. From a timing perspective, the share price has been hammered from 40c to a low of 19c due a share placement at 20c recently to fund its ongoing marketing and R&D effort. But BQT is now trending back up. At 24c, BQT has a market cap of $34 million. IMHO this presents a good opportunity to buy in. If BQT is successful in winning some major contracts then IMO it will be a multi-bagger. If it does not win some major contracts, it will continue to drain cash and could go bust. My bet is with the former but you decide. I'd love some feedback on this one. Disclosure: purchased some BQT today at 24c. Disclaimer: the above is not a substitute for your own thought and research. No responsibility taken for accuracy of above, though written in good faith. You make investment decisions solely at your own risk!
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    I've been keeping an eye on these guy's for over a year and have put them in my picks for the comp over the year. Sorry, but can't provide you with the report tzalezsak, but I have only read good things coming out of this company. Obviously with good management in place and a product that is a one of a kind in Auz. I feel IMHO that either a take over or continued growth will benefit any share holder in 2005. Good luck to those who hold.
  15. FYI 21 February 2005 The Manager Company Announcements Australian Stock Exchange Limited Via Electronic Lodgement Dear Sir/Madam APPOINTMENT OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER PharmAust Limited is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr John Moursounidis as Chief Executive Officer. Dr Moursounidis has more than 17 years’ experience in the international pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, having held senior positions at Procter & Gamble and Boots Healthcare Australia. Most recently, Dr Moursounidis was Head of Scientific Affairs at Boots Healthcare Australia Pty Ltd, where he was responsible for the scientific operational and strategic direction of the company, including product strategy and development, market entry, regulatory procedure and brand promotion. Prior to this position, Dr Moursounidis was Head of Professional & Regulatory Services for Procter & Gamble based in Japan. Specialising in Government relations and regional development, Dr Moursounidis led all aspects of Procter & Gamble’s safety, regulatory and environmental clearance in support of new product development in the beautycare and healthcare categories for the global market, particularly Asia. PharmAust Chairman, Dr Paul D’Sylva, said: “Dr Moursounidis’ hands on experience with some of the world’s major pharmaceutical and healthcare groups will play a pivotal role in the next phase of PharmAust’s growth and development. “Dr Moursounidis’ unique skillset falls directly in line with our strategic plan to significantly expand within Australia and into international markets. His knowledge will prove an invaluable addition to the technical and corporate expertise of the PharmAust Board,†he said. Dr Moursounidis has also held a range of management roles for Procter & Gamble Australia, including Manager Professional & Regulatory Services & Environmental Quality, Technical Brand Manager and Senior Scientist. Dr Moursounidis holds a Ph.D in Organic Chemistry from the University of Western Australia and a Post Doctoral Fellowship in Molecular Design and Synthesis from Indiana University, USA. Dr Moursounidis will assume his new role in April 2005. Further Comment: Dr Paul D’Sylva Chairman PharmAust Limited P: (+61 8) 9360-2574 M: 0410 602 586 Winton Willesee Company Secretary PharmAust Limited Media Enquiries: Sarah Allchurch Allchurch Communications P: (08) 9381 6625 M: 0412 346 412
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