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  1. Climate change is soon going to cost governments trillions of dollars to combat. They have a chance to stop global warming by spending billions now or wait and it will cost even more. time is running out. wont be posting much more if at all, its a waste of time. too many hard heads out there..
  2. The sad thing is that unless global warming is stopped immediately then the big corporates and the others will have nothing left anyway. The planet's oncoming changes will wipe them off the map. Even if they don't care for the environment then you would think they would have at least enough sense to care for their own skins. They are too focussed on the big deal dollar.
  3. Copenhagen was our leaders very last chance to combat global warming. All they had to say was 'everybody adopt the vegetarian diet' and we could have made it. Instead they were silent. Now people are becoming incresingly aware of the methane pouring from previously frozen ice. http://www.theage.com.au/national/seabed-m...00305-pox2.html The human race is about to take a big hit.
  4. The sky is falling and it's past time to sound the alarm. The only way we can stop the gas from escaping into our atmosphere is if everybody adopts the vegetarian diet. There is no longer time left for green energy technologies to stop the gas;. We have to look at the biggest contributor to global warming, the meat diet and simply switch over.. Even President Obama recognizes the environmental benefits and mentions saving a trillion dollars a year in hospital and medical bills caused by meat related illnesses.
  5. Oh and the staircases along safety bay beach are collapsing into the rising sea. its amazing to witness, 30 years ago i walked this beach and there was 20-30m of beachsand nice and dry to walk on. Now the sea is eating away the sandunes. There is no beach left at high tide. Just sea meeting the coast.
  6. It's officially time to freak, and still most of us are complacent.. The world's leaders are now well aware of the methane clathrates melting and venting this dangerous gas into the sea and atmosphere. The UN secretary himself recently visited the arctic and saw the catastrophic melting taking place.. "Ban also noted that methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more heat-trapping than CO2, is escaping from reservoirs in melting permafrost and from the sea bed. In a study of such emissions published Aug. 29 in the Journal of Geophysical Research, a research team by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, underscored this. It concluded “that we may be greatly underestimating the methane fluxes presently occurring in the ocean and from underground into Earth’s atmosphere.†If so, this could drive global warming even faster than anticipated." from http://features.csmonitor.com/innovation/2...ut-of-the-sand/ and! Over 250 plumes of gas have been discovered bubbling up from the sea floor to the west of the Svalbard archipelago, which lies north of Norway. The bubbles are mostly methane, which is a greenhouse gas much more powerful than carbon dioxide. http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn1762...-bubble-up.html
  7. I guess it's already too late to stop global warming. Some scientists are now stating more than 50% of total greenhouse gases come from animal agriculture.. Vincent Warwick, an Arctic expert at Université Laval, said at the time: "This is a dramatic and disturbing event. It shows that we are losing remarkable features of the Canadian North that have been in place for many thousands of years. We are crossing climate thresholds, and these may signal the onset of accelerated change ahead." The ice melt of 2007 seemed to confirm Warwick's fears. Reports since then claim the Arctic ice could be gone by 2013. We have already crossed some critical climate thresholds. The world not only has to drastically cut back its greenhouse gas emissions but also begin to take steps to deal with the inevitable changes that global warming will cause. The much-feared tipping points - which would cause massive icecap and ice shield melting, and plunge the world headlong into severe weather systems, causing broad devastation and rising seas - seem increasingly probable. http://www2.canada.com/montrealgazette/new...26-7ba82f5596fe
  8. If you still have to consume animal products then the cost will be escalating global warming. Methane is already seeping out of the sea and previous frosty areas. It's the gas production we must reduce, and immediately. animal agriculture produces 17% of total greenhouse gas emissions. Turn vege and the planet will repair itself, eat meat and it's all over. The world's leaders are slowly coming around, but too slowly!! http://emcmillanscott.com/resources/pdf/ed.../green_card.pdf
  9. Even the most stubborn human cannot ignore the changes the planet is undergoing, from floods to fires to droughts and earthquakes. We are rapidly running out of resources. The food fed (and wasted) to farm animals is enough to feed two billion humans. Just replace the animal meat with soya or mushroom meat, so simple. Time is running out. Wake up or prepare to die.
  10. Meat and Dairy production cause more greenhouse gases than all the transport on the planet combined. So if you want to avert a global disaster go vegan. If the methane keeps escaping from the sea floor then it's game over for you. Also stops the torture and killing of billions of innocent animals yearly.
  11. filament

    Dow Jones

    In reply to: filament on Wednesday 16/07/08 08:49pm As per last post a few months back the dow is tracking as predicted. Tonight could see the 10,000 fall. The next couple of months or even by end november could see a crash to 7500-8000 Depending on if the financial system around the world stabilizes there could beb even more downside than the above numbers.
  12. In reply to: bunyip2 on Sunday 20/07/08 04:09pm Bunyip, i agree that aust has only a small percentage of the world's population and the 'main stage' that will decide our survival is overseas. USA, China, India Europe etc. Alchohol is a disasterous drug for society, but that's a different subject. Mankind will wake up but i suspect, by then it will be too late. Too slow and hard headed. I'm heartened by the Taiwanese government, at least some governments are coming around. Bu too little too late atm.
  13. In reply to: bunyip2 on Sunday 20/07/08 02:41pm Australia may need to experience some disasters first before people will soften up and become more open and gentle. Perth supermarket fridges are full of meat, more so than the eastern states. Big meat eaters here. So perhaps Perth is first in line for some softening up. We will see over the next month. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/sadsmiley02.gif
  14. The vege diet is the ONLY way to get out of the global warming threats we face now. All other ways will take too long. It's so easy, replace meat with tofu or vege (soy) protein and save lives, become healthier and save the planet. Otherwise we have only 4 or 5 years left to live. It's that urgent. We are fightting for our lives. See clathrate thread for one of the threats. Methane is currently being released along the coasts of the countries from the sea bed, enough to make some us tired or feeling unwell but not enough to knock us off, yet. The colder water cities may not notice, the warmer water cities may notice. If we cross the line, masssive amounts of gas will be released from the sea and thats that.
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