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  1. Good evening Gents , in the spirit of the upcoming horse racing carnival (which us irish fillies are very fond of ) would any of you betting men like to lay odds on the likelihood of the company 1. Not submitting end of year financials 2. Not producing an annual report 3. Not having an AGM 4. Not existing beyond Christmas. Copy of Irishgirll's post back in Sept. correct so far with the fourth prediction looming now 4 weeks away!
  2. no 'twas I...Hot Copper used to take SLA posts then remember? The info source was credible at that time that Merck were seen sniffing the joint. Dang shame it didn't come to anything. The Russian has been quiet for so long it has now become a very nasty payback for everyone's loyalty...and that dear punters is how his life works...those who help are ditched...hopping from one stone to the next but then there is Kharma...and that never misses its mark, ever!
  3. Been away what's the latest? Is it still the mushroom treatment getting meted out?
  4. The game is called "accounting for the way they are treated"
  5. I thought (perhaps mistakenly) that all that was required to call the meeting was 5% shareholders or 100 shareholders. i hadn't gone into the votes required to get rid of the board...sheesh who would want to be voted onto that?
  6. just asking you who you spoke to thats all...saves me the time and the disappointment lol
  7. you mean someone actually answers the phone there and then puts you in touch with a director? Who exactly did you speak to at the company?
  8. upon what news/evidence did you base your thoughts Bam Bam?
  9. That is the most unsophisticated piece of corporate strategy/forward thinking/possible way out statements ever seen D. Also you are quite derogatory with your adjectives and descriptions aka "itty bitty" but I suppose that to attack to make you feel better when you are facing a major loss and loss of face is your choice. Enjoy the tax breaks that you will get. It's a wonder the rats haven't left. A crossed ex supporter is a dangerous enemy.
  10. Not as stupid as the decisions that led to the current scenario.
  11. What does make sense is that someone who has (in their darkest times) propped up and supported the company is now considered unimportant. Call the meeting and be done with the bulldust you are all being forsed to swallow. LK doesn't like the taste of bulldust any more and in fact less than most. Watch the action...call the shots as ypou have the numbers and find out...they are not allowed to lie remember...what in the heck is relly going on in that less than large Russian mind.
  12. yeh more than annoying that the4 value is so ingrained that hey are now $1.25 and those latest buyers are in escrow...sheesh that is annoying if anything is.
  13. If the posters on here can gather 100 shareholders (or speak for 5% of shares with how ever many shareholders) then you can send the directors a notice calling an EGA (at their expense) and this has to be held within 60 days of receiving the notice. Then whatever it is that is going on (see how polite I am) will have to revealed. It is that simple!
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