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  1. Judging by the survey recently e-mailed to clients it looks as though Comsec may launch a CFD trading service - can anyone with an ear to the ground confirm this? ( I suppose I could just ring them..)
  2. In reply to: Techno on Thursday 07/07/05 03:26pm The Affinity takeover has been well received by the market. Increased gearing will be more than compensated for by the long term growth and cash flow that will be generated (esp. from 2006 FY and beyond). A few market jitters about RHC having to divest some hospitals to meet 'competition requirements' but this in itself will help to reduce debt quickly and will have little long term impact on RHC's growth profile. The next major report from RHC will be of interest and should provide a further fillip to the s/p as it becomes clear that this company has positioned itself superbly for long term growth that will tap into demographic trends and will result in a strong reliable cash flow in a defensive company that can withstand global economic shocks. A must have in any serious portfolio imo. DYOR.
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    In reply to: aceisme on Tuesday 21/06/05 03:56pm Huntley has just put out a 'sell / avoid' rec. on the stock - I would be careful with this one. (I don't hold and have no intention of purchasing VLL - too risky for me)
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    Looks like NEM as broken upside from an inverted H & S pattern. Had a bit of a dip today on the back of a weaker gold price but the technicals are looking encouraging for NEM .. its price has moved up though the 50 day EMA. NEM is a good stock to be in if you think the gold price in US$ has more upside ..... US$ down; US$price of gold up will give this stock legs. Worth a punt at current prices ... I climbed aboard at around $5.10 but will bail out if it falls below $4.90.
  5. In reply to: blueman on Tuesday 14/06/05 10:44am Gotta love this stock ....one to put down and hold (like a vintage red wine) ... it'a just going to get better and better. What's more the general market has not yet really twigged to the huge cash cow that the heath care sector will be for the dominant players (like RHC) in the years ahead. RHC is in its 'stealth mode' accumulation phase ... the best is yet to come ... imo.
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    In reply to: kahuna1 on Thursday 07/04/05 04:15pm This, today, from Huntley / Aspect: "CEY may be the target of Glencore or related party Xstrata (XTA). Short term speculative upside could exist in CEY. XTA is cashed up. After failing to acquire WMR earlier this year, XTA is keen to grow through acquisition. CEY would offer large synergies to XTA NSW coal operations. Alternatively, Glencore may have eyes for CEY's or AUO's marketing rights. Regardless, it is in Centennial's and Austral's best interests that the merger goes ahead. The merger will create real value in the longer term. The short term share price of the merged CEY could be expected to move higher once the deal is done. " Things could become very, very interesting. (I hold CEY)
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    TAP touted as a possible takeover target (along with ARC & AWE) by David Potts in today's "Financial Review Investor" supplement in the Sun-Herald. He is bullish on oil stocks.
  8. Word is that there is a $100 million farm in deal by British Gas into KAR .... British Gas to take a 60% equity stake in the exploration fields, leaving Australian shareholders with 40%. KAR is affectionately known as "son of Woodside" by its supporters. Info. sourced from Weekend FR 19-20 March, back page cloumn by J. Durie.
  9. In reply to: happy2 on Thursday 17/03/05 08:46pm Unfortunately, it seems as though the Yanks are about to start drilling in the Alaskan wilderness, according to a report on Lateline tonight. A precis follows: News just to hand is that the US Congress, urged by Bush, has narrowly voted approval to tap into the pristine Arctic wilderness of Alaska in the search for additional oil. This area has been protected from such development for over 25 years. Now it seems that ecological concerns will be put on the back burner as Americans are forced to pay more and more at the pump. The irony is that the oil extracted from this wildreness area is estimated to supply only one twentieth of America's daily needs. To me, it seems like the panic button is starting to be hit.
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    In reply to: wolverine on Tuesday 01/03/05 03:27pm CEY now sizzling, red hot - $5.00+ here we come! Looks like the AUO merger is a done deal giving CEY a brilliant opportunity to extract value from an underperforming operation in a booming export coal market. There is growth aplenty ahead for CEY imo.
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    In reply to: xmagx on Tuesday 01/03/05 04:28pm TAP candlestick chart is showing some bullish indicators: -on 25/2; 28/2 & 1/3 we saw the classic bullish three white soldiers candlestick pattern with the last candle seeing TAP close above its all time high. - the 14 day crossover moving average is above the 25 day crossover moving average AND the shareprice is above the line of both averages (a bullish indicator) - today's close and share price action was strong. - the breakout in the TAP shareprice (25/2 to 2/3) has been accompanied by solid volume. The technicals are lining up for this one. (I doubled my holding in TAP today on the strength of both TA and FA indications ... also 'fingers & toes crossed')
  12. In reply to: Grebmoolb on Tuesday 01/03/05 11:44am Sold??? Hmmmm ....that $47 target was my signal to add to my RIO holdings for a $52 - $55 target (short term)
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    In reply to: nomad on Tuesday 01/03/05 10:41am Ditch AWE and move into TAP .... leave the clydsdale for the stallion.
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    In reply to: wolverine on Tuesday 01/03/05 12:15pm CEY looking sexier than Angelina Jolie without a bathrobe after a shower.
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    Looks like TAP is gearing up for a push through the $2.00 resistance level. TAP has plenty of cash and has a pretty full on drilling programme planned - any success will see sharp upside in the share price. Downside is limited by the company's current buyback operation. TAP is one of the better risk/ reward plays around - with the weighting heavily skewed towards the "reward" bias. I hold TAP (but exited positions in ROC and AWE on the back of negative Cliffhead sentiment.)
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