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  1. Lots of good news baked into the cake. EPS of 22c and trading at $25.00 Seems mighty expensive.
  2. Not sure. And yes a terrific announcement. The penny will drop here soon. Its too cheap.
  3. A friend of mine who runs a hedge fund out of Singapore is likely to get involved. Likes the risk/reward here. Clearly, it's going to be difficult to get some size. It could explain why the bid keeps getting hit with piddly volume and sold down at the close. I personally think the market cap is too low for the potential upside.
  4. I think this is being capped and accumulated after the deal with Worley Parsons. Also, some hot Asian money is about to enter the stock. I'm expecting a big bump this month. Happy to hold till mid 2018 to see what eventuates. I think multiples of the current share price would be fair atm.
  5. Considerably undervalued in my opinion. Heading much higher.
  6. I think we might get a short squeeze next week. Oil up 12.5% overnight and the S&P put in a double bottom.
  7. Looks to me like ORG is on the cusp of a major breakout. Heading higher.
  8. WOW $2.64 so soon. Dipped my toes in today. Looking for a reflex bounce. Majority of oil down thrust is over.
  9. Claims that they will be cash flow positive at $40/bbl and audusd @ .80. I'm guessing the debt is denominated in USD and with the fx at .70, doesn't auger well.
  10. That's all good and well but tell us what you don't like about the metallurgy. AXE will break out to new highs +45c within weeks imho. Traders need to exit and the pros are accommodating some tax loss selling atm. New financial year, new highs.
  11. Hi Melua, What exactly don't you like about the graphite deposit? What do you make of today's metallurgical results? Cheers
  12. right edge


    You've gone all bearish on us again plastic. You didn't sell out on last weeks spike by any chance.
  13. right edge


    Where u at plastic? U suggesting we shoud expect a share price around the AUD$1.00 mark for BLT. Would be nice.
  14. Was up strongly before general market malaise set in. Still one of the best performers today. Should outperform in the short and long term. Snapped up a few today and Ive got the nets cast for some more.
  15. right edge


    The rights issue was fully underwritten and I believe fully subscribed. If not, any residual went to Pattos. Held up exceptionally well today. A few more days of consolidation before another leg up. Big sharks circling. Go to the PRR playbook if you want an insight into how this will play out. Bottom draw scrip, under lock n key.
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