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  1. They're advertising this pretty hard. Really going for the retail investors. What's the ownership structure like for Medibank pre-IPO? I would like to know whose shares we're buying. What's that saying - once bitten twice shy?
  2. Neat visualisation of the S&P500 since its conception. http://d3stockmarket.herokuapp.com/
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    Hi Wolverine. No I didn't accept. Have sent an email to them via their website. Will get on the horn tomorrow. Worst case scenario, my money's in Nigeria or Ukraine.
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    Thanks Balance. That's quite worrying actually. I must admit I haven't exactly been on top of things. That early? They were delisted on 18 Sept. Anyhow, I've emailed them.
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    When do they cut us the cheque? Mine hasn't arrived yet.
  6. Thanks for sharing that Arty. I agree that the bar for entry has been set artificially low. A good example is engineering and the physical sciences. A large number of students who qualified based on their ATAR received a very nasty surprise in their 1st semester. I also know a number of electrical engineering graduates who cannot hold a candle to a qualified sparkie in terms of their basic knowledge of circuits. I also agree with the notion that the lowering of this bar is driven by profit motives. Perhaps I had been a little too optimistic in my initial response. I don't necessarily agree with the idea that the school curriculum is being set to place student egos ahead of their academic needs. Also, your statement about "the Powers that Be" sounded a tad paranoid. What you think that way? Serious question. No offense intended. I've always enjoyed your posts.
  7. The state of the job market... Financial Review Call me an optimist but I don't think it looks that bad. In particular, the numbers for science and engineering fields look like they're on the amends. I think the findings goes to show that baseline tertiary education, ie. the bachelors degree, is becoming the new high school certificate as our industries becomes more knowledge-oriented. I think that's a good thing. I don't mind at all the fact that many universities are over-enrolling certain courses (medicine exempt).
  8. I've never been good at playing limbo. How low will this one go? I'm eyeing this one as a long term investment. Just gotta get the entry point right.
  9. I've never heard that one. Will keep an eye out for those headlines in the coming weeks. Anyhow, I do my part by always voting against directors' remuneration on the off chance that my parcel just happens to be the feather that breaks the camel's back.
  10. Damn. I really missed the boat on this one. Need to take better care with maintaining the watchlist. Stupid stupid stupid!
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    That's a good point. I guess most players like AGO end up on the menu for the big mobs. The first sign of viability and they're snapped up. FMG was a rare case of a larvae making it to maturity.
  12. In at 60 cents. I don't know what I'm doing.
  13. Thanks for the bedtime reading material Mark. Looking forward to reading your confessions.
  14. If only she'd kept those two sandwiches she wouldn't have left empty-handed.
  15. Back down again. Guess it was all hot air (no pun intended) after all. should've sold the other 2/3 as well. Shoulda, coulda, woulda...
  16. I was in between 14c and 10c. Sold 1/3 already. Don't know about any bubbles but am willing to trade the hype. But judging by the way PTR reacted, I can see plenty of cradle rocking and heartbreaks ahead. Looking back, there seems to be a few 'fishy' parcels being exchanged just prior to the lunge. And thanks. Your advice is always appreciated.
  17. Hi Arty, I'm one very lucky SoB. Beginner's Luck. I have a HUGE exposure to this stock (~20% my portfolio). I was over-exposed and it was, at the time, a highly uninformed and stubborn choice. In retrospect, I'm the village idiot who walked into a goldmine.
  18. Melua, Reading your posts, it seems you're a fan of averaging down. Personally, I've averaged myself down too many rabbit holes. Unless I know what I'm doing, which is rare, it's an express way to find yourself in the pits. I took a toe drip in his stock a few days ago. A little over 2k, pocket change. Want to test the waters. Whatever it is you see in this company, I hope it all works out. If not, I filled my charity quota this fin yr.
  19. Would you say, it's the closest thing to crazy you have ever seen? the nearest thing to crazy you have ever known but never crazy on its own?
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    I bet you were thinking of Flower when you typed this. To Cranswick: How many of this did you buy?
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    That's some good role-modeling for junior TA'ers like us . Some of us can be really anchored down by our own psyche. BTW - love your music. Can't believe you have the time to trade given your busy schedule and all.
  22. Hi Arty, I don't really understand how chinese company valuations work. Do you? I know enough chinese to read their reports. next to no dividends, high PE ratio and plenty of earnings management. The state owned enterprises are horrendously opaque. I honestly believe the shanghai and shenzhen markets are, at best, weak form efficient. Dilution through private placements is rife. If you can't read chinese, you're not missing out on anything. The game changes so often the books they let us peasants see are useless. A chart is probably your best friend here. At least so of the macro effects are discernible at the index level. Remove the 2007/08 aberration and the return for the 6 years since is around 0% even after throwing in the petty dividends. And that says plenty about what investors think of chinese public companies. Many of these are still unprofitable and inefficient relics. The banks are probably among the better ones to trade. Also, I dunno if EB plays this one. He's never mentioned it in his disclosures.
  23. To me, this was the highlight of an other unwise unimpressive debate. Taleb wants humanity to develop resistance against attrition. To learn to tolerate sequential small losses as part of the process in earning that abnormal windfall which comes around on occasions. Delayed gratification requires risking taking. He advocates for optionality in the management of that risk. Kahneman believed in human nature and instinct. There's nothing inherently wrong with the turkey because our lives are essentially small doses of daily gladness stopped abruptly by death. I was a little turned off by the obscure nature of philosophical debate. Ultimately, the discussion was too scholarly to be of much practical value.
  24. This thread reeks of old people musk.
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