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  1. vine


    Talking of nearology SRI had bit of a run yesterday as well before dropping back.
  2. vine


    Bollinger bands tightening, volume low, getting ready for a break, hopefully will be up.
  3. vine


    Resistance at .78, hit a couple of times today on low volume. Once through this next level around .87. Let's pray for a few good Ann.
  4. vine


    Further drilling commencing at Hayes creek. 4 drilling rigs now operational at various sites. We can expect a continuing flow of Ann. From now till Christmas. hopefully culminating in the Thunderball JORC. THX hopefully will continue to rise from here.
  5. vine


    Wolverine, they have only been drilling a couple of days, would they have any indication of something positive so early or do you think the trading halt is related to something else at Red Bore.
  6. vine


    Another stong start for THX this morning on high volume. I agree something is in the wind , maybe Copernicus or people getting on before Red Bore whatever I'm holding on to this one to see what happens.
  7. vine


    ALS has had a good run these past 3 weeks going from .65 to close at $2 today with good volume.
  8. vine


    WVL in administrators hands. Haven't been down this path before. What exactly does that mean for shareholders. I know Merrill Lynch is the secured creditor, so they'll get their piece of the pie. Do you think their will be any crumbs left for the shareholders. What exactly is the procedures that folow . Thanks for any info from those who may have had this happen before
  9. vine


    What is the significance between calling a trading halt for announcement and then progressing to a trading suspension re negotiation re capital raising. Why wouldn't WVL just maintain the trading halt. Thanks for any insights
  10. vine


    Latest ann of renounceable rights issue gives 1 share for 4 held at 9.5 cents pus one free option for each of the 3 shares taken up 20 cent op exp 2013. I am new to trading and have never dealt in options could some one explain what you do with these options ie when can you sell them , how, etc. Thanks for any insight into this offer . I am still not sure if I will take up the offer.
  11. vine


    In reply to: arty on Friday 29/08/08 01:50pm What are peoples thoughts on WVL at the current price of .365. It is getting ready for production in Q1 next year and has guarantedd market through deals with Noble according to company info. I have been buying into this over the past month as the SP has fallen getting some more yesterday at .37 To me this company has potential over the next 12-18 months to rise significantly, however does anyone know of any other reasons to account for SP fall apart from the slowing down of the steel industry. I would appreciate your thoughts, thanks!
  12. vine


    Can anyone explain why today THX is down 13% yet UMC is going against the trend and is up 13% as of 11:20. With THX owning over 20 million UMC shares and starting their mining operations this quarter. It doesn't make sense ...... as if anything does at the moment . Probably just answered my own question. Thanks for any info. Am holding in both.
  13. vine


    Any one know what caused the sudden rise in UMC this afternoon. Any announcements expected.
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