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  1. Alot swear words...than insane (at least we all agree on something) Aus contributes 1.4% of world human carbon emissions World only contributes 3% of carbon emissions Australias impact is .00042 (.014*.03)
  2. Tylergold


    Operating cashflow can deviate from profits due to profit being accrual, just check oveer long term to see if they eventually match up. e.g. property development business usually exacerbates this.
  3. do they have any competitive advantages
  4. Why would i do an off market deal with you idiots when i can buy it for below its value on market at 70c
  5. besides the fact ive made money on it.
  6. your not looking that smart are you know, o no wait, your good at predicting the past, you'll come up with some mumbo jumbo.
  7. im not sure what this has to do with anything, i dont really look at there reports. sometimes id o only for qualitative purposes
  8. Just a quick question, Has anyone invested on the indian stock exchange NSE?
  9. you dont know anything. this company is worth more than it is selling for. + here is a good over view (for people who invest & not gamble) http://www2.aspecthuntley.com.au/pdf/aspec...oday/ccv_cp.pdf
  10. Clearly the share price has risen over the past, at 44% compounded per year for the last 10 years to be exact which is about 3800%. Nothing has changed with the business since it was 90c, its called short term market speculation (which you are involved in i.e. gambling). maintain it is worth around 1.20 - 1.30 check the shares in one or two years time & we will see. think about it,it is a company with profits of approx $27mil growing at 15% for the next 3-4 years (estimates) yet it sells for 240mil.
  11. we might be getting into buy territory
  12. the list i just gave had alot fo his winners, just abou this formula its not really his its J. Walter's & i dont neccesarily agree with it.
  13. i maintain that CCV is worth 1.20 to 1.50
  14. I meant that if you think it has a bright future, YOU guys should buy it. Not me as i said i havent had time to look into it...
  15. not a great company low rates of return, capital intensive. i'd keep away better opportunites elsewhere
  16. if anyone of you guys think ERA has a bright future, i would seriously buy it, however i havent really looked into it as yet, i will try soon.
  17. Tylergold


    Does anyone have negative views on this business? fundamentlaly
  18. The Vix has nothing to do with value
  19. Tylergold


    Operating cashflow expected at 70 mil FY11
  20. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2010-08-10/b...-inflation.html should help you out. Basically, Stocks are more attractive than bonds yet the bond prices have kept rising, which could easily be a bubble. , interest rates are not going to be low forever, or just look at your return if you bought KO. As well as this stability has nothing to do with intrisic value. I dont really deal with US bonds or that stuff but: Probally the low yield compared to a discount rate, the long term bond rates (about 8%) + relative value to the stock market.
  21. To rule303: I sad to hear you cannot grasp the concept of investing, (TA's are involved in trading i do not want to speak with you idiots). You may think there is such things as growth investing and all the other names but in the end growth creates value & it all leads back to value investing. To everyone: I have not come here to pick fights, or get advice from idiots like Harry etc. I have come here to find ideas --> new companies & interesting factual articles.
  22. Harry, if you think you are good (you said you "succeeded") post your return on capital employed, as i said you can do it through the unit method, i hope you work it out. Market is made out of a lot of silly people like you so it wont if you're smart you'd see that equities are the easier way to get rich without going broke, haha you need leverage!! (good luck) Smart people have no need for leverage, stupid people SHOULD DEFINITELY not be using it. "Leverage is the only way a smart guy can go broke … You do smart things, you eventually get very rich. If you do smart things and use leverage and you do one wrong thing along the way, it could wipe you out, because anything times zero is zero. But it's reinforcing when the people around you are doing it successfully, you're doing it successfully, and it's a lot like Cinderella at the ball. The guys look better all the time, the music sounds better, it's more and more fun, you think, 'Why the hell should I leave at a quarter to 12? I'll leave at two minutes to 12.' But the trouble is, there are no clocks on the wall. And everybody thinks they're going to leave at two minutes to 12." I use him and other investors e.g. graham,lynch etc as sources of learning. PS. i dont really care about the money, i have no use for it, i do this for enjoyment of beating everyone.
  23. Ok flower, let see if we can see an opportunity here. we need to be able to comfortably normalize earnings , we need to see if the earnings are predictable otherwise it may not be possible to value.
  24. Harry, would you mind posting annualized results on the amount of capital you have employed, may be hard to do with your speculative mind, but you have to use the unit method (if you know what that is). So far this fiscal year ive had my entire portfolio in ANZ, TFC since .87, CCV So i bought CCV earlier last year at approx .55c valuing it around 1.20-1.50. it dropped to .50 or so, so you would have sold it according to TA, then it rose to .63c bought a few more. Rose to .72 & declined rapidly to .53 or something, told my grandpa to buy some (which he did tens of thousands of dollars) and since risen to .74 & will continue + received a few dividends. Made about 15% of ANZ dont expect too much valued around 28-34. Harry your dillusioned. im sorry. there isonly one type of Fundemental investing & thats value investing. TA people please do not comment here neither you or i will convince each other, but i have history on my side.
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