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  1. Alot swear words...than insane (at least we all agree on something) Aus contributes 1.4% of world human carbon emissions World only contributes 3% of carbon emissions Australias impact is .00042 (.014*.03)
  2. Tylergold


    Operating cashflow can deviate from profits due to profit being accrual, just check oveer long term to see if they eventually match up. e.g. property development business usually exacerbates this.
  3. do they have any competitive advantages
  4. Why would i do an off market deal with you idiots when i can buy it for below its value on market at 70c
  5. besides the fact ive made money on it.
  6. your not looking that smart are you know, o no wait, your good at predicting the past, you'll come up with some mumbo jumbo.
  7. im not sure what this has to do with anything, i dont really look at there reports. sometimes id o only for qualitative purposes
  8. Just a quick question, Has anyone invested on the indian stock exchange NSE?
  9. you dont know anything. this company is worth more than it is selling for. + here is a good over view (for people who invest & not gamble) http://www2.aspecthuntley.com.au/pdf/aspec...oday/ccv_cp.pdf
  10. Clearly the share price has risen over the past, at 44% compounded per year for the last 10 years to be exact which is about 3800%. Nothing has changed with the business since it was 90c, its called short term market speculation (which you are involved in i.e. gambling). maintain it is worth around 1.20 - 1.30 check the shares in one or two years time & we will see. think about it,it is a company with profits of approx $27mil growing at 15% for the next 3-4 years (estimates) yet it sells for 240mil.
  11. we might be getting into buy territory
  12. the list i just gave had alot fo his winners, just abou this formula its not really his its J. Walter's & i dont neccesarily agree with it.
  13. i maintain that CCV is worth 1.20 to 1.50
  14. I meant that if you think it has a bright future, YOU guys should buy it. Not me as i said i havent had time to look into it...
  15. not a great company low rates of return, capital intensive. i'd keep away better opportunites elsewhere
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