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  1. Agree, nice open but I think it's starting to turn again, it's all cashed up again so I think a new uptrend could form again?
  2. Not really but sort of right, because less shares means a smaller market cap, and then if it grows it can go up higher. The reason why Newcrest is over $30 is that it kept the number of shares on issue small, have a look at the long term chart. If SBM keeps adding shares all the time it'll be pretty hard for it to break $1 in the longer term.
  3. sabretoothed


    waking up again
  4. sabretoothed


    Still can't break 30c for some reason?
  5. http://joannenova.com.au/globalwarming/the...book_2-3_lq.pdf Great info lol
  6. sabretoothed


    Starting to build up for a possible run
  7. sabretoothed


    Starting to build up for a possible run
  8. woooooooooooshhhhhhh when RSG moves it really moves
  9. Nice open coming, 54c match up currently
  10. And how many shares does Newcrest or DOM have? Why do they need cash anyway, I thought they would be a 1million ounce producer in 2010 lol Maybe they are just selling Tarmoola and it's not a cap raising?
  11. http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/sci...91111-i9vo.html New book
  12. sabretoothed


    Hey, I was thinking, you know the large Vic Aluminum plant it's fairly close to where PAX is trying to start it's action. Could they partner to produce it's electricity, because I've noticed in USA some large Aluminum plants have been closed down. PAX could be it's saviour, thoughts??
  13. CO2 not working? http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/...91110141842.htm
  14. Of course China helped it, and remind me what happened to commodity prices and the price of oil after the Asian crisis. China thought everything was booming, so as usual, it loaded up too much commodities. When things started to go wrong, they did their usual thing and started dumping all their excess commodities on the market which caused a massive slump in the commodity prices. Remember .com? Well all these little companies stopped exploring and where complete dogs since nobody cared about commodities so they stopped their mining since it wasn't useful anymore and .com started. Basically the population of the world and uses was not that different today in the world, demand was pretty similar in commodities, so these things can happen again and they will you've seen it over and over in history. The whole game at the moment is the system is awash with extra money, traders are borrowing $US at incredibly low rates and pumping them into every area of the market except the $US, at some stage the game will end, the $US will have a massive spike and pretty much everything else will have to thus crash. I guess oil can stay high, but I'm just saying that my thoughts are that there is plenty of oil, and the Russian's know this, that's why they are number 2 in the world now, they don't use the cheapo western oil method. Iraq is starting to come online now, you see the massive contracts the other day. Iraq probably has more oil then Saudi.
  15. China has had heaps of times where they've stockpiled and then they didn't need it and sold it off, and this pushes things down further. Remember the Asian crisis?
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