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    In reply to: JGK on Thursday 14/06/07 09:19pm Drillsearch need more funds to pay for infrastructure to bring new wells online in the Cooper, plus they will need a fair bit of capital for their share of the drilling of Marina. At the present time they are negotiating an increase in their loan facility. The following was included at the bottom of the last quarterly report. 2. Meridian Loan Facility At the end of the quarter Drillsearch was negotiating an addition and extension of its Meridian loan facility based on the major reserve increase achieved in 2006. I believe that the price will drift down until more information comes to light. Personally I sold out at 20.5 - 21 cents and I am now watching closely to re-enter. Not much support on the buy side at the moment. Cheers Marineboy
  2. marineboy


    In reply to: paperclip on Tuesday 26/09/06 12:48pm Did you guys read the part about interviewing new directors. Yeah right, as if we need to increase the size of the board at this point in time. Extra board members remuneration will take a piece of the pie that share holders now own. They must be really panicking at DLS now to start loading the board up with extra dudes. Wouldn't mind betting that they have gone home and changed their undies after the vote earlier in the week. I can't see a problem with distributing some of the profits between the share holders by the way of a divvie as long as long term goals are identified and expenditure is allocated. It certainly would give long term holders confidence in the way things are being run. Marineboy
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    In reply to: happychappy on Monday 18/09/06 04:50pm Drillsearch have not been in contact with me. Some very polite staff from Dixon's have though. Dixon's have been working the phones and the post not DLS as far as I can tell. Voted against all 4 resolutions 2 weeks ago. Sent an updated proxy form off to Dixon's today by Express Post so they can have the hard copy at the meeting. Still voted against all resolutions and nominated Daryl as my proxy. Sick and tired of no response to my questions directed to Kelso. Been trying to get him to explain why they took a large position in Bounty and what strategic value to DLS he anticipated out of the purchase. Cheers Marineboy
  4. marineboy


    In reply to: bello on Thursday 17/08/06 10:41am Posted on HC marineboy STO drilling update shows the latest. More oil. Get in before the announcement. Cheers Cobby Talgeberry 11 89% Oil Appraisal PL 39 Eromanga Basin 26° 56’ 53.78â€ÂÂÂÂÂS 143° 26’ 08.19â€ÂÂÂÂÂE GL 190m 195m PDI 735 05/08/06 11/08/06 1306m C&S Oil well Talgeberry 14 89% Oil Appraisal PL 39 Eromanga Basin 26° 56’ 53.78â€ÂÂÂÂÂS 143° 26’27.49â€ÂÂÂÂÂE GL 182m 186m PDI 735 11/08/06 16/08/06 1314m C&S Oil well Reliance 1 89% Near Field Exploration PL 57 Cooper Basin 26° 47’ 44.85â€ÂÂÂÂÂS 143° 23’ 59.76â€ÂÂÂÂÂE GL 179.8m 184.7m PDI 724 08/08/06 14/08/06 1442m C&S Water Injector Tooten 1/1A 89% Near Field Exploration PL 57 Eromanga Basin 26° 48’ 31.97"S 143° 23’ 45.65"E GL 175m 180m PDI 721 10/08/06 15/08/06 231m P&A Hole junked Cranstoun 3 89% Oil Appraisal PL 57 Eromanga Basin 26° 49’ 01.17â€ÂÂÂÂÂS 143° 23’ 24.50â€ÂÂÂÂÂE GL 173.7m 178m PDI 724 16/06/06 In progress
  5. marineboy


    For those who follow Penrice Soda there is a write up in Huntley's Smaller Companies Guide released today. Huntley's has initiated coverage on PSH with a BUY and state that they are "comfortable paying up to $2.40 for the stock or 9.5 times our FY07 EPS forecast". PSH closed today at $1.98. Marineboy
  6. In reply to: sturds on Sunday 18/12/05 06:11pm Make sure you don't have a partial unfilled order with Morrisons that is filled the next day as you will be charged another brokerage fee. I was very interested in signing up with them and asked them to clarify the following: For Cash Market: $20.00 flat (plus GST) per order per day, if funds are held in Morrison Securities Trust Account $30.00 flat (plus GST) per order per day, if funds are held in a linked Macquarie / Adelaide Bank CMT Account or a Leveraged Equities Margin Lending Account Please note that these commissions are for CHESS sponsored accounts only. They responded informing me that if my order was partially filled each day over a 3 day period I would be charged $30 per day if a trade was made on that order each day. Total brokerage would be $90 for the completed trade. Watch out for this as the brokerage would become very expensive if not filled on the day. Cheers Marineboy.
  7. marineboy


    Could anyone tell me please if there are any brokers covering BDL. Many thanks Marineboy
  8. In reply to: zoomer on Friday 25/11/05 12:57pm Nice announcement yesterday in regard to Honda in Taiwan. Surprised to see it sold down today. Thought a run to mid thirties would have been on the cards. Marineboy
  9. marineboy


    In reply to: kosmo on Thursday 03/02/05 07:43am looks like the investment in Exergy is about to start paying off after the announcement just before the market closed. Marineboy
  10. marineboy


    In reply to: Ooops on Friday 16/09/05 05:48pm I confess I bought again today. The daily price action is not attracting any attention at the moment. I am looking forward to a decent run when it starts to appear on peoples radar screens. The prelim final report from 13 Sep 05 confirmed again that they are looking at $6m NPAT for the full year when they stated the following: "Together with its operations at Centennial’s Ivanhoe colliery, the Directors consider that the target of $6m net profit after tax will be achieved as forecast." It's all good. Cheers Marineboy
  11. marineboy


    In reply to: marineboy on Tuesday 13/09/05 01:25pm Looks like I am the only holder of EON here at Sharescene. Good job one of my mates who holds EON was on the ball with their announcement as well, as we swapped emails on it today. He emailed the following: Announcement by EON to the ASX yesterday was very interesting. They had previously announced a shareholder purchase plan weeks ago where existing shareholders could buy additional shares at a discounted 67 cents. Last week EON advised that all shares not taken up had been placed with institutions by the underwriters. Yesterday's announcement was that Equity Trustees Ltd had become substantial holders in EON with 4,021,152 shares as follows: 19/8/05 purchased 725,000 shares at 77.25 cents (through cross-trades but at the prevailing market price at the time) 22/8/05 purchased 1,175,000 shares at $1.25 per share 8/9/05 purchased 2,121,152 shares at $1.32 per share This means they have purchased the bulk of their shares at a huge premium to the current market price, currently 87 cents, probably from the underwriters. So the underwriters have made a huge profit, having underwritten the shares at 67 cents. And one would think that Equity Trustees believes the shares are worth a lot more than the current market price. They would never have been able to amass such a substantial holding by buying on market as the shares are thinly traded, so the only way they could build a stake was to pay a premium off market. All up they paid $4,832,000 for the stake. Very interesting. G Cheers Marineboy
  12. marineboy


    In reply to: ShareScene.com on Tuesday 13/09/05 01:11pm I bought into this one recently and was just wondering if anyone else here hold or has an opinion please. IMHO it's well worth running the fine tooth comb over EON ESPREON LIMITED. Their stable of products are used by the top companies in their fields in Australia, US and the UK. I was very impressed with the substantial holder notice from EQT yesterday. Work out how much they paid per share for the 3 blocks of EON shares purchased and your eyes will light up like mine. Cheers Marineboy
  13. In reply to: dory on Friday 08/07/05 01:38pm Investors are starting to take notice. Has had nice upward movement of late coupled with some excellent announcements. Marineboy
  14. marineboy


    In reply to: mooomooo on Friday 12/08/05 10:44am Read about this one in the Shares Mag I received last night. Looks like everyone has read the same story by the volume going through today. Very positive article, mind you the writer's family holds shares in BXP. It's worth getting your hands on a copy to have a good read over the weekend. Cheers Marineboy
  15. marineboy


    In reply to: carefully on Wednesday 10/08/05 09:33pm Do yourself a favour contact Gostlow, I did.
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