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  1. Hi, The banner page of www.prenolica.com says undergoing pre IPO capital raising
  2. Hi, This is tyaga8 site in English http://tayga8.com/en/
  3. Hi, Dr Nisbet will become chairman on listing but vagif will still have control of company with 200 million plus shares
  4. Hi, Vagif has loaned more than 6 million. The six million is in form of convertible while the remaining is a loan. The 6 million convertible will translate to 200 million shares for Vagif - he will still control the company even if hands chairmanship to someone else. The good thing is that he has absolute faith to put so much of his money in the company (or is this money from OPES disaster)
  5. ok now the news is in English press also <H1 class="h1 restricted-bot" itemprop="headline">Solagran receives financing for Tomsk production plant</H1> 13 March 2014Tags: Russian Federation Solagift SolagranShare:http://www.ceepharma.com/assets/gfx/social/twitter.pnghttp://www.ceepharma.com/assets/gfx/social/googleplus.pnghttp://www.ceepharma.com/assets/gfx/social/linkedin.pnghttp://www.ceepharma.com/assets/gfx/social/facebook.pngSolagift, a unit of Australian pharmaceutical manufacturer Solagran, has obtained financing worth RUB 995.5m (€19.8m) for the construction of a factory in the Tomsk Special Economic Zone, Kommersant reported. The company will receive funding after having won a competition in a regional sustainable development programme. Construction of the production unit is scheduled to begin in summer 2014. The company already has a land plot in the economic zone secured for that purpose. Solagran had earlier said that it wanted to build a factory on a 2.5 hectare plot in the Tomsk Special Economic Zone, with a production capacity of 250 kg of polyprenol per month. http://www.ceepharma.com/news/206826/solag...roduction-plant
  6. No it does not involve Solagran or it's products. Here is the brief story http://www.movingmountains2013.com/author/kristycruise/
  7. Here it isRussian Roulette 35 year old mother of two Kristy Cruise is slowly dying. A radical procedure could save her life but Australian doctors are refusing to treat her. So, Kristy is going to Russia to be blasted with chemotherapy for days, before being re-injected with her own stem cells. She hopes the treatment will stop her slow decline from multiple sclerosis. Already she’s confined to a wheelchair, with no feeling down her left side, suffering severe exhaustion and facing cognitive decline. The trip to Russia is physically, emotionally and financially taxing, but it’s Kristy’s last chance at salvaging some time with her husband and two young boys. 60 Minutes has been following Kristy on her journey and, this Sunday, the results will send shockwaves through Australia’s medical establishment. Reporter: Tara Brown Producer: Stephen Rice
  8. News - GMP NEWS (Russian publication) FEBRUARY 2014 GMP News is the primary publication focusing on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) within Russia. All of Solagran's substances are manufactured in accordance with strict GMP protocols. This extensive article published in February 2014 explores the company's production facility in Tomsk and the unique patented extraction technology that allows the creation of a range of highly therapeutic substances - "Bioeffectives". Hi, Solagran Web has been updated with an Article under News section GMP News is the primary publication focusing on GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) within Russia. All of Solagran's substances are manufactured in accordance with strict GMP protocols. This extensive article published in February 2014 explores the company's production facility in Tomsk and the unique patented extraction technology that allows the creation of a range of highly therapeutic substances - "Bioeffectives". is there a coincidence betwwen this article and the mooted grant?
  9. Hi, Is Solagran still trying FDA approval for pine needle oil instead of CGNC http://www.noticeandcomment.com/Report-674...-fn-113508.aspx The last date on this document is 27th February 2014
  10. Hi, The good thing about the whole saga is that no one has criticised the product - bioeffectives. Even Denis Kilroy has stated that it is an excellent product. Most of the litigation is related to money received from OPES fiasco!!
  11. Hi, Looks like hearing was on 12th and 13th. All details on here https://www.comcourts.gov.au/file/Federal/P/WAD223/2010/actions#;java script:void(0://https://www.comcourts.gov.au/file/F...a script:void(0);
  12. So according to this, we should hear something in Jan 2013 at the latest as trial will happen this month. Order Entered Order Entered No: (P)WAD223/2010 <H1 style="PAGE-BREAK-AFTER: auto; BORDER-BOTTOM: medium none; BORDER-LEFT: medium none; TEXT-INDENT: 0cm; MARGIN: 6pt 0cm; BORDER-TOP: medium none; BORDER-RIGHT: medium none; mso-pagination: none; mso-list: none; tab-stops: right 414.0pt; mso-padding-alt: 0cm 0cm 0cm 0cm">Federal Court of Australia </H1>District Registry: Victoria Division: General GUN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PTY LTD (ACN 091 221 546) Applicant SOLAMIND PTY LTD (ACN 082 203 772) and others named in the schedule Respondent SOLAMIND PTY LTD (ACN 082 203 772) and others named in the schedule Cross Claimant GUN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT PTY LTD (ACN 091 221 546) and others named in the schedule Cross Respondent ORDER JUDGE: Justice North DATE OF ORDER: 6 September 2012 WHERE MADE: Melbourne THE COURT ORDERS THAT: 1. By 12 October 2012, the applicant is to file and serve written submissions in support of its claims. 2. By 16 November 2012, the respondents are to file and serve their written submissions in response. 3. By 30 November 2012, the applicant is to file and serve any written submissions in reply. 4. The proceeding be referred to mediation before a Registrar of the Court, such mediation to be completed by 24 October 2012 and the outcome reported to the Court by 31 October 2012. 5. The trial is adjourned to a date to be fixed in December, after 10 December 2012 for two days. Date that entry is stamped: 11 September 2012 (for) Deputy District Registrar Schedule No: (P)WAD223/2010 Federal Court of Australia District Registry: Victoria Division: General Second Respondent: SOLAGRAN LTD ACN 002 592 396 Third Respondent: VAGIF SOULTANOVICH SOULTANOV Second Cross Claimant: SOLAGRAN LTD ACN 002 592 396 Third Cross Claimant: VAGIF SOULTANOVICH SOULTANOV Cross Claimant: SOLAMIND PTY LTD ACN 082 203 772 Second Cross Respondent: ELIAS (LEO) KHOURI Third Cross Respondent: MINING INVESTMENTS LTD
  13. Hi, Have you heard the proverb ' Beggars can't be choosers'. The MD may not want to sell cheaply but we are in investment market where 'Dog eats dog' rule apply. Sometimes it is not your choice (specially if you ran out of money) and the decision is forced on you.
  14. Hi, The real value is ' What the market is prepared to pay at any given time'. As Solagran has been trying to raise money since Feb and apparently has not done so - the real value is not that much. Note that IP is now owned by the company and if company goes belly up then receivers determine the value (by flogging to anyone for whatever money they can get hold of)
  15. Hi, The message is to ignore the investors help line number and instead ring 03 9820 2699
  16. Who is this fellow working at Solagran - never heard about him - is he responsible for chook's area Kamran Shamsi Regional Director at Solagran Limited November 2011 – Present (6 months) Melbourne, Australia Strategic management of veterinary and human health businesses.
  17. Hi, A bit of perspective. Just because something doesn't do what you planned it to do in the first place doesn't mean it's useless.... Its time has not come yet Many of life's failures are experienced by people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.
  18. Hi, This is what Vagif mentioned in his annual summary: Strategic Partner Negotiations In the last six months, Solagran exchanged letters and information, signed aconfidentiality agreement and moved to the stage of negotiating a relationship with aState owned company which Solagran believes has the potential to be our strategicpartner. It’s an exciting development in the life of Solagran, especially taking intoconsideration mutual interests of the company, government support and access togovernment funds. The other side expressed, in their last communication, greatinterest in investing in our production facility in the Special Economic Zone in Tomskand in mutual distribution and sale of Ropren as well as other Solagran products,both in Russia and worldwide. I’ve received an invitation to visit Moscow for thefinalisation of the next stage of our agreement. After my visit to Moscow, I will travelto be at the launch of Bioeffective A in the Emirates and subsequently meet with therelevant group of people in Asia, with the aim of practical utilisation of CGNC in thepoultry industry. These are large and very exciting projects which are the culminationof many years of the Company’s efforts to realise its vision and potential
  19. Hi, Stranger things have happened ! like FMG growing by 17,000% with exhaustable supply of resources - not long to go for first steady baby steps
  20. My guess is that it is a joint venture with a govt controlled Russian entity - so money won't be a problem - and marketing - these guys can pull the strings at highest level! Looks like we may be finally in the home run and don't have to jump thru various hoops! My gut feel says that everyone will at least recover their money say within a year or so (even people who bought at the highest price)
  21. Yes, it looks like further dilution. But after this , we won't have to worry about company survival on a day to day basis and we probably will have the full force of bureucracy to sell Ropren
  22. Hi, These negotiations seem to have been going on for a considerable time and seem to be almost coming to a conclusion one way or other. The sticking point seems to be how much %age of the company Vagif is prepared to let go - the other alternate seems to be Salim - but one way or other it seems we may have to let a certain %age of company go to those willing to lend a hand
  23. Hang on guys. Vagif has not given up yet and there still a way to go Nearly every man who develops an idea works it up to the point where it looks impossible, and then he gets discouraged. That's not the place to become discouraged - Vagif is not one of these. Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up - Lets hope Vagif does not make this mistake
  24. Hi, SLA knows that bureaucracy has put in a hurdle (by reference to the internal memo) but they have not given up hope. The politicians can always override this (but they are preparing the market in case this does not happen). So we are still in there with a slim chance!!
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