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  1. In reply to: BSA on Wednesday 12/03/08 11:47am OGC caught my attention a couple of days ago as well. Has been well supported on TSX lately & sellers appear to be very patient. Was sold down on poor operational results which they appear to have overcome. With continued USD weakness / inflationary pressures it should follow the trend of the gold price - have taken a position.
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    Let me guess who - Roger Montgomery ??? Ask him what ROE Credit Corp generates LOL
  3. For those that have some concerns about where we are at in the resource & energy cycle I recommend you have a read of BHP's presentation made to the ASA today : http://www.asx.com.au/asx/statistics/showA...?idsID=00819893 Demand growth for metals and energy from China is staggering and the impact from the slowing in the USA negligible. Though the current negative market sentiment will take the gloss off all stocks - the fundmentals for resource stocks is outstanding.
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    PNA would definately be on their radar.
  5. chinaski


    A sweetner of as little as 10 - 15 cents would get Zinifex across the line at the moment. May even get a positive recommendation from AGM directors.
  6. RIO's take on the potential impact of a US recession on resources demand : RIO Tinto boss Tom Albanese has issued a fresh rallying call to the market ahead of a likely takeover bid from rival BHP Billiton, saying Chinese mineral demand was set to be resilient in the face of fears over slowing developed world economies and a possible recession in US. Rio Tinto boss Tom Albanese says Asia's material demand will drive growth, even if the US slips into recession. Mr Albanese said the outlook for mineral demand remained strong, while financial markets were fixated on the ongoing fallout from the sub-prime crisis, the run on British bank Northern Rock and the potential forthe US economy to slide into recession. He said even if the US went into recession, it would probably only shave one percentage point off Chinese GDP growth, which he added was otherwise expected to be about 10 per cent. "The macro conditions are continuing to lead to strong markets in China and Asia," he said. Mr Albanese unexpectedly dropped in at a dinner Rio's iron ore management team had with visiting journalists in Perth on Tuesday night, and reiterated that he saw no value in BHP's informal three-for-one offer, and that the strong independent value outlook for Rio was unchanged by the global financial ructions. And he said the British market remained wary of BHP's takeover strategy, concerned that it might not be able to deliver significantly higher value from what would be the biggest merger in mining, if not corporate, history. Britain is expected to be the key battleground in any takeover fight, given that the London market accounts for 78 per cent of Rio's total capitalisation. While conceding that a merger with BHP would achieve synergies, he said these were small compared with the value offered by Rio's independent growth outlook, and that he was not prepared to pursue merger synergies at the expense of shareholder value. The UK Takeover Panel has given BHP until February 6 to either launch a bid for Rio or walk away for at least six months. Mr Albanese noted that despite the concerns over the US and European economies, there had been no easing in the strong iron ore market in Asia. Rio's head of iron ore sales and marketing, Ian Bauert, said the market was the hottest he had seen in his 30 years with the company, and that Asian steel mills were not expecting the US slowdown to affect them. "Customers are saying that it isn't going to have an impact on them," Mr Bauert said. Mr Bauert said Chinese steel production was being driven more and more by rising domestic demand within China, rather than the pace of exports that the Government was taking steps to slow. Mr Albanese said the danger of Chinese growth stalling in some post-2008 Beijing Olympics hangover had receded, with the scale of the country's industrialisation now having a "national momentum" beyond just a few key cities.
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    Mercury, Not even Centro's accountants could come up with a 200 - 250 million dollar profit for AGM! If AGM / Merrills can screw another 10 - 15 c out of ZFX or another party they will be doing very well.
  8. In reply to: krk004 on Friday 30/11/07 06:55am Rob Healy has recently been acquiring a significant holding in AYR. Another Laos based explorer - note that Rob has a substantial shareholding in PNA. He has a track reocrd as a very astute resource investor who makes his moves very early.
  9. In reply to: wanlika on Monday 26/11/07 01:51pm Yeah - agree that DYL is on the way to outlining some very large U deposits. Mineralization is shallow and mining will be low cost. Most importantly they operate in Namibia - a pro uranium mining country. Political and soverign risk is minimal. To gain an appreciation of the ultimate resource size compare the area of the radiometric anomalies that have been drilled ( and included in res estimate ) todate to the area of the undrilled anomalies. Huge potential.
  10. In reply to: krk004 on Thursday 08/11/07 03:14pm Actually you are correct on both counts. LP is a sig SH in SPQ and SPQ was issued some vendor shares in DYL for a U exploration package. The EM anomalies that SPQ are exploring are probably just min min lights.
  11. In a generally positive day for oilers - AED & NWE are looking a little ordinary. Maybe the Puffin production problems are getting some traction.
  12. If AED release yet another production downgrade their shareprice will capitulate. Unfortunately the NWE shareprice will not be unaffected.
  13. Market speculation has Cameco AND Areva having to go to market to cover supply contracts. Alternative is for them to buy a producer. Areva also having sovereign risk problems in Niger. Either way PDN is a winner.
  14. chinaski


    Thanks for the additional history Damon22 & jascar. Yes - the current PNA was previously known as Bruce Resources. Damon22 - whatever happend to John Lynch ? His listed company ( name escapes me ) got involved in some dotcom silliness at the turn of the century but after that ???
  15. chinaski


    PNA very strong this morning. For another Laos resource story suggest you have a look at AYR. Very speccy and early stage, but very low market cap and 80% of some undrilled prospective country just north of PNA's leases. The early geo indications point to similarities with Sepon. Not suggesting you sell PNA though - it has plenty more fuel in the tank.
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    Takeover rumour mill hard at work with Zini seen as the predator. Does anyone remember what happened to Bob Bryan's original PNA ( Pan Aust ) ?? It was taken over by Normandy. Will history be repeated ??
  17. For those that follow the gurus - the following is the final paragraph from the Platinum Capital quarterly report released today. It says it all........ "We rue our earlier overcaution and cannot for the moment identify factors that will dislodge the drivers behind the current upward trend in most equity markets. We have accordingly adjusted to a more optimistic investment stance."
  18. chinaski


    Has anybody seen the latest research report from Wilson HTM ?? Would be interested to know their share price targets for AOE.
  19. Additional resources are really what is required at Kroombit to have a compelling development proposition. Current resources are only 4.57 Mt @ 2.74% Zn and 1.35 Mt @ 1.73% Cu. Some potential at depth I believe but other than that .........??? Market will probably get excited at the confirmatory hole results though as you say.
  20. chinaski


    Should be some drill results from the Pha Nai prospect soon. This is a very highly regarded prospect ( very large high tenor anomaly ) that has the potential to be a major greenfield discovery ie eqiv to Phu Kham.
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    Anyone able to easily access a VWAP for 3rd to 14th of September so that the SPP price can be ascertained ?
  22. Annaliese, I think a lot of the high volume selling of blue chips has been from foreign instos - would explain part of the significant movement of the aussie dollar - repatriating funds back home. Definately insto size selling in the financials.
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    Looks like someone may appreciate PEP's potential : Trading halt The announcements concern proposals regarding certain significant corporate transactions. Until Friday morning ...........
  24. 11 well programme to start in August in a frontier basin. Major aussie oiler big brother in STO. Smells like another Hardman to me .... seems to be developing a cult following as did HDR. Will pop big time on any exploration success.
  25. chinaski


    A few extracts below from the Courier Mail suggest a possible involvement with the Santos LNG plant proposal : COAL seam gas producer Arrow Energy plans to raise $150 million and will consider teaming up with Santos to build a gas plant in Queensland. Mr Davies said the present option with LNG International was attractive to Arrow but wouldn't rule out a Santos deal.
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