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  1. Over the last few days, I have had numerous Ip database errors on Sharescene. The latest just now after I spent about 15 minutes writing a longish post with a few quotes , gone into the ether when I posted and got the error. Think its time to retire and move on. Mick
  2. Surely the Kiwis should start favourites. In their last meeting in 2019, New Zealand beat India 2-0 at home in New Zealand. Kiwis have just beaten the Poms 1-0 in a series in England. It was only rain that prevented the scoreline being 2-0. They have assimilated well. Due to covid, rescheduling, IPL etc, India have not played any red ball cricket since beating England 2-0 in UAE early in March. The Indians will be coming off a disjointed IPL T20 series in India, not ideal preparation. A champion team versus a team of champions will triumph every time. And we must not forget that the English women's team is making life difficult for the Indian Women's team in a 4 day test match. Pity it won't get the coverage of the mens test. Mick
  3. Aahh, DeFi, another new buzzword. It seems that DeFi may have just had its first "bank Run". From Zero Hedge So, did you get all that? Read it five times and still not sure I got it right. So many ways for shysters to make a buck by scamming the unwary. Mick
  4. Especially if he keeps making these bloopers. The latest was when he called Putin "president Trump", but he did quickly correct himself. (see UK Express ) A Fruedian slip perhaps? I men the Dems have said all along that Trump was in cahoots with Russia, so I guess we can forgive him that one. Was interesting to see which news services highlighted the slip up and which did not. Mick
  5. Nah, Orange man is gone, never to be returned. He appears to have a heap of supporters, but they are the wrong kind. He needs supporters who call the shots in the GOP, the grass roots folks, a bit like here in OZ, don't feature in the power games. I can't imagine that the delegates will select him again. The best he can hope for is to be a kingmaker, giving someone else the imprimatur. He could run as an independent, but that would just be as a spoiler role for whoever got the GOP nomination. Hopefully his wife and kids can convince him not to run and just keep playing the martyr. Mick
  6. Given we gave Trump a good working over, perhaps it is time we looked at Biden. I don't know if anyone else bothers to watch some of his Press conferences, but I find I am squirming with embarrassment sometimes. The poor bastard just loses the thread too frequently for my liking. Sometimes rambling, sometimes just plain incoherent. Confusing Libya and Syria is his most recent gaff. One of a long line of many. Mick
  7. RMS started mining at Tampia gold mine. After the investment in the mining, now is the time to get the returns. Processing won't be recognised until next Fin year, so won't have any(much?) impact on the this Fin year. With the overnight crunch in gold, expect the Sp to fall,. Hope that one of the low ball bids I have had in for a while gets taken out. Mick
  8. Perhaps Ms Warren (and a few others) needs to read A comparison of proof of work versus proof of stake However, the one stumbling block in both systems, is the problems with scalability. So many great ideas t hat work really well in proof of concept mode, fail when it comes time to scale them up to manage massive workloads. Whether it be proof of work or proof of stake,l that hurdle still exists. Mick
  9. Us senator Elizabeth Warren, failed Presidential candidate, is one of those infuriating politicians for whom about 50% of her utterings, you shakes your head in wonder about the stupidity of the thing. But for the other 50%, you say in varying degrees, I can't argue with that. Her most recent railings against Bitcoin is a case of the latter. From Wall Street on Parade The arguments could apply to almost all the digital currencies that exist that use mining and proof of mathematical concepts as validation. However, there are others that do not require mining that also exist, and thus less likely to be blamed for the useless consumption of vast amounts of power. As an aside, I was reading about the differences between mined versus non mined digital currencies (see Motley fool ), and read the following I am not a big fan of the motley fool( just ask EB), so I often look for a secondary validation. According to coinbase, the above statement may not be correct. It has a list of the 5 largest miners, and only one is in China ( see Coinbase So much to learn about digital currencies, mining, distributed ledgers etc, and so little time. Mick
  10. Exited ALK this week. Been a good run, but its getting to the fully priced mark (and beyond) with a PE of 41. ALK has appeared as a 20% (and increasing) shareholder on the register of GMD. A takeover offer in the wings? If thats the case, will not help the SP in the short term. Mick
  11. ALK has appeared as a 20% (and increasing) shareholder on the register of GMD. A takeover offer in the wings? Mick
  12. ADN has signed a legally binding offtake agreement with a Chinese firm to take 70,000 tpa of Kaolin from the mine near Ceduna. Kinda surprising then that SP fell on the open. Took a small sample at 26 just to see what happens. Mick
  13. And to add to the potential woes from South America, from Zero Hedge Rinstating the death penalty is always a bit of a worry, especially to his enemies, but the real wrecking ball is the nationalisation of all minerals is a worry. History has shown that nationalisation never works all that well, and I can't see why Peru would be any different. Mick
  14. Mr market seems not to agree. The price is down to the low 50's, and yet it has a P/E of 3 and a yield of 5.8%. The attractiveness of its high content iron ore pellets have not diminished. Seems like a low risk investment. The price of high content fines would have to come off a long long way before it starts to lose money. If that price does drop to loss making territory, it will likely be for a major disaster reason, in which case it won't help whatever you are holding. Have piled in at these prices. Mick
  15. Any one who thinks the world is not completely nuts need to look at a few of these. 1. The San Francisco Police department put out a video of a suspect who set fire to a woman's hair on a bus in S.F. They were seeking help in identifying the suspect, but bizarely decided to pixelate the face of the suspect in the video so its blurred. maybe they planned to look for suspects with the same clothes. see Zero hedge 2. From Twitter comes the exciting news that Eleanor Holmes Norton , a Washington DC Democrat rep, announced this week her intention of introducing a bill requiring both male and female car crash test dummies after claiming “they are nowhere near achieving equality,” regarding safety testing to keep women safe on the road. 3. And just to prove its not just America, from Italy 24 news An Italian artist has managed to sell a piece of "art" that is invisible. Thats it, I'm going to Mars. Mick
  16. From the country that brought you Corona 19, comes a new gift, a new strain of bird flu that has passed to humans. From AP News What may prove to be the first case of the H10N3 strain of bird flu passing to a human has been detected in China, reports said Tuesday, as local health authorities assured the world the risk of large-scale spread is “low.†Hmm, not sure if the rest of the world is going to take their assurances all that seriously these days. Mick
  17. Oman, hmmm, not a country that immediately springs to mind when the question about reliability of sovereign risk is brought up. Mick
  18. UK government funded, pity the OZ govt could not have encouraged them to build it in OZ. Certainly would have been better than stringing up more wind farms and solar panels. Mick
  19. As a sort of addendum to my post below, it should be pointed out that Peter Daszak was for some strange reason, one of the senior "experts" who made up the WHO investigative team that went to China to conduct its investigation into the origins of the virus. Conflict of interest? Move on, nothing to see here. Mick
  20. It seems that the MSM media have suddenly taken on board the view that the whole "the virus escaped from a Wuhan Lab" thing may just have some credence. More than a few people are saying that those same MSM inhabitants were guilty of trump Derangement Syndrome. Namely, that because Trump said it, it must be wrong and we must all agree. Thus anyone who spoke in favour of it was part of the conspiracy theory lunatic fringe. There may be some measure of truth in that , but it would seem that the real reasons are the usual ones. Self interest. Someone covering up because their arse and livlihood were on the line. For those of you who have sufficient intellect to understand mildly complex biological articles, the article by Nicholas Wade, a science writer, on the origins of Covid 19 make some interesting reading. Its long, some sections require rereading to get the hang of it (at least it did for me), but takes away a lot of the emotive language that seems to get bandies about. from Nicholas Wade Here is one of the passages that support why the original idea was suppressed. Plain old self interest. Daszak is connected to Fauci in the under the table promotion of the so called gain of function research. He may yet be Fauci's achilles heel. It also is a black mark against The Lancet, once considered the epitome of unbiased scientific and medical research. There is a much longer and more technical section on the letter from Nature medcine from a group of Virologists. This was not a technical article, so did not provide any research, just opinion. Wade takes this to task for some poor scientific statements. These two articles were widely quoted in the MSM as they collectively joined the conspiracy bandwagon. Wade points out that most large MSM orgs have science writers with science quals like himself, but they either did not ask, or chose to ignore the the obvious questions about this second letter. It highlights the group think that has pervaded so many of our organisations, but what is worse, is the systematic and deliberate cancelling, bullying, ostracising and harrassing of any one who questions the consensus. Who cares if its right or wrong, its the consensus. Mick
  21. Another Trading halt. Spending more time halting than trading. Is it more results, a speeding ticket from the ASX, Covid 19 issues, or a free set of steak knives. Its so exciting. Mick
  22. RRL has been one of my worst performing gold stocks. On paper it looked great - a very low P/E of 7, forward P/E of 8, div yield of 4.6%, annual production just shy of 400k ounces at an AISC of a tad below 1300 an ounce. With gold prices consistently above 2300 an ounce, seemed like a pretty good deal. The devil of course, is in the detail. One of the problems is their hedge book. Todays announcement that they have "rationalised" the dreaded book, still shows the co committed to 100,000 ounces per year at the miserly price of $1571 per ounce for the next three and a bit years. So roughly a third of their production is committed to a sell price below their AISC. Thats not a good look. The recent announcement that the investors only took up 20% of the shares the Company was hoping for in the raising to pay for the Tropicanna mine should indicate to management that there might be a problem. Todays price shows it below that rights issue price, and unless gold rockets to dizzy heights, its hard to see it rising much. Perhaps the fact that Tropicanna was scheduled to produce 380 to 430 k ounces in 2021 at an AISC of $1,730 to $1,860 made them think it was not really that much value adding for the dollars being thrown at it. Assuming best case scenario of the lowest AISC and highest production, and gold stays at 2450, they would expect to pick up about 80 mill per year from the third share. When they paid 903 mill to get that third share, it does not look so good. It would take ten years just to break even. Looks like RRL might have to go the way of DCN, PRX and SBM. Mick
  23. Amaero cops a mention by Bob Gotliebsen in the OZ today in relation to defence industries cooperation between the US Defence and OZ suppliers. Of particular interest is the long term aim of US defence to get supplies of Titannium from somewhere other than China. Its one of those small highly specialised niche activities that Oz seems to do its best work in. I bought a small parcel today, along with some ILU, the biggest miner of Titannium oxide, to keep in the bottom drawer. Mick
  24. Spot on EB, if they were so good they would be running a fund management business and investing in all these wonderful stocks. Mick
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