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    After crunching the numbers I couldn't make it work either and have decided to wait until the price drops again. The price has risen 20% in the last few days and the SPP is only 1 share for every 5 and then the options are 1 out of every two shares purchased under the SPP. This means you need to spend a small fortune to get any material gain. I think after the dust settles people who purchased shares at .16 will probably sell them for .195 make a tidy profit and buy them back again at .16. Any thoughts? P.S. it looks like the ex-rights date has been extended by two days so a few people who bought at todays highs without seeing that may be a little annoyed.
  2. Kuri


    I am thinking of participating in the non-renouncable rights issue but I would like to check something. The ex-rights datae is Tuesday 13 April and the record date is the 19th April. As long as I purchase the shares prior to 5pm on the 13 will I still be eligble for the rights issues even though the shares haven't settled? If somebody knows the answer to this that would be great. Kuri
  3. Kuri


    Flower unless I am hearing wrong reports it appears as if this equates to a 25% decrease in ROC total reserves (Todays AFR). This is a big number. Not all the fields you have mentioned are the greatest either. I first had a stake in Chingquetti about 6 years ago through Hardman Resources (since been taken over) and I know how tough that all field has been in regards to coups, renegotiation of contracts, harder to extract than first though etc. Personally I think the directors of ROC drive the investers mad and I don't think it is a knee jerk reaction as ROC investors have taken a pummeling over the years with bad news following bad news. I have been watching this stock since my colleague nearly purchased at $1.60 as a hot tip from 'INTELLIGENT INVESTOR' magazine. I keep waiting for an entry poiint but have never found one. I try not to get emotionally atatched to shares but calculate on NPV terms. Cash flow positive does not necessarily mean much if the market knows that is going to happen because it would already be priced into the value of the shares. But then again these are only my views and are probably out of date by the time I push the send button anyway. Kuri
  4. Looks like the market didn't like the news released by Karoon last night. I was reading the body of the story and it didn't seem that great but the summary seemed to paint a brighter picture. I have a short attention span so maybe I missed the news in the body. I bought this share at $8 and after many ups and downs I couldn't stomach it any more and got out at $11 just before it started its tumble (more ass than class). Is it good value now. I am getting confused not if they haev found anything that is confirmed and if they haev what does that equate to on a NPV scenario. Any body out there that can help a part time trader?
  5. Flower, I can only read basic charts and dont see how this falling stock (I am a holder) is in a bullish trend. Could you elaborate on what you see in the chart? Kuri
  6. Kuri


    I am a holder but the unknown is what will hapen when IFN sell half their revenue generating assests in the US and Europe. They will ahve a lot of cash but half as many cash flow generating projects. I know they will reinvest in Australia but how long will that take? Any ideas? Kuri
  7. Kuri


    Very good explanation of proceedings but you missed part of the story and one that cannot be explained very easily. On 26th October Orbis announced to the market they had spent $2,000,000 buiying NBS stock and increased their holdings. Three days later the news on the Malaysian contract comes out. How did they not know?
  8. Kuri


    I am looking at loading up with $15,000 worth of this stock in its SPP but it deos not seem very liquid. Does anybody with more experience on these types of stock know if I will be able to uunload my shares once they are alloted or will their be no buyers for stock? Cheers Kuri
  9. Sorry I meant to say I bought the shares today. Shouldn't try and watch the Dragons win while typing...
  10. Can somebody help. I want to get on the QML SPP so I bought some shares tomorrow which means T+3 is the record date of the 9th. Do I go on the record on the 3rd day or the day after? If anybody can out my mind at rest I would appreciate it. Thanks Kuri
  11. Retail investors that are not cash rich may be selling off some of their shares at the moment to pcik up $15,000 of cheaper shares. Are you already a holder or did you just pick up yoru first batch? If you are already a holder you will be eligible for the SPP. $40 million probably means we will not get our full allocation though.
  12. Kuri


    I agree that it takes a lot of work to negotiate a $1 billion deal so why did they not call in the experts (when the market was booming) instead of doing it one year later and losing a lot of credibility in the process. It could have been handled a lot more professionaly and the SP would certainly be higher than the $1.50 it is today. Looking at the charts I think a lot of people are losing faith. I still hold on the outside chance it will be sorted and shoot the price up though.
  13. Kuri


    How could this be a positive. It is not that there is so much enquiry it is because they do not know how to negotiate. After all this time two companies have still not finalised the deal and now they are talking about concluding a deal by the end of the year. This is nver ending. To me (a holder) this is yet more bad news from a company that always promised so much.
  14. My first trade was Hardman Resources and one week later there was a coup and the oil friendly regime was ousted. I wasn't watching the news and thought I saw a buying oppportunity and bought some more. Oops. The oil contracts were all rewritten and I managed to get out for a $100 profit one year later when they got bought out buy a British company (forgotten the name) that also had an interest in the Mauritanian oil fields. Note to self: If a share goes down there is probably a reason for it. Kuri
  15. Kuri


    Great story today in the AFR that highlights ETC as one of their low risk small caps with the most upside potential. The title of the article is "Small Caps to watch for big returns". They listed their "bull case" as the price could double over the next year. The "bear case" is that their may be contract payment delays. Both of these items are listed on this forum so maybe the AFR reads SS. I ahve been holding this stock for about a year now and it is the same price as when I bought it. I was too nervous to jump in for more when it went to 20c so I am hoping for the doubling so I can make some scrilla from this. Long term holder and nto nervous anymore. Kuri
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