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  1. bitpanda, blockchain.com probably many more. look for the ones that have been around since the early days. they might even offer you some seed coins when opening a wallet. may look stupid and silly now bit so did 100 btc back in 2009.
  2. https://news.yahoo.com/jay-z-twitter-ceo-jack-235440963.html
  3. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-hits...-billion-in-btc
  4. https://cointelegraph.com/news/bitcoin-hits...-billion-in-btc
  5. https://winklevosscapital.com/the-case-for-500k-bitcoin/
  6. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/ne...siness-54261382
  7. https://www.bmj.com/content/368/bmj.m810/rr-57
  8. Clinuvel has gone quiet for a while now... Let's hope some news will come out soon apart from the quarterly report and no news letter etc. The FY 2019_20 has officially ended. Rien ne va plus All sales booked, all revenues accounted for. EU sales growth might have stalled due to covid19 and slow take up of new countries and centers. Pricing stability I hope and also for manufacturing I don't expect a big cost jump. So based on that we should be looking at similar numbers as last year in revenues and profit. But now we have about 50 working days with 3to5 centers in the USA to add first implants at the global price level. And initial Chinese sales too. So much news we are now waiting for until the end of the year. The next 6 months is going to be a busy time for cuv to live up to the expectations and secure future growth.
  9. what about the draconian epp follow up and safety measures? will regulators suddenly provide scenesse a free passage for covid19? can the evonik factory provide the implants in indistrial amounts? who can distribute scenesse worldwide on an indistrial scale? (not clinuvel I presume) how about safe administration of the implant to patients? (I know that any nurse could do it but look at all this training and certification blabla regulators forced cuv into) anyway our management did not spend one word on this option until now and my guess is they did not do any specific actions related to possible covid19 treatment. a pie in the sky.
  10. How can clinuvel solve the scenesse for covid 19 pricing and production/distribution conundrum and come out a winner?
  11. Will it be so that one day in the not so far away future we will all be grateful for shorters?
  12. what a board this is...so much relentless research brought into the picture. my sincere thanks to all contributors. Would it not make sense for cuv to buy this board/sharecafe or at least help some members to contribute more?! it is by far their oldest, most visited and most knowledgable information outlet today. I read the effort made by the new pr guy in the latest presentatiom and I could read straight through it how inexperienced the newby was and how almost all was hearsay/debriefing of what he was told when joining. It just couldnt convince me. Many on this board and uho of course have over a decade of in depth knowledge on scenesse, clinuvel and its management. We could do a better job, even if it would be answerring some questions of new investors. What a joy to be a long term investor in this fantastic company holding one of the most disruptive technologies since they found aspirine. glta
  13. I believe clinuvel and vallaurix are at an important cross roads. Since 2016 we have seen strong sales growth until 2019. The sp increased significantly in the wake of that with an ATH last autumn with a milestone FDA approval. Since then the sp halved because we had profit taking, the usual EU winter micro sales season dip followed by a the announcement of a very slow roll out in the USA and the final covid 19 blow early 2020. Non of this would justify an increasing sp imho. Today things look differently and for me the outlook has probably never been better. Clinuvel has a very healthy financial status as it is, a very comfortable situation. I expect a significant sales increase compared to last quarter with the EU spring and summer season starting and most centers opened despite the pandemic. Together with the first US sales in April that leaves still 2 months of EU and USA sales combined. We also know the US roll out was moved significantly forward and seems to be going better than anticipated. The global implant price level strategy seems to be maintained. Also July-Sept quarter could be a very strong one. USA sales might even go on during Northern winter with 6 implants allowed and this would overcome a part of the winter sales dip. Not to forget the further roll out in the EU (France?), the approval and roll out in Australia, the further developments in China, the label extension and new indications in the pipeline. I wont even mention those vitiligo trial preparations. But I will mention the Vallaurix laboratory opening in August and probably including a part of the cosmetic line. It is my hope that the cosmetic line will be an important sales driver during the Northern winter. Maybe not in the first year yet but hopefully over the next years. After years of waiting for singular events like the start of new trials, the final results of trials, the EMA dossier filing, the ema decision , the FDA dossier filing, the fda decision I have never been waiting for so many things in such a short time. Clinuvel had the bad reputation to be late with all expected milestones but at least they achieved all crucial milestones eventually. I say our management should stay for a few months more at least! The next 12 to 24 months should be extremely exiting times for clinuvel. X-ray ending: I wouldn't mind a take over by some big US or EU pharma eventually. glta
  14. https://www.morningstar.com/stocks/xmun/ur9/ownership No important shifts it seems:
  15. Some big kahunas are in pole position having collected heaps of shares at low risk (fda approved) at low cost (thx to profit taking, covid and shorters) and largely under the radar. Why did they do this? What fo they expect from this small company? cuv exhibited a very small revenue from operations during the last quarter with winter sales dip, so surely no reason for the sp to move up. The us sales were first expected at the very end of the year, another reason for no sp North movement. In the current quarter(s) the us sales will have to speak and much growth should be forthcoming from both the us and eu spring sales. Next quarter we should have the singapore labs opened and get cosmetics on the rails. Maybe China will also be contributing some by years end. Ozzieland might surprise us all with a real fast track ( for once in cuv history), France might also start it seems. label extensions? new indications? new products? new trials? bring it on cuv! This is the "Cambrian explosion" we all were waiting for such a long long (=not short) time. glta
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