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  1. when is the prospectus due to be out Ray
  2. What do u mean flagged I have been told they won't need a capital raising all funds needed where done through shares to certain shareholders, who I don't have a clue who Ray
  3. will be in the next couple of days agm 10/08/2016
  4. Thanks Pepee my thanks button does not work Regards Ray
  5. What does this have to do with SLA RAY
  6. AGM to be held on the 27/07/16 Ray
  7. hope so I think it will happen ray
  8. means your shares have been taken from whatever broker was holding them for u ie comsec back to yourself when sla relists they will revert back to the broker takes them a long time to do nothing down there in a sentence it means sfa
  9. Hi Livas About 2/3 weeks All up to date financials were sent to asx last month and they HOPED to have AGM in April, being a delisted Co they need to give 21 days notice. There seems to be heaps going on behind the scenes but who knows Ray
  10. I was told April for AGM which they need to give 21 days notice
  11. Don't worry Geoffrey All will be fine Give it a couple of months Regards Ray
  12. Bam Bam through what web site? I can not find any thing to subscribe through Thanks in advance Ray
  13. How hard is it to reapply and how long does it take? Ray
  14. How long before we will be back up and running? Ray
  15. Will this make it easier to raise funds Ray
  16. Who cares we will see the light of day again Ray
  17. They are running it like a private co I received a e mail last week about a new product costing about $100 and they went on about what a great year 2015 will be Regards
  18. Hi Diana My thanks button has not working for months So I will say thanks to Livas many times throw your thread Regards Ray
  19. Does this mean Solagran products have now been given the all clear from the Russian Ministry of Health Thanks Ray
  20. Has anyone had a chance to ring head office I do not have a chance anymore Ray
  21. Can someone with computer skills translate Solagran's news into English Or can I take it that Solagran has won the competition and will receive $30,000,000 Thanks Ray
  22. Give me my investment back and they can privatise it or what else they want to do with it. Can not believe there is no trading restraint (on the business) after a period. Ray
  23. Can someone please send annoucement
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