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  1. Missed the exit door ??? Dorado results should push the price back and beyond.Broker report valueing Dorado at 53c alone??? Seatbelts back on
  2. Certainly looking bullish for CVN with Phoenix news imenint,completion of dorado and volume estimates to come it will be interesting to see where it sits. Will probably look to take profit as buffalo is still a little way off. But hey this is OG exploration so who knows what might happen. Good luck
  3. Never thought I’d say this....profit taken with a nice parcel still in the game. What a marathon ???? No news from Phoenix as yet..... Good day for long term holders.....lesson learned???stop loss now in place
  4. It’s been a long haul but this year looking exciting. 2.5 cents and back to evens.....???
  5. Have a sook....what are these losses you keep harping on about?
  6. If you say so......generally speaking those who spruick about how well they are going are usually full of it.
  7. Would that be real trades or if you were going to trade? Thanks for talking up the company's sentiment....done wonders for the share price. Has nothing to do with the company's activities and progress,as you know.
  8. If I came across someone as arrogant and judgemental as yourself,I most certainley would. This page was for shareholders to discuss CVN....not for day traders and short sellers to judge and belittle others for holding stock and sticking the course. Now sir take your idle threats elsewhere,it's time you left.
  9. So village idiot you claim I said profits are bad..... I sought to enlighten you on your inaquacies and in return you seek to misquote to add weight to a pathetic argument. Nice to see Arty turn up and explain the perceived loss you believe I've had. After all these huge profits you're making you appear unable to enjoy them and attack others for having a different investment strategy to yours..... Maybe your software package needs to include a function that sends the user a reminder to take time out to enjoy life. Thanks for your advice however I continue to patiently await my return on the investment I've made,I know this strategy doesn't suit yours....thems the brakes. I did however get a chuckle from your post that started with DISCLAIMER ??
  10. Had a bad week or are you always this frustrated? Anyways knobs aside the market likes the new alliance.
  11. No not all....mine is a longer term investment I'll leave the squabbling over points to you guys.
  12. Holding patiently @ .155 as a matter of fact.
  13. Just goes to show any fool with a software package can make money,whilst having no business acumen.
  14. CVN and sentiment....haha your too much. CVN is being manipulated by algo traders...simple as that. At least you now have an understanding of the importance of share price to a Company's prospects. With this in mind if you re read your post from the 15th you'll realise how far off the mark you were.
  15. .I'm staggered in your total lack of understanding of the correlation between share price,business and the economy.I have attached some additional reading material for your perusal(save us going back and forth) Oil price bounced....CVN shares lost ground....market forces at work?? This is the definition of an investor(not sure short sellers qualify) An investor is someone who provides (or invests) money or resources for an enterprise, such as a corporation, with the expectation of financial or other gain. Basics Stock price movements have a psychological impact on individuals and businesses. Rising stock markets, or bull markets, can create a sense of confidence about the direction of the economy. As prices continue to rise, more investors come into the market, which builds on the momentum. Falling stock markets, or bear markets, usually have the opposite effect. People feel pessimistic about the economy. Media reports often create a sense of panic. People start moving funds away from stocks into low-risk assets, which can depress stock prices even further. Consumer Spending Bull markets can create a wealth effect. People feel more confident as their investment portfolios rise in value. They spend more on nonessential and big-ticket items, such as homes and cars. Conversely, falling stock prices create a reverse wealth effect. Falling portfolio values can create uncertainty about the future of the economy. People hold back on their spending, especially on nonessential items. This slows down economic growth because consumer spending is a key component of the gross domestic product. Business Investment Stock prices can affect business investments. Businesses are likely to make capital investments when they feel that these investments will lead to rising market values, such as during rising or bull markets. Management has more operational flexibility if sustained stock price increases lead to increased consumer spending. Merger and acquisition activity tends to increase during bull markets because companies can use stock as currency. Initial public offerings increase as new companies take advantage of market optimism to raise capital. Bear markets have the opposite effect. Businesses become less confident about investing in new infrastructure projects or expansion plans. Merger activity slows down, as does the number of new company listings. This reduction in business investment activity slows down the economy. Considerations Stock markets are one of the factors that affect the economy, but there are others as well. Interest rates affect the economy because rising rates mean higher borrowing costs. Consumer spending and business investment slows down, which reduces economic growth. Falling interest rates can stimulate economic growth. Fiscal policy decisions also can affect the economy. For example, large budget deficits can reduce government investments and purchases, which can slow down the economy. Currency fluctuations can drive up the price of exports, which can harm export-driven economies
  16. Company's provide society with employment,demand for services in all aspects of the supply chain.... Manipulating the prospects of these company's hurts the economy as a whole.... The difference between me and you is I understand this you don't seem to. The facts are I want CVN to succeed which in turn will make my investment a success,win win if you like. Short selling drains the market of investors who are providing the capitol...this is a fact. Good luck with your strategy I have no intention of sitting in front of a screen and gambling. The waterholes drying up.
  17. Investing in today's market........ Only a fool would do so in the uneven climate that exists today. Why would you invest as you call it when the smallest parcel of shares I can buy is $500.00 whilst others can purchase less then? And therefore manipulate market forces as you call them. No you're absolutely right investors left the market long ago and what's left is gamblers and players in a glorified Ponzi scheme. I invested in CVN because I believe in the company's management and philosophy,nothing's changed in that respect.In the meantime I continue to earn an ethical living and invest in much more tangible assets which can't be manipulated.Each to their own??
  18. 6c target yes likely.....I mean they only have a healthy balance sheet,good management and gas and oil in place.... How could this stock possibly rise in value when it's being manipulated by shorters. My question is how can an exploration/development company be considered for short selling. The ASX is no more then a glorified Ponzi scheme. Caveat emptor the garden is full of snakes
  19. Finders release seems to have upset the slimy shorters.... 1.2 TCF should shake the share price up once confirmed.
  20. anroo


    I am??????
  21. I hope they takeover MEO which have under the poor leadership of Jurgen Heinrich become a penny dreadful. Surely his time in O&G is over. His incompetent behaviour and misleading assumptions have cost me big time. I'm sure he walked away with plenty though ?
  22. anroo


    Anyone taking up the Mosman offer?
  23. anroo


    Great Result but Will it flow.....they appear not to be giving to much away
  24. Couldn't agree more HH and all the best with your trading. You also need to take it after dishing it out and not have posts moderated. CVN have good long term prospects and provide somewhere to park some cash if you need to go long. What would be interesting is to compare the fortunes of different trading methods over say a 2-3 year period of someone who has held and someone who has traded CVN over that period.
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