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    flashy,, the king is of to Sydney to day for a few days with his brand new E TAG fitted so toll paying will be sampled just like QLD where we can use the same tag it is also noted from 1 AUG in Sydney some tolls will rise so things dont stay the same also they would like to build two more toll roads to boot.. Read someware up North that the Gov would not let these companies fall as they also need new interstructue money if they collasped they would have NO hope down the track so dont write every thing OFF..
  2. theking


    SXR pays divs has large name shareholders and doing well in West Australia and has hooked up with VBA..
  3. Could any one tell me if this ship has sunk..
  4. theking


    YES,flashy you maybe right and hope your loss is not great but what I dont like is how the company arrived at there break even point because even before the tunnels there was not 120,000 cars going over the bridges so with the tunnels where was all these extra cars comming from this has been mismangement just wait when the other tunnels come online more trouble for everyone this is extream OVERKILL...
  5. theking


    WELL,, PPK is still buying FRR and now owns over 33% and still at it there last notice removed 100 FRR shareholders so when the smoke clears one of these days they could end up the controling holder outright,, But FRR has a new refrig cabinet which they feel is tops and could help the company get back on its FEET..
  6. theking


    YES , flashy other than the fore mentioned is every thing else all right but the cars are up 12% and when that gets them they will up the TOLL, Wait and See..
  7. theking


    BAD news travels fast NO sooner had my words popped out and then CRASH so who sold out and who is staying..
  8. theking


    VBA is working its BUTT off with passengers but where are the profits and divs nothing is happening for shareholder wealth non existent that's why been up to 80 c now 43 cents they will have to pull a Rabbit out of the hat SOON..
  9. theking


    THANKYOU yet again for your departing remarks as for your Non Bonus even if you had a salary of $100,000 you would of had $250 gift so greater income you don't need it and of course your 29 cents is a tax gain, so you must be a very careful man with you expenditure and have a happy life.. AS stated the tunnel company is not quite dead yet and in its early days things do change time will tell but the Brisbane Council is in bigger trouble with its plans and tunnels.. ALL the best in your new endeavours...
  10. theking


    THANKYOU yet again for your advice could you place a date on the Belly up celebrations so we can all ATTEND..
  11. theking


    THANKYOU for your words of wisdom even they are slightly repetitive you may feel you pay tax and probably do but you would have received the $900 if you TAX account was up to date as you did not have to apply for it as it would have been sent direct, but if there is some other reason that you have not told us would be happy to hear.. I have the feeling that TOLLS are not liked but its attached to demand so the demand must be low and the tolls for all will adjusted get it straight the company is not yet BROKE...
  12. theking


    IT appears that depression has set in on Queensland tunnels with two more to be completed and then what happens at least the road works will be OK and traffic will move free as compared today's conditions like all depression it can be CURED..
  13. THANKYOU for your comments but are a long way out of whack THE KING is not chasing wild yields but does deal in smaller companies that are listed on the exchange because of there price range but still good size companies with potential rise in prices possible.. WFL is a typical small company that while times are good will chase the capital when times are quite they sit on the side lines along with the rest and say nothing all i was pointing out was this was one of these TIMES..
  14. THIS company WFL is so quite that you can hear the trees GROWING...
  15. theking


    AS @ 12.00 PM tonight the TOLLS will be collected 24 hours a day and about time NO one gains from freebies they have made adjustments to the toll till July 1 so everyone should be happy and the share price is good so THE KING has enlarged his holding 10% to catch the the coming rebound as the traffic numbers increase as the bridge traffic grinds to a HALT..
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