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  1. Well ... yesterday was a bit of a surprise. I really excpected the 106/107 area to be tested as support sometime soon, not trashed like yesterday. Had some gaps in the BID / ASK spread which dropped it pretty quickly with a few small trades from 106 to the closing 103.... so gut feeling is that 106 is more the representative "market" area. Below here, we have a 102 level of support ... The lower volume compared to tyhe recent surge is one good sign, but the red candle isnt. The 102 price is very significant and if that fails, its not good for ERG .. so the next few trading days are going to be the key. We now have again the 106/107 as resistance ... so we wait http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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    In reply to: amokk20us on Monday 22/11/04 01:21pm QUOTE Good news I guess, but very thin on details of the new Product.... Yea agreed ... its more a publicity one than an ASX announcement.
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    QUOTE (romaioi @ Monday 22/11/04 12:57pm) BQT has just made the following announcement: BQT announces worlds first 3D Facial to be added to the BQT Biometric range of products. John Genner, Managing Director of BQT Solutions Limited (ASX Code: BQT), “To continue to be a world leader in Contactless Smart Card Readers, Biometrics and Encryption technology, BQT will be able to give its global clients additional Biometric security of 3D Facial. This is a major technology breakthrough.†The BQT range of Biometrics will now include: • Fingerprint Biometrics • Iris Biometrics • 3D Facial Biometrics When the BQT Encryption devices are added, security of the very highest standard is available. Clients can have one or more Biometrics on the smart card, giving them far greater flexibility and security. The global acceptance of biometrics is now being achieved. Up until recently there was not a stable biometric technology in place. Acceptance has only recently been achieved. Market Update BQT is currently working on (many in final stage of conclusion) over 100 projects – world wide. We are finally seeing the security upgrades being specified and implemented around the world. The first to implement security upgrades is Government & Defence. Lead time in this market is long. The USA is now taking off with the introduction of the new Common Access Card (CAC) or DESFire standard. BQT has worked on this technology for approximately 2 years. BQT’s team met with NASA in the USA this month to ensure the latest upgrades of NASA’s requirement were incorporated in the BQT technology. There have been many changes to the specifications to date. BQT introduced what is believed to be the first DESFire standard contactless smart card reader into the Gerald Ford Airport in the USA. Currently the USA Governement & Defence has major opportunities for BQT and will justify the 2 years R & D spent to be a leader in the standard. The China (Shanghai) office of BQT is now established & is introducing the BQT technology to our clients. The potential of this market is greater than BQT initially thought. Our clients in China are currently working with BQT to introduce the BQT product into Power Utility, Taxation, Government Communications and Social Security. The Middle East market is a major opportunity for us. BQT is close to finalising Defence contracts with the Middle East. Our senior executives from the BQT London office will be in the Middle East this week meeting with Government, Client and specifiers. BQT sees 2005 as being the culmination of all its R & D and global marketing efforts. About BQT Solutions (BQT) BQT Solutions is a Global Leader in Mifare Contactless Smart Card Applications, Biometric Access Control, Personal Identification and Data Encryption technology. BQT is Australia’s leading Biometrics Company providing Smarter Security Today, with the most intelligent and innovative high security solutions to suit the strict requirements put on security protocols across the world. For further information, please visit our website www.bqtsolutions.com or contact one of our global offices, contact details below.
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    Well ... decided to give BQT another go so entered at 23.5 wiyth the move above 23c resistance with volume. Bit of volume looks to be coming in, but might be a short term play up to AGM. Wait and see http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
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    QUOTE (dig deep @ Friday 19/11/04 06:24pm) QUOTE Happy i don't get it. Kiwi said the directors were told to stop buying and they bought the other day and Genner has bought more today another notice will come Monday so how can Kiwi be right? I made a quick query, and apparently he was told to lay off during the period when the share price loked to be going up .. as this could have lead to some difficult questions being asked ... HOwever when the price dropped again (so Im told), the go ahead was given to buy on market again.
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    In reply to: Rogue Trader on Monday 22/11/04 10:42am QUOTE 015 soon you think, with drilling starting next week I think your .015 is way off, in the future if your going to make such a comment atleast put your reason to it. I think he may have by refering to the SPP price?
  7. In reply to: bello on Friday 19/11/04 02:07pm Given that its a Fri and its dropping pretty quickly ... I still think it might stall at 30c. Also feel you may see 1 more red day yet (eg Mon)
  8. Early bids suggest a gap down ... be watching to see if 30c holds. Interesting day ahead ... and if panic sets in .. could be a great bounce on the cards
  9. QUOTE (stoss69 @ Friday 19/11/04 09:30am) Yea ... good volume, good price move ... and all above 107 resistance. Nice http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif What is excellant about these moves is that there is no resistance points ... so we just follow it and let it go.... It would also be quite normal for it to pull back, test support .. especially after such a strong move. Any slight weakness could cause a drop as nervous nellies flee ... but I dont think you will see it below 107
  10. Heads up for a reversal today as well. Yesterdays price action is a Bearish Englufing pattern, ie the Bearish price range yesterday totally encloses the previous days bullish range. The interesting part will be if it stops at support at 21/20.5c
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    In reply to: bloodclot on Friday 19/11/04 08:49am QUOTE Thanx Kiwi, some TA on the AGX string - that's gotta be a first. http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif Yea .. sorry about that ... I'll try not to distract from all the fundamental analysis, although with the TA positives, it was nice to see some of the posts aboutte companies fundamental positives.
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    In reply to: stoss69 on Friday 19/11/04 09:33am QUOTE What is the key level to buy into possibly Sorry, that is really up to your mate ... as my approach may well differ to his/hers, and if Im wrong then its my responsibility etc.
  13. Yea ... bit disappointing ... but we live to tarde another day. Exited at 10c, so waiting now to see what the market wants to do with ATX. It might stop at 9.5, as its pushed to here twice now ... but all in all, not looking good ... for reasons which I guess are unknown. Maybe the dates were too far out for the shorter term trader.
  14. thekiwi


    Reversal occured smack on ... phew http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif THe 3 red candles have occured, and we are still "enclosed" by the previous bullish candle. Whilst its a bit of a concern that 23/23.5 has been broken, it could stop here, or test 21.5 support. Still sitting on the sidelines to see when it shows some strenght. On a good point, the sell back has been on pretty low volume, so whilst the price change has been significant, the volume backwards is nothing like we had on the 12th and 15th.
  15. QUOTE (jbeatty @ Thursday 18/11/04 09:50pm) Seesshh ... that was lucky. I exited on the 17th near the close, after 2 red candles and no signs of strength, as wanted to enter $$ elsewhere.... nothing more than luck in that one. Had noted that Gold prices wasnt impacting it as I thought ... but really didnt factor that in. Has closed nicely at support (97) ... but going to be interesting to see what spooked the market. Could be good for a bouce trade as would be surprised to see it test 87c
  16. thekiwi


    In reply to: crowman28 on Thursday 04/11/04 05:26pm Yea .. and keeps getting punished. Currently at a support level, but at the moment Bears are in control.... so be interesting to see if/when it stops.
  17. What an awesome run SEN has had ... but even if you believe all about the company, nothing wrong with exiting for another entry. Technically its run hard, maybe a little hard and this retrace was what it needed to take some heat out. * We have a red candle with a significant "body" compared to the wicks. This shows that those selling were in control (the bears) * The bearish candle totally engulfes the previous days bullish candle. This is also bearish and suggests a reversal is about to occur. * We have all this occuring on significant volume. * A simple moving average is quite a way fo9rm the price, and even that just suggests that the price needs to pull back a little. * SOme fundamental analysts are suggesting a fair value for SEN is around 28c. We have a sig support area at 30c, so would be very very surprised to see it below this. If you believe this company is inherently "strong" (which it appears to be fundamentally), then buying at the end of a period of weakness is good.
  18. thekiwi


    In reply to: x-ray on Thursday 18/11/04 05:56pm Good pick up x-ray http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif I was waiting yesterday to see how far it would come back and didnt get filled at 19.5 ... might just wait a little longer as there might be a possiblity it will test 20c again. 19.5c support should hold, so the moment it moves .. I'll be in http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  19. thekiwi


    After an excellant run, TBC has pulled back to smack on its 32c support area (next below is 29.5). The announcement to acquire Monroe Topple & Associates doesnt seem to have been well received by the market ... so now we wait to see where it gets pushed back to.
  20. In reply to: atleast16 on Tuesday 09/11/04 09:31pm Well ... the price was always going to find it hard to get through 132 area, it gave it a good go ... and now looks like coming back to support at 124. If ti falls below 120, then things are looking rather bad....
  21. Sessh ... shold have held onto my short. Ah well. Yesterdays trading action suggests a reversal at these levels. I had support at 195, but we have a Doji pattern (balance between buyers and sellers) which can signal a reverse in trend ... if it happens today. So watch for TWR to hopefully to move Nth today ... if not then 187 looks like next support area.
  22. thekiwi


    Well ... yesterday was a bit of a surprise. I was getting ready to enter on a bounce off 70c .. but instead it falls back to 67c... weird. THe slightest show of strength and I will be in ... but witha tight stop to protect te downside, which could be 59c.... but ... http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif
  23. Nice bouce off support at 16c as well ....
  24. thekiwi


    In reply to: klyn on Friday 19/11/04 01:24am Hi all ... very interesting and informative posts.... great stuff. Must admit, been watching AGX for a while, and the move through 59c resistance, and then especially the break above 61 and then a reasonably strong day the next (except for the late afternoon sell of to cause the red candle) was my signal for entry. The 61c was reinforced by the low back in Feb 2004 as well as the brief surge in Oct. Next resistance, chart price wise is 66c ... this being the low which was tested back in June / July. Additionally the 3 days of "increased" volume is also suggesting a change in sentiment.
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    Well, seems to have taken for ever, but finally I feel things are looking the go for SRA. * For me the sig. resist. was 19.5 - 20 region. On the 15th it looked like confirming this resistance. * This was wiped away tho' with yesterdays push through this reisistance on increased volume. Next resistance is close at 22c, this having been formed back in early 2003 (see weekly chart). If this is broken as well, then 30.5 could be a happening thing. The increased volume for 2004 shows this shold have a good sized base of support ... with a sig. number of that occuring in the previus lead up to 19.5 Interesting times
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