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    In reply to: slayer on Friday 11/02/05 01:06pm Not huge volume .... but then it wouldnt take much to kick it along. Still not all that significant ... it needs to get above and stay above 50c.... I feel.
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    In reply to: Sam43 on Tuesday 08/02/05 01:43pm Certainly doing his best to support the share price http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif In fact .. its seems that might be almost all the support http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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    In reply to: ty.webb on Thursday 03/02/05 02:20pm QUOTE Slayer has admitted to dumping 100k 'cos he wanted to buy his missus a car. Maybe he was in the bad books there and decided that chocolates and flowers just wouldn't do the trick. BC has admitted to developing misgivings over a period of time and he finally pulled the trigger. Maybe he just woke up in a grumpy mood. What difference does it make? Mainly for the other side of the coin ... those are the ones we know who sold.... and there would have been others. What makes the price action for the day more interesting ... is that despite being sold down, buyers moved in to say "OK thats enough ... and its too cheap ... I'll get some of that". Its that response to the sell down which alerts those looking for such things and makes the days activity "bullish". If the stock had less "interest", Im pretty sure we would have seen an avalanche occur. As to the 53c. Thats merely a psychological landmark, drawn in the sand so to speak, at which enough people have bought/sold, observed the stock at. A resistance point is merely where those holding say ... "Phew ... my buy price ... finally I can get out at break even". Its just a landmark around which the herd gathers to make a decision. A move above this area will signal that those for whom the price has been significant havent contributed and the price moves on. Really its nothing mystical ... its purely individual/group psychology.
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    In reply to: mme on Thursday 03/02/05 01:02pm Buyers Signed for 100% of Proposed Iron Ore Production Aztec Resources Limited now has buyers committed to take all iron ore produced from its proposed 2 million tonne per annum iron ore mine at Koolan Island, Western Australia for the coming 15 years. The company announces the conclusion of a Memorandum of Understanding with CITIC Resources Australia Pty Ltd (“CITICâ€ÂÂÂÂÂÂ). This follows a similar arrangement with Chinese iron ore trading company Sinom (China) Ltd, announced on 28 January 2005 and MOU’s with China’s MinMetals and a large Japanese trading house in December 2004. The company has now secured MOU’s for the sale of over 33 million tonnes of iron ore over the life of the mine. With commitment for the start up tonnage now secured and continuing strong buyer interest in Koolan ore, Aztec will be focusing attention on exploration aimed at an early ramp up to at least 3 million tonnes per annum rate of production. The recent successful option underwriting exercise to raise $24.3 million fully underwritten by LCS Capital (wholly owned by Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited) and Grange Securities will enable an exploration programme to be established through 2005 with this intention. Details of CITIC arrangement Iron ore tonnage to be supplied to CITIC will be a minimum of 10.5 million tonnes of ore over a period of 15 years at a guaranteed rate of 700,000 tonnes per annum for a period of 15 years or the life of the mine, whichever comes sooner. Subject to mutual agreement on the conditions of the purchase and the viability of the project; finance for the development and construction of the project will be made available by CITIC. Agreement terms will be based on: • The project being considered viable by both parties; • Mutual agreement of the detailed conditions on the purchase of Koolan ore; and • Approval by the Purchasers Board. Commercial details will be provided on the completion of contract negotiations. Background on CITIC CITIC Resources Australia Pty Ltd is a subsidiary of CITIC Group, one of China’s largest stateowned enterprises. CITIC Group has assets in excess of US$60 billion and revenues of US$4.4 billion. CITIC Group‘s activities include financial businesses (including commercial banks), industrial investments (including those in the energy and raw materials sectors) and international trade. It is headquartered in Beijing, People’s Republic of China. CITIC Resources Australia is also a shareholder in Aztec Resources Ltd.
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    QUOTE (ty.webb @ Thursday 03/02/05 01:03pm) QUOTE I'm a heretic, but I reckon you can only pull a meangingful message out of a stock chart perhaps once or twice a year. So in purely behavioural terms, describe what happened from the market participants point of view .. on an intraday basis during that day. In one sense I agree with you ... in that there is really no foundation for a price prediction based on one days trade, but there is something to be said for the observation of the players as a result of the days trading. In a broad sense it was a "bullish" sign to reject the push down and for it to then close up .... but that single event does have to be placed into the broader picture of the stocks price action. The interpretation of a move above 53c is more justified
  6. Half year guidance – additional information. Broadcast Services Australia Limited (ASX: BSA) advised yesterday that the company anticipates a half year result below expectations. Though the financial results are unaudited, we anticipate EBITDA will be somewhere between $1.2M and $1.6M for the period 1 July 2004 to 31 December 2004 and Revenue will reach approximately $60M. Volume contracting, in telecommunications (Telstra contract) and subscription TV, continue to be growth sectors. The Company is also continuing to reinvest in the Home Heroes Business concentrating on increasing sales revenue. The margin pressure in the Broadcast business has been larger than expected, than when announced in November 2004, primarily due to increased competitive pressure. The Broadcast business has identified and captured a number of opportunities which will contribute to the improved EBITDA for the second half of this financial year including the Harris Microwave Distribution Agreement announced in December 2004. ENDS
  7. Ouch .. dropped through support at 38.5 , 36.5, and 29. Looks to maybe bounce at around 26.5.
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    In reply to: One Up on Wednesday 02/02/05 04:44pm QUOTE Interesting info thekiwi that the placement was made to Genner's friend - perhaps an Austral Coal situation (issue shares at 48c to mates and see them go to $1.00 3 weeks later)? Yea ... been wondering how all this would "be processed". I mean, how do you sell the idea without disclosing info for which there hasnt been a release to the market in general. Surely to encourage someone to part with over 1M dollars, you would have to flavour it a little ....
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    In reply to: BSA on Wednesday 02/02/05 02:10pm Ditto ..... going to be interesting when we get to around 820 http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif
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    In reply to: madmarket on Tuesday 01/02/05 03:38pm Not from what Im told. I hear that the most recent placement is to a single entity (person) and who is also a close friend of Genner.
  11. thekiwi


    Notice under section 708A of the Corporations Act 2001 On 25-28 January 2005, as previously announced on 31 January 2005, BQT Solutions Limited (‘Company’) issued 5,454,545 fully paid ordinary shares (Shares) at an issue price of 22 cents per share. The Company gives notice under section 708A(5)(e) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Act) that: 1. The Company issued the Shares without disclosure to investors under Part 6D.2 of the Act; 2. As at the date of this notice, the Company has complied with: (a) the provisions of Chapter 2M of the Act as they apply to the Company; and (b) Section 674 of the Act; and 3. As at the date of this notice, there is no information to be disclosed which is excluded information (as defined in section 708A(7) of the Act) that is reasonable for investors and their professional advisors to expect to find in a disclosure document. Yours faithfully J Genner Managing Director
  12. In reply to: dr_dazmo on Tuesday 01/02/05 12:25pm Yea .... nice reversal from 118 area ... see now if it can get past, and stay above 140
  13. thekiwi


    QUOTE (texas4qld @ Monday 31/01/05 08:38pm) http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif More luck than anything else really So here is my spin on things ... just for the sake of banter * We have the share price run, and run quite hard. General feeling from those Ive talked to was it was unfounded as news was still a wee way away (few weeks at that stage) * Soon after that, we have someone dump a significant volume of stock. COuld it be that they learnt there was a placement occuring and either had wanted to be involved and were declined, or heard of it and decided that wasnt on and wanted out ... fast. Either way, U feel its pretty certain they heard of the placement and decided to exit. * The question remains, why the placement. Its not a huge amount and doesnt really do much in the big picture of things, although for a smallish company it does increase their cash position. Wonder why all these small placements rather than one significant one? I guess to add a positive slant to things, lets guess that the funding was needed to quickly meet an "income" landmark http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/rolleyes.gif Therefore despite the negative perception from possibly a larger holder, the placement could be good news, especially if the placement holder is aware/ or asked to be involved, because of pending contracts and they felt sure of the minimal risk. To look at the negative, maybe Genner is just the best salesman around, sold the general BQT idea to someone who said "I'll give you cash" ... and hence the placement.... no urgency .. just the option to get hold of free money http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif
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    QUOTE Probably another private placement coming up at around 20c and the person is peeved they didnt get any, so to vent their anger they are going to show their "power" http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif Ohhh shudder ... did I mention that dreaded capital raising idea again ... uggh . BQT has just made the following market sensitive announcement: Private Placement raises $1.2 Million I'll keep my mouth shut now http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif
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    CRS has just made the following market sensitive announcement: Record Norseman Production Gives $5 Million Profit RECORD NORSEMAN PRODUCTION GIVES $5.0 MILLION PROFIT FOR CROESUS Croesus Mining announced today a first half net profit of $5.0 million on the back of half year gold production of 112,705 ounces at a cash cost of $379 per ounce. Norseman operations produced record half year gold production of 73,382 ounces @ $337 per ounce. Croesus also announced results of drilling from the Company’s Norseman operation suggesting that the recently established record Ore Reserve position of 532,000 ounces for Norseman will likely be added to. Ore Reserves at Norseman have increased to 532,000 ounces. This is the highest Reserve level established in the 70-year history of the Norseman operations. The Company’s cash reserves remained strong at $19.4 million, following the $3.3 million dividend paid in November and a further $7.1 million spent on exploration and development activities during the six months to December 2005. In addition Croesus’ investment portfolio was valued at approximately $5
  16. thekiwi


    In reply to: jbeatty on Thursday 27/01/05 12:32pm And the Research Report attached ... Research Report
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    Announcements on evening of 25th show where the bulk of the sales on 21 Jan came from http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/unsure.gif Maybe thats the last of those wanting to offload ... and BMO can carry on up again
  18. Have no idea why the drop, but for it to be finding support at 116/118 area is good chartwise.... and its been here since the 18th ... so be waiting for it to show some strength and possibly jumping in
  19. thekiwi


    Be watching to see if it bounces off the 28c area. Yesterdays trading action suggests a possible reversal .. with confirmation having to occur today
  20. Ouch .... and a fall through 3.5c support
  21. thekiwi


    QUOTE (wolverine @ Monday 24/01/05 04:36pm) Probably another private placement coming up at around 20c and the person is peeved they didnt get any, so to vent their anger they are going to show their "power" http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif Ohhh shudder ... did I mention that dreaded capital raising idea again ... uggh ... only just managed to recover from the assault from BuubleBoy / DongChen after it was last suggested (oh and for the record ... there was one http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif ) PS. Just kidding on the above ... but there will be, obviously, a valid reason why a line of that size has been sold at market.
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    In reply to: dylan on Monday 24/01/05 12:32pm Yea ... bit surprised really. With a line of just over 1.1M shares, you would have thought they would/could arrange a special sale through their broker, but instead they decide to dump at market taking out orders from 27.5 -> 26. Even a staggered dropping of sales into accumulating buy strength ....? Ditto with the dump just after open for 500K shares from 28.5 -> 27. Maybe Im naieve or something, but on the occasions Ive had parcels to get rid of which can impact the share price significantly, there is a multitide of ways to dispose of them, get a better price and not share the market. Always fun http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif
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    In reply to: normc on Monday 24/01/05 12:21pm JUBILEE ACQUIRES STRATEGIC INTEREST IN FALCON MINERALS Jubilee Mines NL (ASX: JBM) has moved to consolidate its growth strategy in nickel sulphides in Western Australia, today announcing an agreement to acquire a strategic interest in ASX-listed explorer Falcon Minerals Limited (ASX: FCN) – giving it exposure to the exciting Collurabbie nickel-copper-PGE discovery. Under the agreement, Jubilee will acquire a total of nearly 20 million shares held by Falcon’s Directors and associated parties giving it a 16% shareholding to become Falcon’s largest shareholder. Jubilee’s Executive Chairman, Kerry Harmanis, and Chief Financial Officer, Gary Lethridge, will join the Falcon Board, while Falcon’s Managing Director, Richard Diermajer, and Ray Muskett, will remain as executives. Tony Rechner has agreed to step down from his position as a director. The consideration payable to acquire the shares will be 50 cents cash and 0.1389 Jubilee shares for every Falcon share acquired. This equates to a total transaction value of approximately $22.98 million or $1.15 per Falcon share acquired. The cash component of $9.99 million will be funded from Jubilee’s internal cash resources. The scrip component will result in the issue of approximately 2.77 million new Jubilee shares. Falcon’s key asset is a 30% interest in the Collurabbie Project (in joint venture with WMC Resources Limited), which is interpreted to be a new nickel sulphide province in Western Australia. The mineralisation style and metal association at Collurabbie is regarded as unique in WA. Falcon also hold a 20% free carried interest in adjacent tenements to the south and east of Collurabbie in joint venture with Newmont Mining (62%) and Regis Resources (18%) where it is interpreted that the identified trend continues. Jubilee’s Executive Chairman, Kerry Harmanis, said the acquisition of a significant interest in Falcon Minerals represented a strategic growth opportunity for Jubilee in a new nickel sulphide province outside of its current core areas within the Leinster-Mt Keith nickel belt based around its highly successful Cosmos Project. “We have been reviewing many opportunities to complement our ongoing and successful organic growth strategy and the Collurabbie area is of strong interest to us as a potentially world-class exploration play currently in its formative stages,†Mr Harmanis said. “The type of nickel mineralisation identified is attractive in that it includes relatively high levels of copper and platinum group elements (PGE’s) and has strong potential to deliver large scale, long life mines.†“At Cosmos, we have discovered a number of new high-grade massive sulphide deposits over the past 12 months at prospects such as Alec Mairs and Prospero, which are currently the subject of intense exploration activity,†he said. “Falcon Minerals has an attractive portfolio of exploration interests for gold and base metals throughout Australia which complements our existing activities.†“Jubilee will bring nickel exploration and mining expertise to Falcon, as well as financial strength that could assist Falcon to maximise its exposure to and participation in the continued emergence of the Collurabbie Project,†he added. Jubilee Mines N.L. Located approximately 160 kilometres east-north-east of WMC’s Mt Keith Nickel Mine and Jubilee’s Cosmos Operations, the Collurabbie Project covers over 500 square kilometres of the northern extension of the Gerry Well Greenstone Belt. Exploration drilling by WMC has also intersected disseminated sulphide mineralisation over 7 kilometres of strike immediately to the north of the Collurabbie Joint Venture area. Falcon first announced the discovery of nickel, copper and platinum group elements in sulphides at Collurabbie in August 2004 following an initial round of RC and diamond drilling along the Olympia zone. Initial results included 8 metres @ 1.23% nickel, 1.62% copper and 3.84 g/t of PGE’s from 57 metres depth. Subsequent drilling has returned further encouraging results including 5.77 metres @ 3.0% nickel, 1.95% copper and 5.55 g/t of PGE’s from 279 metres, 8.0 metres @ 1.23% nickel, 1.62% copper and 4.24 g/t of PGE’s, 12.86 metres @ 1.33% nickel, 0.95% copper and 2.75 g/t of PGE’s and 1.9 metres @ 3.65% nickel, 2.8% copper and 7.28 g/t PGE’s. WMC has publicly reported that aircore drilling has intersected nickel-copper-PGE mineralisation on the Collurabbie Joint Venture ground over an 8 kilometre strike length, with intensive exploration currently underway to test the southern 5 kilometres of this trend. Mr Harmanis said Jubilee was looking forward to working closely with the Falcon Minerals team and with its joint venture partner WMC Resources to facilitate the rapid advancement of the Collurabbie Project.
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    In reply to: minusten on Monday 24/01/05 10:47am Getting really dumped on with 2 quite large at market sells ... the latest sending it to 26c. Going to be an interesting day
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    QUOTE (hayboys @ Saturday 22/01/05 06:13pm) QUOTE I will take the analysts advise and sell on Monday bought a 4.44 a few weeks back. IgO looks a more promissing Ni company for a quarterly report. You cant see that Huntleys have been totally wrong with JBM for the past 2 years ... like almost 100% wrong? If you did the opposite to what they say, you would have moved from $1.90 to approx. $4.90 Huntleys have been calling JBM a Sell for as long as I can remember. That aside, technically, JBM will struggle at around 500/503 ... so soon it might be good to take profits soon, and if it clears the hurdle, get back in.... but to be above that key resistance of 465 ... is great for JBM.
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