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  1. thekiwi


    In reply to: mooomooo on Thursday 01/09/05 02:25pm QUOTE I see, BQT have announced it. Does Monoco Limited Technology look a bit dodgey to anyone else? From just their website "quality" ... yes
  2. thekiwi


    In reply to: charry3 on Monday 22/08/05 03:16pm QUOTE I inquired about a capital raising he said did not intend in any major capital raising until company was going big time at around $1.20 SP for expansion. Happy with staff of 46 at present may need small capital raising of 500k to 1mil for some expansion coming in and wants SP away first, would not rule out or rule in small raising depending on how quick income expansion progresses. Looking forward to further income from contracts. Big deals should see SP climb. INTERNATIONAL COMPANY growing.. etc etc. So todays isnt a major raising, so he didnt mislead there http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif And the 1M was at the upper range of his small raising for expansion ... as well as after the SP was away.
  3. In reply to: WHISTLER7 on Tuesday 08/03/05 12:10pm http://sixtyminutes.ninemsn.com.au/sixtymi.../story_1297.asp
  4. thekiwi


    QUOTE (dylan @ Tuesday 01/03/05 12:02pm) quick out of the blocks today! Dylan You are going to give yourself an ulcer watching every tick http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif Its only 120000 shares and there is a 1c spread in BID and ASK ... so just as quick it could be back, temporarily, at 26.5
  5. In reply to: WHISTLER7 on Monday 28/02/05 02:12pm QUOTE Thats got to be a good indicator for us.He is the man that will take this company forward as Millen was in a comfort zone and now we have a confident man at the helm that want's to and will be a rich man. Positive. Agree .. and if anyone has a feel for trial results etc ... it will be him., Have perked up with this one now
  6. thekiwi


    In reply to: dory on Tuesday 22/02/05 02:59pm Indeed ... well done. Almost perfect bounce off support ... and nice price action yesterday. Not a lot of volume tho' so today will be worth watching.
  7. thekiwi


    QUOTE (thekiwi @ Tuesday 22/02/05 02:36pm) QUOTE Be interested if anyone has done some research on other companies in this sector as to how they perform financially? Dongchen / Smuggler / Barry As its probably passed you buy, I dont trade based on fundamentals. I trade based on price action. Therefore for me to enter a trade I dont need to know how others companies in the same sector are performing. Technically I monitor sectors and how other share prices within sectors are performing, but the fundamentals are not something I specialise in. So if you think it superficial of me to trade without the above info, thats cool. I dont ask or expect you to respect others approaches to trading nor have the ability to understand them. I do OK with my trades and trade more than just a couple of shares! Ive openly stated I hold from 23/23.5 and have been in and out of BQT for quite a period now. So maybe you can answer the question for me, as Ive had it told to me that there are very few, if any companies specialising in Biometrics which actually turn a profit. Most are burning cash. My reason for asking is that IF BQT can land a significant company making announcement AND begin to turn a profit ... then this will make them one of the few in this sector and will only servce to reinforce their developing stature amongst their competitors. It was just a question to spark conversation and to enquire the collective resources of a group.
  8. Options aside ... nice proce movement in te shares yesterday ...
  9. thekiwi


    In reply to: wolverine on Tuesday 22/02/05 02:49pm QUOTE i give them 6mths without some decent revenues. But since Dec (which is when this report is too), you dont think they have had some decent revenue based announcements? I would have thought the last 3 (and definetly 2 of them) would have helped the bottom line a little?
  10. thekiwi


    QUOTE (cloudwalker @ Tuesday 22/02/05 02:47pm) Hmmmm this is very interesting. I must admit I was told things last week which raised the expectancy level significantly ... and todays announcement confirms that some of the things told seem to be "true" and that the sources appear reliable. I was prepared to dismiss it all ... but this raises the game just a little. If it all pans out as Im told it should ... there are some biggies coming
  11. thekiwi


    In reply to: cloudwalker on Tuesday 22/02/05 02:17pm BQT wins contract to supply High Security Solutions for the Green Community in Dubai. John Genner, Managing Director of BQT Solutions Limited (ASX Code: BQT), is pleased to announce the supply of its High Security applications to the Green Community in Dubai, UAE. The Green Community is a world class development and comprises: • A Mediterranean style commercial and retail development, built around a central lake and canal which will consist of 90,000 sq ft shopping mall and supermarket. • A 135,000 sq ft Marriott Courtyard Hotel with boulevard restaurants and serviced apartments. • Villas / Townhouses • Office Buildings • Garden Apartments The Middle East is a major focus for BQT and we will be playing an integral role in providing security solutions for a range of world class developments that are currently being undertaken. This is another example of BQT’s ability to provide the highest standard of security solutions for both small and large projects. BQT is leading the way in the “seamless†integration of Contactless Smart Card Technology (Mifare, DESFire & TWIC) and Biometrics (Fingerprint, Iris & 3D Facial) which are encrypted using the highest encryption standards. In 2005 we are seeing the rollout of projects, many of which have been worked on for over two years. At present large funding is now being released by governments to upgrade security across the board, for example in the Australian Government upgrading all Embassies and Consulates around the world. Presently 60% of the projects being worked on are Government/Defence, 34% are commercial and 6% are specialised projects using the BQT Research and Development Laboratory. BQT Solutions will play an important role in upgrading the highest level of security not only in Australia but around the world. For further information, please visit our website www.bqtsolutions.com or contact one of our global offices, contact details on next page.
  12. thekiwi


    In reply to: Jay on Tuesday 22/02/05 02:27pm QUOTE what a yuk looking half yearly. wouldn't touch them guys. with the cash they have left they will be broke within 3 months or will need to raise capital AGAIN. Be interested if anyone has done some research on other companies in this sector as to how they perform financially?
  13. thekiwi


    In reply to: cloudwalker on Tuesday 22/02/05 02:17pm Just Half Yearly Report/Accounts ... so far
  14. thekiwi


    Well seems the rumour mill is working overtime at the moment on this one http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/tongue.gif Just thought to chuck a graph up to create a landmark of what things looked like at this stage of BQT.
  15. QUOTE (traveler @ Monday 21/02/05 07:03pm) QUOTE slide finally reversed. hmmmmm where's the naysayers now? indian? metabolix? Funny how they never come out on days like this ! ! ! One day doesnt make a "trend reversal" ... and when you check the graph for how far this has dropped ... then its quite warranted to be negative on the stock. What one needs to avoid is "taking it personally" when someone dumps on a stock you like.
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