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    Yep, seller not done yet. Luckily there seems to be a buyer (who isn't keen to show their hand yet) taking significant parcels when volume is offered. I take this as a positive. In the past this has been a precursor to significant sales announcements. Here's hoping. One more pharma contract this quarter would surely result in a positive cash flow qtr.
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    Agreed. I imagine an insto bought last year on the premise they would be cash flow positive. FX and weaker demand from the US & the UK derailed that. If they can keep to plan they might just get through this without the need for a capital raising. It will certainly be close. Also love the margins on this one...85-90%...don't need to sell all that much to have an impact on the bottom line. Also bugger all shares out there which is another positive, and management have a stake in this so its unlikely we'll see very deep discounts if there is a CR.
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    A significant contract signed today for $1.86 million With a market cap of 8 million this would seem to represent good value, particularly when you compare it against its Aussie biotech peers.
  4. Absolutely appalled with the discount. No wonder Debra hasn't bought any shares. I appreciate the need to maintain a comfortable level of capital, but there was nothing in the report to suggest something significant was in the wings that would require 4 million dollars. The mood of that report was hardly bullish... Orders on hand have reduced from 1 million to 800,000The big US launch has been delayed (perhaps terminated?) Sorry but for that sort of discount I would expect more details and some real news to support the aggressiveness of the price offer. A new Zinclear variant does nothing for me. If I can get a good price tomorrow, I'm out.
  5. TRADING HALT - CAP RAISING ANNOUNCED. If this is a general cap raising with no news attached it might be time to bail. However, if this is specifically related to increasing capacity to service a large prospect this may well be the turning point we have been waiting for. Fingers crossed. G.
  6. Hi Doc Further to your last post, you are indeed correct - there are a number of micronized zinc producers. The significant differential with Zinclear is the 'scattered light effect' which produces the illusion that the zinc is transparent. If you compare Zinclear against its competitors (particularly the non-nano bunch), you'll find Zinclear is less white and thus cosmetically appealing. Whilst we are making small steps (with another positive cash-flow period), I was pleased to read that the company expects to capture a 'significant' portion of the US market. A significant percentage of >$200 million sounds promising. Interestingly Valeant has refused to remove the 'non-nano' labeling on its Invisible Zinc products. It sounds like Valeant are going to take the TGA head on. Good on them, I think consumers should be armed with all the facts and make their own decision. This can only be good for ANO. Cheers G.
  7. Whilst we focus our attention on the big boys; Dow Chemical & Merck and ponder whether either firm is likely to take a position on ANO given its tiny market cap, a dark horse has emerged in the form of a large pharmaceutical player named Valeant (best known for Zovirax). They demand your attention. You'll see why when you do some research. This firm is aggressively buying up Australian sunscreen brands and has already swallowed "Dr Lewinns" and the "Invisible Zinc" brand, both of which we know utilize zinclear. They also recently purchased Reef sunscreens and the Hamilton brand (have zinc in their products-not sure if its zinclear) and own UV TripleGuard (the 'natural' version is a clear zinc product-again unsure if it's based on zinclear) So how big are they? Does a company with 2.5 billion dollars worth of sales wet the appetite? We have a MAJOR player aggressively taking over some of our best known sunscreens. At least half use zinclear or at the very least have a 'clear zinc' product. I imagine a firm like this would look to standardize/rationalize its ingredients list to realize efficiency gains/pricing advantages. Could this be the major sunscreen manufacturer the firm was been referring to? Might they look to take over ANO at some point to prevent other manufacturers having access to the Zinclear product? Am I drawing a longbow here? Could this have a material effect on Antaria or am I getting excited for no reason? At the very least I imagine this firms immense resource pool and aggressiveness should result in increased sales of Dr Lewinns and Invisible Zinc so we should continue to see local sales rise.....I have a feeling there is more to this... Valeant Pharmaceuticals acquires Invisible Zinc http://www.beautydirectory.com.au/general/...-invisible-zinc Corporate presentation http://phx.corporate-ir.net/External.File?...XBlPTI=&t=1 Do your own research
  8. Hi all, It has been a long time coming, but another (albeit significant) piece of the puzzle is now in place. The FDA has finally moved on sunscreen labeling. On the 14th June the FDA served notice that sunscreen manufacturers are required to include additional details regarding the attributes/composition of their sunscreen. No more false claims, or hiding of facts. If the sunscreen doesn't protect against UVA and UVB consumers will now know about it. We shouldn't underestimate the significance of this announcement. I'm actually surprised there wasn't an announcement from the company. This piece of news will aid Dow Chemical's push of Zinclear - no doubt about it. I'm looking forward to the next announcement - hopefully a confirmation that a major US sunscreen manufacturer is about to release a Zinclear variant. FDA announcement: http://www.fda.gov/NewsEvents/Newsroom/Pre...s/ucm258940.htm Press reaction: http://www.myhealthnewsdaily.com/sunscreen...-spectrum-1606/
  9. Hi Doc They're moving in the right direction, but like you I'm keen to see a significant breakout in revenue. Geez, it's starting to look like a decent punt at 2-3c. The company has always been very reserved about it's commentary on future revenue, so I take the substantial impact comment as being very positive. Let's hope we hear something soon. Cheers G.
  10. Hi Doc Good call. It was a substantial holder. There is likely to be more selling, hence the stacking on the buy side. Cheers G.
  11. Hi Doc, Agreed, the story hasn't changed. Cameron hasn't sold down his significant holding, which is obviously a positive. I'll be watching the new CEO. I'd like to see her put her money where her mouth is and align herself with the rest of us. Cheers G.
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    Thanks MA. My issue is why would you continue running the mine knowing that diamond prices had fallen through the floor? If they had placed the mine on care and maintenance immediately perhaps this mess may have been averted
  13. gliontos


    Thanks MA. I have never received responses to my emails, so you're doing better than me. I will make sure I vote against the current board if and when I get the opportunity and encourage others to do the same.
  14. Hi Doc Agreed. The commentary was uncharacteristically upbeat. I get the impression that the company has turned a corner. It will be interesting to see what kind of sales result from the "global top 10" customer. Interesting times ahead. Cheers, G.
  15. Hi kiril No idea. I too was a little alarmed when Paul resigned, but it could've been anything.. Retirement? Illness? Fallout with other board members? Forced out (perhaps position is no longer required)? Who knows... I would be worried if Paul was selling his substantial holding and if the quarterly numbers were off. Third quarter results were solid so I'm not too worried.
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