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    Anyone had a look at this shell play? very high risk but can be beautiful in terms of returns. Was an old biotech but complete new board with experience in mining now in place, comments from the recent AGM and from contact with consultants from Grange state that they are currently completing due dillegence and have been approached r.e. many projects, blokes involved have experience in Coal. News could come any day. Check out Grange Consulting and what they did for CEO, MHC r.e. back door listing, who knows same could apply to SLT. Aaron Constantine (through his company Jasper Hill Resources) has invested and is a substainial holding, he is the Director of Corporate Finance at Patersons Securities. I have a lot more info on this one, too late to post message me if you would like more details. As I said, very very high risk, but with news due at any time (literally) and with the new people behind SLT having experience in this area with their money on the line could be a multi bagger (as it all ready has proved to be). I will buy a little more if it goes back down to 1c. MBA
  2. PEN ... good story good management been a beauty, gone from 10 to 15 cents in Feb alone. Market cap is at approximately $300million but is been supported by a very good news flow. The chart looks good and is supported by solid fundamentals, buyers don't just sign contracts without having strong beliefs that the project will deliver. PEN keeps on ticking milestones, with the continued news flow it could still have a bit of run left in it. I don't have a target, who knows with these stocks. With other projects in the pipeline and a quality CEO who the market has confidence in still a buy at these levels one would think. http://i55.tinypic.com/2e5ulwi.jpg
  3. Hello, a good article here from Prag Cap on the problems associated with expodential debt when it becomes unmaintable .... http://pragcap.com/the-problem-of-exponential-debt
  4. If the answer is yes, who could blame him? The commentary that K1 has provided to members free of charge, for many years, represents a service that many companies charge subscribers hundreds of dollars.
  5. Thanks for your contribution and insight this year Mark. Looking forward to reading more in the New year. Have a safe and happy Christmas! MBA.
  6. thanks for all your insight through out the year. fantastic thread, look forward to reading next year. merry Christmas, MBa
  7. I can't stand it when people compare investment decision to Warren Buffet. Please show me the average Joe every day group of people who have made returns like Buffet by copying his ideas. Just because WB does it doesn't mean you can! 2c. mba.
  8. MBA


    Evening, CSL has been stuck in a side ways channel for the past three years, despite being considered a cornerstone of any established portfolio by many of the broking community. The boundaries are ~$29 and $41, it chops around through here. The stock made a double top in May/June and Sept/Oct 2008 around the top of this channel on my weekly chart. Since then CSL has been in mark down phase making lower highs and lows. Until it breaks out of this intermediate trendline, which begun on the 24th August 2008, I would not be interested in this stock. An eventual break above the long term $41 resistence is what is required though. If this does happen, the stock should propel upwards. A long period of consolidation usually means a more stronger thrust upwards/downards from the break. The stock has severely underperformed this year. Investing in CSL has proven the point of OPPORTUNITY COST greatly in the market. I have listed the returns of a few stocks and the market, as well as CSL. This is the possible CAPITAL APPRECIATION that you are missing out on due to investing in this quite boring stock. Prices are from March 1 2009 (approximate beginning of the latest bull run) and today. CSL: -9% XAO: 49% BHP: 47% MRM: 161% CVN: 96%, 216% at high of .855 There are many other stocks out there that demonstrate this. In saying all this, it could be CSL time to shine in '10, due to its under performance this year (play some catch up), as well as the depreciate of the AUD/USD. Happy holidays! MBA
  9. MBA


    It broke out of the bullish triangle continuation pattern today. Volume isn't too bad since it is Christmas week. I'm liking this stock. I have an initial target of ~2.40.
  10. MBA


    Also remember regarding the AU/US swap that in USD terms the Aussie market has given fantastic returns of around 85-90%. I would think many money managers from abroad would be selling their equities in anticipation of end of year reporting and holidays. The selling pressure that enters the local market in the afternoon supports this offshore selling hypothesis.
  11. hello, Thank you for the link. I will say how ever that the bears have been predicting more armageddon since March. So far there is nothing out there on the charts that suggest we are heading to Dow 1000 as the bears predicted. I doubt that 2010 will be another 2009, consolidation is normal in markets and still tradable but more volatile. The bears don't know what there talking about at the moment anyway. I saw Meredith Whitney on CNBC the other week saying that she was bearish, but 'trading bullish'. What the hell does that mean? Identify the trend, and trade the trend. In the near term, it could mean further frustrating sideways or downwards action. Considering the $USD at the moment and the inverse relationship that it has with stock markets (generally). On a medium term basis I am still bullish as there are many charts showing strong break out set ups. As always DYO. Ta. http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q239/kyle-sutcliffe/usd.png http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q239/kyle-sutcliffe/sp500-1.png Support for SP500 at 1080.
  12. Hello, I know my user name isn't arty but the weekly chart shows a mundane stock in regards to price action. It has literally been in a trading range of 24/25 - 30 since mid June 2008. The range was choppy before July - August 09 when an advance set it, but it was turned down at around that $30 number yet again. Better opportunities out there, Woolies is literally a sleeping giant compared to some stock's movements over the past 8 - 10 months. Boring unless you want to take a long at the bottom of the range or short at the top if turning points continue to occur there. Apologies for the quickly drawn chart. 2c., i could be wrong blah blah mba. http://i137.photobucket.com/albums/q239/kyle-sutcliffe/big.gif
  13. Each to their own, we can all decide which way we want to LOSE or GAIN our money, either TA or FA or any other method you desire. I don't want to sound like I'm promoting ta or bashing fa. However, have a look at this interview from end 2006 on the "mechanics" of the market. I'm sure the interviewee would be well known to everyone. Maybe it will help some people open there eyes and understand that ones opinion on the future direction of a stock means nothing, when put in context to the global market place in which we all operate as investors and speculators etc.. I know it took me a while. TIMING is everything and time is MONEY. http://www.thestreet.com/video/index.html?...Demand#10329438 2c.
  14. Until the chart confirms who cares what the funnymentals says. Why would I buy a stock at .50 when I might be able to buy it at .45 or .40? Many other stocks out there that are PERFORMING now and giving POSITIVE returns now then poor old CVN ... MRM comes to mind straight away. Happy trading!
  15. MBA

    Gold in AUD

    Hello, I thought these statistics from a broker's report last month was quite interesting ... “The rise and rise of gold seems to continue unabated. That is all very well if you are a US dollar based investor. For an Australian with Australian dollars to invest, one ounce of gold would have cost you USD699 on 14th November last year which at the then exchange rate of 0.6342 would have been an investment of $1,102.17. That ounce of gold is now worth USD 1,173.50 – a 67.9% gain…not too bad! However, converting the sale proceeds back to Australian dollars today at .9244 gives you AUD 1,269.47, a gain of 15.2% on your investment. BHP over the same period is up 61.8%"
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