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  1. In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Saturday 27/09/08 10:16am Ian If we reach $200 a barrell by the end of the year as http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif (tricha) suggest then believe me, WE ARE in unchartered waters. C
  2. In reply to: tricha on Saturday 27/09/08 05:34pm Tricha = http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif I'm glad someone can write some sense on this thread, Com Yeah, sign of the times, yes, $50 a barrel coming. but what currency are we going to pay for it.
  3. Look Ian Your obvisouly very knowledgable in your field. And I enjoy reading your contributions as they make up a valuble research base for this site. Sometimes I get feed up with the fanatical gang banging peak oilers that jump from site to site ramping thier stocks. I'm bringing in a subjective point of view that we are in unchartered waters when it comes to Demand Destruction. I would be very interested however if you get the time if you could give us figures on how some of our oilers growing cash reserves has equated to thier respective share prices. Is there a direct corralation. Again many thanks for your very fluid insights Com http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/hypocrite.gif
  4. couldnt be better - how about you?
  5. Oh by the way Ian I forgot to add. QUOTE Me, I believe that Google Maps and records of rig rentals and records of construction of water handling facilities and associated capex can tell you many things ... but these things are not important if you make up shit as you go. You finally understand. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. All those things about oil maps etc just are not important beacause you can just make shit UP as you GO along. Finaly you have hit the nail on the head and we understand each other. Please take that important piece of wistom free of charge(its worthless) best Com things are not important if you make up shit as you go along The above is an opinion only. Please do your own research!!!!! http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/king.gif
  6. Dear Ian I thought you didnt want to play anymore? You may or may not have checked back in this thread, but oil is $27 a barrel more than it was at the end of Katrina. If your oil company has production, if it can't make money at these prices then they are doing something wrong. I've no doubt that Oil companys are making money. In fact some are making tons of the stuff. Perhaps you can give me a chart on the direct correlation between an Oilers cash reserves and thier share price. Oh by the way. I did make a tentative buy into Nzo during the week so I guess you could call me a hypocrete. Its just that at times I can be partual to a porky pig with lipstick and a g-string. If it loses a few pound however its off to the freezer works. Com http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ph34r.gif
  7. In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Friday 26/09/08 08:52pm
  8. In reply to: Ice9 on Thursday 25/09/08 09:53pm Hey Ice - we not just pretty face but good poets too Being Albanian Isnt Just A Nationality Itz A Gift Im With The Rest But Of All The Other Places Albania Is Truly The Best We ARE All Created Equally, But Only The Lucky First are Created Albanian's Albanian love is all around My fellow Albanians dont let me down so show your pride and say it true cuz Albanian pride flows through you Forget about the rest Albanians do it best Bump-n-Pump Albanian style cuz we can make you smile Ma Albanian Pride I will not HIDE Ma Albanian Race I will NEVER disgrace Flows Hot & True Ma Albanian ppl Thru think & Thin Till da day we DIE Our Albanian Flag higher then the REST Cuz everyone knows Albanians r da best! :.. ALBANIAN PRIDE IS MY MIND, ALBANIAN PRIDE IS MY KIND, SO STEP ASIDE AND LET US THROUGH, CUZ ITS ALL ABOUT DA ALBO CREW Lifes a bytch and then u die But if ur ALBANIAN you die with pride *PASS THIS ON 2 ALL UR ALBANIAN
  9. In reply to: Ice9 on Thursday 25/09/08 09:53pm Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha ....... Good one Ice. I laughed so hard I almost had a slight bowel movement. Especially the one Stop sleeping in the middle of the day like stoners. So true, so true C http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif
  10. In reply to: sook on Thursday 25/09/08 07:41pm Sook Sook If your going to use your BA to disect my grammer please give me the courtasy of not mis-quoting me. I never wrote that I dont make future predictions. I wrote "I Never Buy on future predictions (mine or others)" I buy for the now in uptreading stocks. If there is a trend break Im out faster then a shaggy dog. Sometimes I mistime the market. Mostly I do OK. sweet dreams C http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif
  11. In reply to: tricha on Thursday 25/09/08 06:07pm Ok I will try to answer your questions and will type very slowly so you can understand. 1.Ian - You're quoting some anecdotes, but can you kindly refer me to some actual, like, numbers ? Some of the most stupid people I have meet in my life have been academics. Numbers are useless until we have an up to date geophysical survey done in the 5 major oil producing countries in the world. I would say that you would have more chance of finding out what under the Prince Of Saudi Arabia wifes Burka. Common sense tells me that thier brown brothers in Dubai wouldnt be building cities on newly made land if it was all going to be worth nothing in future. 2. Sook - Thank you sook. You precisely assisted my logic. I am shocked & awed that Brisbane still suffers from traffic jams predominantly made up of single occupant cars. Now I love my Australian brothers but we all know that they are not the sharpest pencils in the pencil case. (especially the Northern ones). Many years ago in my village in my native lands (Albania) when a "not so bright" person emmigrated to Australia the Elders would say - "At least that will improve the intelligence in both our Countries" Anyway I digress. "I am shocked & awed that Brisbane still suffers from traffic jams predominantly made up of single occupant cars" this is just a small example of wastage. When push comes to shove you will see even not so bright Brisbanians change thier lifestyles. tomhar - I am told the shale doubles in size,during this process and becomes a VERY dangerous carcinogen,it obviously wont fit in the hole it was extracted from,so what do you do with it?? Tom This wont stop the stupid American Government(particully McCain) pumping billions of dollars into trying to extract the stuff, just so they can say. "we no longer rely on foreign countries for our Energy needs" Macduffy - Now, what was that again about "Never buy on future predictions" ? Sorry I was speed typing - how is this - Now, what was that again about "Never buy on future predictions" ? (* typed very slowly) Tricha - http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wacko.gif Ok folks I am now of for my monthly Back, Crack and sack wax which I'm sure will be more fun and a lot less painful then this corresondance. Comelo
  12. In reply to: Twobees on Wednesday 24/09/08 03:26pm By the way 2 bees. As your probaly aware. There is going to be a massive Government sponsored and private industry investment in CSG,Shale gas in the United States in the coming years. May well be a journey worth taking. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif C
  13. In reply to: Twobees on Wednesday 24/09/08 05:07pm Yes 2 bees. I agree that "geopolitical tension- the fact that oil reserves are so concentrated in a politically unstable part of the world, hurricanes, the chindia factor" will be forever be putting presure on the upward price of Oil. This wont however equate to substantially high prices in Oil Stocks. Why would you want to invest in an industry that is subject to this sort of volatility. For which you are at the mercy at such uncontrolable factors as Weather and fanatics. A stable if not steady incline in POO and a healthy world economy will see a steady incline in Oil stocks. A rapid increase in POO and a world ecomy in recession will see All stocks crash. Including Oil stock. Its a paradox. When statements are made that "we are on the abyss" "POO will be $500 by the end of the year" "Thank goodness its Hurracaine session, should see a price increase soon" "Oil stocks will be the only stocks to hold when the S#@$T Hits the fan" I say Be careful what you wish for - it could be the worst thing to happen to your portfolio. (oil stocks included) C
  14. In reply to: Twobees on Wednesday 24/09/08 03:26pm I was suprised when we had the recent petrol increases how many of my friends changed thier habits when using thier cars. Many told me that they were only going shopping once a week as compared to 3-5 times previously. Now these are comparatively weathy people so just imanage the effects it was having on the lower wage earners. Just look around and see how much wastage there is. The design of our communities and how and where we utilise our resourses has massive scope for flexibilty. So we buy locally produced shoes instead of from far away countries. We live near our work. We adjust our lifestyes accordily. No big deal and within one generation people will see this as normal. Homo Sapiens have an amazing capacity to adjust and will do so calmly without the mad max scenario touted by some of these doomstayers. I have a few rules I stick to when investing. I Never Buy on future predictions (mine or others) I Only buy uptreading stocks. My watchlists are set to activate Above current prices as opposed to below them. I run a stoploss that is set in concrete and non negotiable. And most importantly I NEVER NEVER fall in love with a stock or industry. I dont care wether its oil or Airlines as long as it makes me money. I dont mean to offend people here. I dont discount peak oil. I just believe that the % increase in the rate of demand is tiny compared to the percieved % rate decrease in supply and demand destruction and many many other factors will deal with this. C
  15. In reply to: ian_whitchurch on Wednesday 24/09/08 11:59am Read My Lips "Demand destruction and viable alternatives will cushion the impact of Peak Oil and possibly delay it for another 50 - 500 years ." Not to mention all that gooey stuff bubbling up from the centre of the Earth http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif Ching Ching - How do you like those for facts buddy !!!! One nil http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif
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