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  1. Mick....not so much back, just visiting. Regret cannot help you there, hadn't had that much contact with Udo for several years.
  2. Like you Chum haven't used this site for a long time, so am shell shocked to read about Udo's death. First came across Udo 21 years ago at a sales pitch meeting for trading software. I have loved the stock market all my very long life, and he held my hand right through the tortuous journey which was dial up end of day data right through to early live data, teaching me to link Fundamentals with his Technical approach to trading using the software we both bought at that sales pitch. Only understood a fraction of what he said, but it was enough (coupled with copious phone calls) to set me on the path I still gently tread, Udo always said as long as your winnings outstrip your losses you're making money. Reading right now "Trinity....an approach to trading shares" and am very proud to have been one of the 4 referred to in that document, the basic templates he introduced us to I still use today. He was with me as I upgraded PC's, software, screens and he and Dagmar came down and stayed with us as I was completely all at sea and straightened me out. Deepest sympathy to Dagmar and family from his old friend, David.
  3. What "basic free charting service" would that be, please? Incredible Charts Who offers the service? And what does it cover? IC. What is put into it by the inmate. How many chart templates? None How many saved charts with customised indicators/ channels/ trend lines/ Fibonacci Studies... ? None Does it differentiate between entry/ exit signals and scripted chart indicators? No Those, and lots more, were the features that set MA7 apart from the rest, and by all accounts I hear and read, the new browser-based Bourse program doesn't have a patch on any. Agreed 100%... so for me it's back to square one, Fundamentals V Technicals. And that is laughingly what is called progress. OBE.
  4. And have now found the basic free charting service available to everybody has a help desk that answers the phone and is based within australia
  5. Hi Arty, those early days via dialup seem but distant memories, trust that replacements will prove better, and pray that "living in a cloud" will eventually prove beneficial, watch this space, still learning!
  6. Agreed 100% and again..... thanks.
  7. 7 years later...can anybody update me on free charting sites, am more than happy with an end of day system where I can create my own basic indicators which when set remain in place on a day by day basis. Items like commodities and USD Index required. Thanks in anticipation.
  8. Arty, still here having received my OBE, creak a bit more but what the hell. Going way back when and having gone through every technical hurdle know to man, ie nothing to dialup, to live data, MA7, NBN, we move in the NY to non reliance on Java and all that entails with new trading platforms ......what do you make of Bourse Data as a replacement of MA7? Yes still trade the gold sector, NST mainly. This may be in the incorrect area but is intended as a generality.
  9. Hi arty---am certainly pushing 80 these days, to the poster who asked why I left, the answer is simple, banter is fine but venom was not.
  10. CVN in trading halt until Friday unless an ASX announcement is made before concerning " A North West asset transaction".
  11. Hi Nipper, with the POO sub USD30 one wouldn't expect much else. However---and Fundamentally--- CVN discovered light oil last year with PS1 and has now found gas in ROC1, whether the volumes involved move the Phoenix project into "commercial" and exploitable by the JV is being investigated. CVN was free carried in both wells. One JV partner, Finder Exploration, remains a private unquoted company with all sorts of possibilities springing to mind. ROC1 was on time and on budget, and USD30/40m farm out carry on remains available for any ROC2 well, the drilling rig Noble Tom Prosser remains under contract to the JV operator, Quadrant Energy, until next Christmas. The exploration/development of this brand new gas/oil pool on the NW Shelf is hard going to put it mildly, but CVN remains in a healthy cashed up situation with around USD100m in the bank and debt free, possessing a large NW Shelf acreage with multi drilling targets with prospects, with a proportion of that acreage owned 100% by CVN. (acreage bought for a song during the GFC) CVN has as near neighbours both WPL and BHP. disclosure: Am holding CVN. -------------------------------------- JV partners: CVN..20% Quadrant Energy (operator) ..40% JX Nippon..20% Finder Exploration...20%
  12. • Quadrant Energy received the Noble Tom Prosser drilling rig on 12 November 2015 • Roc-1 well expected to spud around 17 November 2015 • Drilling expected to take approximately 35 to 40 days trouble free to reach Total Depth of 4,700m • Well logging and sidewall coring expected to take approximately 5 to 10 days on success case----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Carnarvon Petroleum Limited ("Carnarvon") (ASX:CVN) is pleased to advise that the operator of the Roc-1 well, Quadrant Energy has now received the Noble Tom Prosser drilling rig. The rig will mobilise to the Roc-1 well site in WA-437-P and prepare for spud around 17 November 2015. The Roc-1 well will target the same Lower Keraudren reservoir in which oil was discovered in the 2014 Phoenix South-1 well by the same joint venture partners in the adjoining WA-435-P. Contingent on the success case, the plan is to re-enter the Roc-1 well bore in Q3, 2016 for comprehensive testing (including flow testing) and coring. -------------------------------------------------------------- . CVN.............................................20% and free carried to USD70m Quadrant Energy the Operator.....40% JX Nippon.....................................20% Finder Exploration.......................20% --------------------------------------------------------------------- . Daily chart enclosed, SP targets in blue. Shareholders should know the drill results in full by Late February 2016...barring accidents.
  13. flower


    We are (traditionally) now in the time of year when PM's can go for a run.
  14. flower


    C: Gold in both USD and AUD may be on the upwards turn. USD spot gold chart enclosed.
  15. NST has got itself thoroughly overvalued to many analysts way of thinking, and using a weekly chart would be happy to re-enter NST (if an active market participant) @ around $1.40---$1.70, presuming nothing has altered within NST's production units. NST still profitable @ todays price of $AU1582. IMO gold as a commodity has yet to become a viable alternative (once again) in the search for a safe bolt hole in an uncertain world, again IMO nothing to become concerned about are the director sales, given the MD has apparently been in control since NST was 1c and some director/major shareholder profit taking had to be expected at some point.
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