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  1. https://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/israe...63a7-1525828401 Folau is at it again He would be a prime example of the dangers of rugby. All those body slams and head clashes must take a toll on players' brains. Maybe, some of the mental health budget should be diverted into a study whether there is a case for banning rugby. oh, and while we're at it: Could wearing lycra on pushbikes have a similarly brain-debilitating effect? I could think of one prominent "Celebrity" underpinning that causality, too.
  2. Today's gap-up and recent volume make me think there's a fund raiser coming up again. The last QR showed there's hardly enough cash in the kiddy to cover the director fees. That is definitely a no-no. So, let's push the sp up a notch, so we can offer a decent "discount" to recent vwap...
  3. maybe, they do it on purpose so they can rope people in for a subscription. I wanted to look at the context, clicked on the link you provided, and all that got me was a "Please Subscribe". But why should I?
  4. After recent trading above 15c, 10c feels like throwing good money after bad. The first batch has already been issued to big instos. It will lead to a sizeable dilution. I sold my entire holding into the Open @14c.
  5. http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/parenting...2a2bb31079aac13 So, Barnaby can make a boy. His name will be Sebastian, or Basty for short.
  6. Gap closed, and then some Happy Holder, even though I've also snipped a few quickies on the way up.
  7. What a miserable bunch of party poopers! The patients have taken control of the Mental Asylum. What's next? Tattoo every newborn baby's forehead with a warning "Life is a Health Hazard!" Life is a sexually transmitted, fatal disease. Healthy living merely prolongs the suffering. It would be so much better to focus on the endorphins and give people some optimism.
  8. I now consider a gap fill. Am accumulating in expectation of 3.7c res to break. Stop on Close Below 3.5c
  9. Cobalt has a much sexier image than coal - well, ignoring some backward backbenchers in Canberra... Waiting for a break - either way.
  10. Yet the muppets had all the tools at their disposal to correct their "operational processing error." All they had to do was reverse the trades of the first 2 hours and start again.
  11. I am more inclined to give the brickbat to the ASX today. Nor only did they "hide" the return notice from suspension in yesterday's after-hours announcement, which many would have missed this morning, but they also failed to wipe the board of existing buy and sell orders, which is mandated after a suspension. Adding insult to injury, they then had the gall to tell us to check our orders - 2 hours after their stuff-up! How would you feel if you had left a 19c bid over night that you were unable to withdraw while the stock was suspended! It's a disgrace!
  12. arty


    Sack the whole ruddy lot of them, starting with the coach and so-called "leadership group". FOR LIFE! Fine them their undeserved salaries, and start building a new team, who consider it an honour to don the baggy green to represent their Country. Maybe, in a decade or two, we can once again hold our heads high and talk about the contemporary Cricket Team in the same breath that we mention The Don and Alan Border.
  13. Breaking News: Stephen Hawking passed away, aged 76. What a brilliant Mind, inspiration to all Humanity. He once said, 'it would not be much of a universe if it wasn't home to the people you love'.
  14. a special offer from Netflix-ANZ
  15. The sp gain is based on the pre-suspension trades. Considering the holders lost 98% of the NUMBER of shares, even with the sp increase, they're down more than 90% by VALUE of their holdings. Glad I had sold all of mine in 2007 and didn't return since.
  16. arty


    In the context of growing PC concerns, why not "Womanooka"? or a gender-neutral "Personuka". Given the political affiliation of the ACT Local Government, I'm surprised that issue hasn't been raised a long time ago.
  17. When Medical terms are spoken, they sound like ...
  18. ... so THAT is why Barnaby got away with it for so long ... "Fertility Right" (sic!)
  19. CVN will find it hard to break 15c; more likely is a gap-closing pullback to 13 c or below. Interesting Fibonacci Levels ...
  20. Thanks Surfer. I republished it to a larger audience - got a hilarious reaction. One reply: "It took you 2 mins to make a snowwoman with a voluptuous chest? Id like to see that. "
  21. DMP gets dumped. Pizza doesn't seem to hack it in the land of sushi Japan aside, results didn't look too bad, but the Market expected better. What's new...
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