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  1. frootloops


    Can you name a couple of them???? Nah, didn't think so.
  2. Nipper, another rumour is a HK dairy company that i don't follow, & that hasn't got a name, is making a play.
  3. EB, i believe she is getting her meat from another butcher these days.
  4. Unfortunately if it comes to the crunch & another loss is likely V Trump in 3 yrs i know who the GOP will be lining up behind. Will all be forgiven??? The political talent pool in the USA is very similar to here in Oz. The cupboard is bare. Or the smart ones stand well clear.
  5. You're not pining for the return of the orange man hey Mick???
  6. And I WILL be right You NEVER get anything right!!!!
  7. Typical b/s response from you Bozo. Divert, evade, avoid, anything but answering the question. Caught with your pants down.......AGAIN!!!! You got nothing. Simple question...... how about a simple answer. Why would you be taking the vaccine???
  8. According to you Covid is nothing more than a scam & a hoax. So why would YOU want a needle???
  9. Jeez H, you set the bar low. I don't think anyone would be happy with both openers back in the shed without getting to double figures. Must admit this is not a typical Adelaide strip. The ball doesn't seem to be coming on & nobody has looked comfortable. Thought Paine batted very well. If all the catches had been taken the game would be over by now. Long time since i've such sloppy fielding & so many chances hitting the deck. Let's face it..... Australia has only 3 world class batsmen. Fullstop.
  10. I believe Gore has his own private wings. If true it blows his footprint out of the park.
  11. Al Gore???? You certainly have been drinking the cool aid. Shameless self promoter. Flying all around the world leaving behind a massive carbon footprint. But that's alright.........that only applies to other people. HYPOCRITE!!!!
  12. Mick, i would have thought ' Nips are getting bigger' to be a more appropriate song for Scottish soccer fans.
  13. When you post laughable, idiotic drivel day after day don't be surprised to get a little feedback now & then. You have absolutely no credibility on this board & are treated as a joke. You & your Disney characters. & stop following the Orange man's latest tweets. I don't know who comes out with the weirdest shit. My head is still spinning about CSL swallowing up all the banks. Perhaps you could ring the CEO & run it past him. Best to wait till April 1. Your teacher would say: must try harder.
  14. Read my last post again. No, read it several times.
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